Cagayan National High School


One of the finest schools in Region 2. This school has produce countless achievers throughout the years. A lot of graduating students here pass the Top 4 universities in the Philippines - UP, ADMU, UST and DLSU. This is because Cagayan National High School is branded with quality education that is affordable with many enthusiast students in the region.

Cagayan High gives the experience that prepares students for college. The students are also very active in joining contests, forums, and other activities outside the school and the Philippines as well.

This school focuses on Academics, Talents and Sports. A school that has Special Program for the Arts and Special Program for Sports. Indeed, this school has the most intelligent and talented students.

The SPA or Special Program for the Arts have forever baffled me. As a student at International School Manila, everything you can imagine present at an American high school set up is a given to me. Yet as a student, I primarily excell in dancing and all else is pretty average about my grades. Cagayan High offers this SPA program in which you can actually major in Dancing! Not just that but in so many other arts! My sisters are proud graduates of this High school, one being a Theater Major and the other a Music Major. A ton of my cousins also went here ranging from Science Sections to to lowest of the Regular Sections, my cousins are still pretty greqt! Cagayan High offers such a well rounded education and if I am not privileged enough to learn in International School Manila, this school will definitely be my pick.

Whats great about Cagayan National High School is that it is open to public. They even accept drop outs in order to help them regain their knowledge and be able to start school again. And they also ask for just a tiny amount of tuition fee so that every child can learn. The senior high enrollees doubled the population of their batch. CNHS has been producing countless of successful people over the years. Cagayan National High School is truly one of the best high schools in the Philippines.

Builders of True Strength and Wisdom! Even if it is a Public Highschool, the quality of their education is at par of other private schools. The Biggest and Best High School in Region 2. Yes, the whole Region 2 that's why we should be in the list of one of the ten high school in the Philippines. So that we can be known in the whole country because we deserve it.

This school is called as the "UP high school of the North" because of its tremendous awards and success in any fields such as; academics, sports, arts, forums, and many more contests. We are known for our hospitality and humbleness.

We can define this school as the best, most excellent and Fascinating school in the whole Region 2. There are also Science classes like Gold, silver, nickel and copper. The following are the homogeneous groups namely; Section 1,2,3 and so on. There are also classes for Arts, Music or Dance, Sport, creative Writing and others. THIS is indeed the best school. It's not just small and terrible, but it is, big and terrible! My school, your school, our school! CAGAYAN NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL!

Cagayan National High School is ever glowing with remarkable records of competitons. Builders of countless achievers, and there are many good teachers, and specially an Outstanding Students

Cagayan National High School is the best High School in the Whole Philippines because I am a Student of Cagayan National High School

Cagayan National High School have proven its worth in different academic, sport and even in art contests. We have been continuously active in extra-curricular activities. We have the great facilities and excellent teachers. CNHS have been producing professionals for the development of our country. CNHS will always be a great help in our community. AND I'm PROUD TO SAY THAT I'm STUDYING IN CAGAYAN NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL.

Most of the students who graduated in the top sections (Gold, Silver, Nickel and Copper) are excellent students and easily can snatch a slot in the most reputable universities in the country such as UP and Ateneo. This high school is a training ground for future leaders and achievers of the country and they continue serving Cagayan Valley. Forever will be loyal and true Cagayan National High School.

! This school is so FABULOUS. One day I want to study here because of their facilities, Teachers and Students. I heard many good praises about this school that their teachers are this and their students are that. And I also want to be one of their alumni someday. Now I'm in Grade 6 next year I will be a student of Cagayan National High School. I will keep my head high as proud as I could. Can't wait to be a CNHSian

Students here are molded by greatness in everything. They give inspiration and model to every students in the Whole Cagayan Valley and Region 2. The best school on Region 2 and in the whole philippines

Amidst our thoughts and vision dwells the name of this school. Fly high and Sour high Cagayan High!

Cagayan National High School is the home of the countless achievers!

Every Success; we Achieve because we Believe

Cagayan National High School is indeed the best high school among the rest of the high schools in the country. Not only in the field of academics they excel, but also in arts and sports. Proud to be CNHSian here!

So many students transfer to our school in our grade 7 we have 35 sections. The science section: Gold, Silver, Nickel, Copper and the Antimony. And regular sections also section 1 to section 35

Thy memory is all over in this place nearly can call a Paradise

Harken loyal son's and daughter's sing for this school glorious name

Shrine of youth lofty ambition

It will be a great opportunity if our school will be one of the top ten high school in the Philippines because we have the Best quality education that our students enjoying.

They are also one of the versatile journalist of the philippines because of their excellence in Campus Journalism. They are the only school that is back-to-back OVERALL Champion in Campus Journalism. Their official Newspapers are the BEST in all over Region 2 in every year since they publish their first newspapers. THE CHRONICLES; their English newspaper. It is so terrifying that when you hear the word the chronicles, you will be scared. and BAGWIS; their official Filipino Newspaper. All the category they are the champion. I bet this is really the Best among the Rest.

Cagayan National High School is one of the best high school in region 2. Even it is a public school it is still the best and also fight in some competitions with the other private schools and won't let them to be overcomed easily yet the goal is to become the number one. Thank you for this school that helps so many students that is now successful and to guide and lead more students to their bright future.