Top Ten Hidden Messages of Disney

These are things no one knew about Disney till people pointed them out. YouTube has these pictures and videos.

The Top Ten

1 Walt Disney's Signature

Walt Disney is 666! - Anthony8913

2 Lion King Scenes

Some parts of the video has nipples, the word sex in it etc.. Watch the movie a few times and you'll see lots of the scenes.
Also, look on the cover and you'll see a half naked lady as the nose of a Lion. - Anthony8913

3 Aladdin's Cover Picture

When you look ate Aladins movie cover, you'll see a d*ck in the picture. If you look at the castle carefully. Also, in a small whisper and you don't even know it. Aladin tells Jasmin to take her clothes off. - Anthony8913

4 Mickey and Minnie Mouse (HUG)
5 Frozen

Has the word sex and has the Devils hand signal - Anthony8913

6 Beauty and the Beast

Good book, good movie but if you look carefully all the ladies do the same hand signals that's in Aladin, Frozen, Lion King - Anthony8913

7 Topless Model In the Window - The Rescuers
8 The Priest End Scene - The Little Mermaid
9 Tower - The Little Mermaid
10 The Rescuers Down Under

Topless woman

Great movie, but when they are going down hill. There's an orange figure that passes them fast! You don't even see it or realize it till you slow the scene in slow motion. - Anthony8913

The Contenders

11 Take Off Your Clothes - Aladdin
12 The Earth Wasn't Supposed to Shake Until the Honeymoon - Aladdin
13 Racist Mumbling - Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
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1. Topless Model In the Window - The Rescuers
2. Walt Disney's Signature
3. The Priest End Scene - The Little Mermaid
1. Walt Disney's Signature
2. Aladdin's Cover Picture
3. Lion King Scenes


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