Top Ten Hidden Adult Jokes In Kid's TV Shows

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1 In Ed, Edd, n' Eddy, The Countless Times Edd is Called "Double D"

Thank God I watched this before puberty LOL.

Yep. Childhood extremely ruined.

They had to sneak a bra joke into a kid show?

2 In Total Drama World Tour, Heather's Line of "More Like A B-I-T-C-" Which is Interrupted

We all know what the last letter was supposed to be.

I don't know this show, but wow... - TheFourthWorld

Wait a second... A b-i-t-c... OHH - Chaotixhero

I don't get it

3 Spongebob Squarepants "Don't Drop the Soap"

Huh? - TheFourthWorld

It's a reference to prison.

It's a reference to rapism, kids if you didn't know, - TristGamer

"Don't drop the soap" is a prison rape joke. - Lunala

4 In Ed, Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show, Ed and Eddy laugh at Double D's SEX-tant

Okay I did'nt watch the full episode of this good thing I watched it on Youtube that I already laughed so hard.

5 In Spongebob, when Spongebob is watching a sea anemone dancing and Gary comes up. Spongebob quickly changes the channel.

I was just looking for the sports channel, Gary.

I don't get it... - TheFourthWorld

I think this was a reference to SpongeBob watching pornography... - Garythesnail

SpongeBob! How could you! Is that why SpongeBob sucks now? - TristGamer

6 Heather Asked If The Challenge Could Be "7 Minutes Of Heaven In A Skanky Basement Closet" In I Triple Dog Dare You! Of Total Drama Island

The "7 Minutes of Heaven" could be a reference to having sex. Just let the quote sink in. - Turkeyasylum

7 The Ren and Stimpy Show Ren Had a Saw Near His Penis and Then Stimpy Had a Block of Wood On His Butt and Then Ren Was Going Back and Forth to Saw the Wood

This was from the Adult Part Cartoon, not the original Ren and Stimpy.

8 Rugrats "And My Personal Favorite (Some Inappropriate Movie) But That's for When You Go to Bed"


Lonely space vixens - Lunala

9 In Avatar, Zuko walking into Sokka's tent.

He finds Sokka without any pants and with flowers and candles around him. Previously, on his way to Sokka's tent, he bumped into Suki.

I laughed so much when I saw this! Also, there is later a pun when the next morning Sokka was wearing a flower necklace meaning he had been ''lei'd'' and Suki had been deflowerd

10 In 6teen, When Caitlin and Jude Were Riding a Rollercoaster and They Left Their Call running by Mistake, Jen Heard Screaming Coming From the Phone and Questioned it

She wasn't screamin she sounded like she was having an orgasm

The Contenders

11 Injustice for All Part 1 "Flash: Fastest Man Alive..." "Hawkgirl: Which Probably Explains Why You Can't Get a Date"

I don't get this joke somebody please explain. - TristGamer

12 In Rocko's Modern Life, Rocko becoming a sex phone operator

There are many more of these jokes. If only this list covered the other ones,

I've gone through enough already... - Rocko

He got a job as a "specialty phone operator" and repeated "oh baby" into the phone. - Garythesnail

That show had so many adult jokes for kids. They find it funny, they find it not. - Fandomstuck

13 Johnny Bravo "This Is So Much Fun I Can't Remember the Last Time I Was Blindfolded Oh Wait Yes I Can *chuckles*"
14 The Road to el Dorado They're Somewhat Kissing But Her Face Was No Where Near His Face, It Was Lower

Are you saying 75% of Disney shows are bad cause they had kissing? Kissing's G-rated! - PizzaGuy


15 Ed Edd and Eddy There's a Bathroom Note That Says "Don't Touch Yourself"


16 Spongebob winks and tells Gary not to drop the soap.

"Doubloons... Don't drop 'em."

What does that even mean


It is a prison joke. Derp

Because they fear of dropping the soap when they have a bath. DERP!

17 Yakko Tells the Chorus Girls "Let Me Know When Those Costumes Get Heavy! Grrraow!" from Animaniacs
18 Mrs. Bighead Tries to Seduce Rocko In "Leap Frogs" from Rocko's Modern Life

She's a very odd one, she is...
And not in a good way... - Rocko

This episode is why my parents hate this show. - Drawbox

19 The Fanboy and Chum Chum Episode "A Bopwork Orange"
20 Molly the doll thinking of a rhyme with soup offscreen - The Big Comfy Couch

Molly:(censored thought bubble) poop!

