Top Ten Hidden Adult Jokes In Kid's TV Shows

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21 Mrs. Bighead Tries to Seduce Rocko In "Leap Frogs" from Rocko's Modern Life
22 In the original Tom and Jerry, multiple episodes feature characters in black face.

It's kinda creepy on some occasions. - OhioStateBuckeyes

23 African American kid with bear in the bathtub - Sesame Street

That skit was from the first Sesame Street episode

I don't get it - Officialpen

24 Tales from the Crib - Arthur V 1 Comment
25 Fergusson grabs a cake topper and says "I am saving you for later!" - Star vs. the Forces of Evil
26 The Psycho Reference at the End of the Dexter's Laboratory Episode, Pslyghtly Psycho

Is this an adult joke or something? I watched that episode before and it was good. - Fandomstuck

27 Arthur's Perfect Christmas

D.W. accidently barges in the bathroom where Arthur was peeing.

28 Elmo with Katy Perry - Sesame Street

Childhood ruined. - Jay12

29 "Boy, You've Got a Buoy In Your Pants." - Rocko's Modern Life

Is Rocko really a kids show? If so, who put a obvious boner joke there? Really? - Chaotixhero

30 Aladdin and the King of Thieves "I Thought the Earth Was Not Supposed to Move Until the Honeymoon"
31 The Powerpuff Girls "He Made Us In His Laboratory by Accident " Professor Says "Well What Can I Say" a New Girl There Says "Don't Worry Professor I Was an Accident Too"

I already knew this was going to be on the list. And I get this joke. - AnimeDrawer

V 1 Comment
32 Aang dances with Zuko under a rainbow - Avatar: The Last Airbender V 1 Comment
33 In Dexter's Lab, Dexter's Substitute Coach says "What's This Crap?"

Kids find it funny, most of them find it unfunny. I thought it was a kid's show. - Fandomstuck

34 Dot's Moment with Prince in Animaniacs V 1 Comment
35 In Old McDonald cartoon, 3 singing lambs gets black faces after getting coal dusted
36 Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd gets black faced at the end of the cartoon
37 In the Total Drama Action finale, Beth states her mother said "Don't wash your vegetables in toilet water... unless they're really hot vegetables!".

Maybe Beth's more shallow than we thought... - Turkeyasylum

38 "Frapping" It (Rocko's Modern Life)
39 Baby Daffy Swearing In "Who Said That?" (Baby Looney Tunes)
40 Fowlmouth Swearing in Tiny Toon Adventures
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2. In Ed, Edd, n' Eddy, The Countless Times Edd is Called "Double D"
3. In Avatar, Zuko walking into Sokka's tent.



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