Best High School Football Teams of All Time

These teams are known for undefeated seasons and winning state and national championships. They also are known for legendary coaches and NCAA Div I and NFL players.

The Top Ten

1 De La Salle (Concord, California)

Winning six national championships and appearing in 16 California State Championships and having the longest undefeated streak in high school football history winning 151 strait games from 1992-2005. They also produced player such as Maurice Jones-Drew and D. J Williams

Numbers speak for themselves.

2 Valdosta High School (Valdosta, Georgia)

Home to the winningest high school football program in the United States, with a record 907 wins, 220 losses, and 34 ties. The Wildcats have won six national championships, 24 state championships, and 42 regional championships.

This program should be number one on this list. This is program is a 6A also.

This program is the best program in all sports at all levels.

Best high school football team anywhere bar none!

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3 Artesia (New Mexico)

30 state championships

Artesia is great

Did you hear that? 30 state championships!

Landry Jones

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4 Katy (Katy, Texas)

Eight undefeated seasons, five state championships. There dominance begins on the offensive line. They produced quarterback Andy Dalton

Is there a year where Katy has never made it to state?

I dare anyone to step up against katy

5 Washington (Massillon, Ohio)

Winning the most national championships in history

Great football program go tigers

Their Marching Band is better-Cuyahoga Falls Resident


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6 Moeller (Cincinnati, Ohio)

Back to back in football and baseball in 2012-2013! - OhioStateBuckeyes

5 National High School Championships

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7 Long Beach Poly (Long Beach, California)

Won two state championships and played the best game of all time against De La Salle with alumni DeSean Jackson and Willie McGinest

8 Mater Dei (Santa Monica, California)

They're in Santa Ana not Santa Monica

Winning one national championship and former NCAA Div I QBs Matt Barkley and Max Wittek

9 Hoover (Hoover, Alabama)

Won state championships from 1999-2005 winning a total seven state championships

10 Judson (Converse, Texas)

40 years straight of winning seasons and counting. 6 state championships all in the largest classification 6 state runner-up finishes and 18 semifinals

They just win...

The Newcomers

? Norwalk (Norwalk, Ohio)

One state championship last 5 years they have combined for a records of 31-22

? Annandale High School, Annandale Virginia

The Contenders

11 Permian (Odessa, tx)
12 Oaks Christian (Westlake Village, California)

Has the most famous High School coach Bill Redell and alum former Notre Dame quarterback Jimmy Clausen

13 Northwestern (Miami, Florida)

I'm from Pittsburgh pa so I have no clue about this team but just because AB went to this school Ima vote for them

Their most impressive win came in 2007 by beating Southlake Carrol and producing wide receiver Antonio Bryant

14 Allen High School (Allen, Texas)

Dat stadium though

15 Orange Lutheran (Orange, California)

Strong defense has won championship for this team

16 Southlake Carrol (Southlake, Texas)

Winning three strait championships since 2002 and played Northwestern at Texas stadium

17 Clinton (Clinton, Oklahoma)

16 state titles, including 13 in past 20 years along with 17 state title appearances in same time span

18 IMG Academy (Bradenton, Florida)

Check these guys out, their football team is beyond words.

19 South Panola High School (Batesville, Mississippi)

Under-rated! They had 80+ win streak in early and Mid 2000's. Not to mention only games lost on both ends of that streak were state title games. They have had a number of players to go on to the NFL. At one time, it was stated that they had more speed than Ole Miss with 25+ players running 4.6 or better in the 40 yard dash. Hence the name, "University of South Panola."

They have had some great teams

20 Northwestern (Rock Hill, South Carolina)

Very good ranked number ten right now

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