Molly:( censored thought bubble) 💩 Poop!

It would be hilarious if it was changed
Loonette: Mit
Molly: (Thought bubble censored) $#%#
Loonette: MOLLY!

Molly:( thought bubble censored offscreen) poop

21 African American kid with bear in the bathtub - Sesame Street

That skit was from the first Sesame Street episode

I don't get it - Officialpen

22 The Rugrats Movie "Man They Cut My Cord" "Consider Yourself Lucky"
23 Arthur's Perfect Christmas

LOL I remember that part!

D.W. accidently barges in the bathroom where Arthur was peeing.

24 In the original Tom and Jerry, multiple episodes feature characters in black face.

It's kinda creepy on some occasions. - OhioStateBuckeyes

25 Tales from the Crib - Arthur

Secret drawer scene

26 Fergusson grabs a cake topper and says "I am saving you for later!" - Star vs. the Forces of Evil
27 The Powerpuff Girls "He Made Us In His Laboratory by Accident " Professor Says "Well What Can I Say" a New Girl There Says "Don't Worry Professor I Was an Accident Too"

Holy crud! I didn't knew that! - Fandomstuck

I already knew this was going to be on the list. And I get this joke.

28 The Psycho Reference at the End of the Dexter's Laboratory Episode, Pslyghtly Psycho

Is this an adult joke or something? I watched that episode before and it was good. - Fandomstuck

29 Stop Playing With My Bust (Animaniacs)

I always used to watch Animaniacs.
When they used to have some toy called golly something forgot the name it didn't make kids racist, its just early pc.

That name should not be seen by kids.

I don't get it.

30 Elmo with Katy Perry - Sesame Street

It's not an adult joke... - TheFourthWorld

Childhood ruined. - Jay12

31 "Boy, You've Got a Buoy In Your Pants." - Rocko's Modern Life

Is Rocko really a kids show? If so, who put a obvious boner joke there? Really? - Chaotixhero

32 Spongebob tells Plankton to "f*** off" in Welcome to the Chum Bucket

What? He said this? - TheFourthWorld

It's subtle, but Spongebob refuses to follow Plankton's order and says "Get welded! " which is a joke about something else...

This didn't happen

33 Aladdin and the King of Thieves "I Thought the Earth Was Not Supposed to Move Until the Honeymoon"
34 Aang dances with Zuko under a rainbow - Avatar: The Last Airbender

I don't get it

35 In Dexter's Lab, Dexter's Substitute Coach says "What's This Crap?"

Kids find it funny, most of them find it unfunny. I thought it was a kid's show. - Fandomstuck

36 Dot's Moment with Prince in Animaniacs

I don't get it.

37 In Old McDonald cartoon, 3 singing lambs gets black faces after getting coal dusted
38 Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd gets black faced at the end of the cartoon
39 In the Total Drama Action finale, Beth states her mother said "Don't wash your vegetables in toilet water... unless they're really hot vegetables!".

Maybe Beth's more shallow than we thought... - Turkeyasylum

40 "Frapping" It (Rocko's Modern Life)

OHH now I get it. Ew - Chaotixhero

41 Baby Daffy Swearing In "Who Said That?" (Baby Looney Tunes)
42 Fowlmouth Swearing in Tiny Toon Adventures
43 The Bleep Episode (Arthur)

That was my favorite epidsoe - Chaotixhero

44 Word of The Day (Rugrats)
45 Turtles Looking through Pizza dirty magazine -TMNT: Operation Blue Line

Pizza porn?! Oh my god! A hidden adult joke! 😨

46 DinglieDanglieDoodle - Rolie Polie Ollie
47 Slappy Kicks Doctor in the nuts during check up - Animaniacs
48 Spunky Has Closet Sex With a Mop - Rocko's Modern Life

Spunky isn't as innocent as he seems. I just don't want to know what else he does when I'm not home... - Rocko

49 Your club is for big IDKSC - Dexter's Laboratory

Oh wow... - TheFourthWorld

What does that mean?

It is an anagram of d----.

Oh... Rearrange IDKSC and it spells "DICKS"

50 Baby Bunsen finds some kind of white stuff and said he does not know - Muppet Babies
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