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41 Davao City National High School
42 Notre Dame - Sienna School of Marbel

This is not supposed to be on the list.

43 Araullo High School V 2 Comments
44 Tanza National Comprehensive High School

Journalism. Excellent science curriculum. Best in Cavite

Every students are intelligents, no matter what curriculum are you from, General, Science and Journalism. The teachers were professionals and gives you the home vibes. The best school ever!

Excellent students from special science curriculm to general curriculum..

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45 Notre Dame of Greater Manila V 1 Comment
46 Batangas Province Science High School
47 MSU ISED Science High School, Marawi City

Offers best training in Math and Science. Most alumni work in the field of Engineering and Medicine.

The best in Science Education.

Check the previous MSU SASE Exams, students from this school were always on top ten if not the topnotch.

The best HS in terms of Science and Math. Alumni here are top notchers in MSU SASE every year.

48 Philippine Normal University-Institute of Teaching and Learning

The best high school in the country. Highest quality of teachers with at least a masters degree. Competitive admission and is at the heart of the country's capital. Kudos PNU-ITL, the secondary school under the country's National Center for Teacher Education.

49 Abellana National School

School that doesn't only focus on academic aspect. This school also gives importance to sports and vocation with efficient facilities that could sure cater the needs of the learners.

It is the best high schools in the philippines

50 Saint James High School V 1 Comment
51 Imus Pilot National High School V 1 Comment
52 Our Lady of the Abandoned Catholic School
53 Passerelles Numeriques Cebu, Philippines

Our vision:
Passerelles numériques envisions a world where highly disadvantaged youths can, thanks to their abilities and their commitment and through education, training and employment, reach a better future.

Our objectives and our beneficiaries:
Our ambition is to help at least 90% of the students directly enrolled in our programs to find a qualified job and ultimately end the cycle of poverty for themselves as well as for their families.
All underprivileged young adults capable of keeping up with our programs are eligible. We make a special effort to include at least 50% of young women, and beyond that, priority is given to the poorest boys or girls. The ratio of girls is always limited to two thirds of each class.
Our mission:
Our mission is to enable highly disadvantaged youths, through their abilities and their commitment, to access education and technical and vocational training, in the sector of Information Technology. We work to build strong ...more

54 St. Augustine Academy of Pampanga
55 University of Baguio Science High School

The first science high school in the country with the best professors and the best curriculum. It's not only the science high curriculum but a consolidation of the human and social sciences

The best high school in Baguio City!

Nurtures students holistically.

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56 Philippine High School for the Arts

The students are offered a very intensive arts education, but that does not stop them from also excelling in basic education subjects such as Math, Science, English, Filipino, etc. The community is very supportive and the teachers only want the best for each individual student.

The first arts school in southeast asia and the best in the Philippines since 1977

The one and pioneer high school for the arts

Students are independent. They excel on their own without their parents but with their fellow Ibarangs

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57 St. Mary's Academy

The best Catholic School in The Philippines to learn not only Christian Living Values but it mold you into a well-rounded citizen and student through their academic curriculum and co-curricular activities.

Students consistently excel in the admission tests of Ateneo de Manila University, De La Salle University, University of Santo Tomas, and even in the University of the Philippines.

Is the awesome School!

The best

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58 Taguig Science High School

I would like to share that it is not the school's facility that matters but it is the students' ability that counts. Though our school facilities are not as good as compared to others, but students strive for quality excellence through perspiration (literally), determination, inspiration, and passion.

Proud Alumni. Batch 2013-2014. Despite the classrooms and all, the teachers in this school never failed to bring out the best of their students. Pressure. More Pressure. But the people here also gives you the fun you won't ever forget.

Taguig Science High School is known for being the home of globally competitive students who always achieve excellence but remaining their good character to everyone around them. Despite of lacking good facilities, they always strive for being on the top.Truly LEADING THE ROAD TO EXCELLENCE

The best School Rock

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59 University of the Philippines Rural High School

Well rounded students produced!

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60 School of the Holy Spirit

One of the best exclusive all-girls schools in the Philippines. Students are very modest and well disciplined. Students are well trained and very educated. [High standards and quality teachers and staff]

This is where they teach the value of faith, family & good education...

Proud to be an alumni of SHSQC. If we're still living in PH, I would definitely enroll my daughters here because of the quality education, great teachers and staff and the nice environment.

From Prep A up to 4th year High School! Solid, Loyal SHSian! Field demo, Intrams, School fairs... The discipline they teach the students especially the nuns (Ssps)... Remembered the days when they are very strict from the guards up to the Principal/Directress... But had so much FUN! EOP (English only policy)...

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