Our Lady Of Peace School


A school that uses advanced technology in producing academic excellent and morally upright students. The first ever school who used the RCC-WBLS as its strategy which is being adopted by increasing number of schools in the country yearly.

With its well maintained air-conditioned classrooms with glass board, interactive screens, projectors and speakers, its speech laboratories, computer laboratories, science laboratories and robotics laboratory and many more, and with the wide variety of choices of clubs and organizations that the students might take-part-in to help them grow and develop their skills and knowledge, the students will surely enjoy their stay in this academic institution.

Yearly, OLPS produces numerous recipient of latin honors from the top performing universities in the country and several board passers. It is indeed that this institution creates globally competitive individuals.

One of the best schools in Antipolo, OLPS hone students' talents and teaches the Good News to all.

One of the best school in Rizal province

As a student from 2006, I highly appreciate the efforts of the teachers in Our Lady of Peace School. The learning program called "RCC-WBLS", which is exclusive to this school only, is very versatile and effective to the learning style of the students in this school. Being a Catholic-oriented school, the school mainly focuses teaching on students about being Christ-centered. Different clubs that also placed high in provincial and regional competitions are very competitive. Probably one of the best school I've ever seen. - HarunaKaiNi

As an alumni, I have had great experience in the OLPS. From its updated and diverse facilities to its outstanding education given by highly respectable teachers, OLPS has been a ground for experience within the classroom walls and outside--providing not only knowledge and quenching the thirst for knowledge but also wisdom in life as it moves forward.

Our Lady of Peace School in Antipolo is one of the best school in the Philippines. Aside from the school's facilities and teachers, making religion the core of their curriculum is a two thumbs up, forming not only excellent and competitive professionals in the future but also God fearing individuals.

Students are well-mannered and equipped with core values. Facilities are high-tech and teachers are approachable.

All students have respect to each other

One of the most competitive schools in Rizal Province and it has a great learning environment for students to grow and enrich their skills academically and spiritually.

You don't just study by books, you experience it.

Strong core values and create great leaders

Whole brain learning system, and religion as core of the curriculum. Olps is a highly recommended school for those who seek excellent education and top of the line facility. Olps molds an individual to be morally upright and spiritually matured, trained to excel not only academically but also in personal life.

Very good environment. It is definitely the best school in Antipolo. They teach both academic and religion as well as extra curricular activities very well. A good environment for students, very friendly and professional teachers, excellent curriculum. Definitely the most awesome school in Antipolo.

My passion for leadership, art, and academics is a product of this institution. I will always come back to you, my first "second home", our pride. KUDOS to OLPS and the people behind its success! #DugongOlpsianDugongPalaban

OLPS is a Very Great School that teaches my son how to be responsible for doing his daily tasks.

Student leaders are responsible and hardworking.

Best school ever with lots and lots of facilities

School of talented student leaders!

Our great grand father and my father studied in this school and specialy me and my other sister we love our lady of peace school

Christ-centered school with International learning equipment like I-Ready and Lego Robotics. The best Chorale and Drum and Lyre Corps in the City of Antipolo. Under the administration of St. Paul of Chartes, Our Lady of Peace School is the one of the outstanding schools of the St. Paul community. Even the school supported the education of the kids living in Tawid-Tawid. Our Lady of Peace School also have the best and creative teachers you'll ever find in Antipolo. Also, the students are formed into Christ-like persons thru Education and Religion. Our Lady of Peace School is competitive even outside the Rizal Province. Our Lady of Peace School have won many competitions like Robotics, Chorale Competition, and Drum and Lyre Competitions. Excellent Clubs and Orgs that will maximize your child's creativity and passion. Top-quality School Laboratories will boost your child's learning and Great Security with over 30 CCTVs installed inside and outside the school premises.

Proud to be :) The school I've ever attended before college where I learned not only academics but values and a lot about God. And I can say that this will be the school where I will send my children to.

My alma mater. my kids also study here, the best school in antipolo

Unity is in here and The OLPS Blue Marching Condors is here the pride of the OLPS. OLPSians have good attitude.

OLPS embodies true Paulinian Values and Education and is part of the St. Paul School System managed by the Sisters of St. Paul of Chartres and the Diocese of Antipolo. Truly one of the Best School in Rizal.

A cathedral Catholic school administered by the Sisters of St. Paul of Chartres. Continually honing students, equipping proper academic edge with values.

I guess, a technologically advanced school with numerous computer laboratories, learning centers and Robotics laboratory.