Pedro Guevara Memorial National High School


When it comes to student leadership, Pedro Guevara also tops. the Supreme Student Government of its own gather a lot of praises amd awards. No doubt, the Division federation SSG's President came from this school last year. They have been always invited to few seminars from public and private sectors. They have also been attending National Trainings. Wow! This just says that students in Pedro Guevara are not not brainy and talented but also beautiful and has a care or say for the people that surrounds them

I am a proud student of this school! This place trains even the poor to be the best. Even without tuition fees, you would really feel like you are in a private school. Even if you are lazy or diligent, smart or not, poor or rich, girl or boy, teachers would always make sure to keep you on the track that you must take to reach the success you'll need for your life. A very inspiring school and this place helped me to really improve my attitude towards studying, to give importance to education and dream as big as possible, because we are we. Addition to this, teachers are really funny and they make the lessons easier to understand.

Not only produce very competent graduates in the local and international market but also hones them to become their best versions in terms of value, camaraderie, and respect for others.

No. 1 High School in Laguna! The best High School that produces topnotchers from different Universities in the Philippines!

When I first came to Guevara, I wasn't really that bright. However, the challenges I faced here, prepared me to the hardships of life. In Laguna, this is one of the best high schools out there, when someone tells you that you're from Guevara, it feels refreshing. They not only boasts the academics but also the facilities and leaderships. This is the best school I've ever been to.

About the entrance exam, the top 200 students get a chance to do another exam to enter SSC (Special Science Curriculum) then if you pass the second exam (which is for only the top students) then you'll be a student of SSC but if you not pass the required grades you'll be demoted to BEC.

Hi, I am one of PGMNHS's alumni. This is really something to be proud of. Pedro Guevara is the best training ground for your future, studying in pedro guevara gave me the best experience of my life in terms of academic experience and activities. Pedro guevara is one of the best school in the country, not just the school, but the teachers as well.

The Best High School in Laguna. Their Special Science and BEC Honor class curriculum is one of the best!

Creme de la creme: PGMNHS is privileged to have dozens of valedictorians (~20 in our class) from different elementary schools. With brightest minds coming together, the classroom is filled with interesting discussion and creative outputs. Spoon-feeding is never an option; teachers have guided us to be independent and self-directed with all the examinations (scope beyond the book) and frequent impromptu presentations. Mathematics teachers are also lauded for making us garnered many PMO (Philippine Mathematical Olympiad) medals. Apart from intellectual aspect, there is the element of student leadership (with international exchange programs) that has molded us to become responsible individuals and proactive members of society. All these things have been our solid foundation in our academic status (at least 90% in our class have been accepted in the prestigious University of the Philippines) and workplace integrity. Unknown to us at the time, the small buildings that are named after ...more

I am a student of Pedro Guevara Memorial National High School. And right now, being listed here is such an honor for all of us. This school, produces great students to prepare for the upcoming college years. Leadership is also one of our finest. Supreme Student Government. We are called proud to be called "GUEVARIANS".

Pedro Guevara Memorial National High School is one of the best training ground to prepare students or the future professionals before they face the real stuggles of life

One of the best public high schools in the Philippines.

After living in different countries and meeting people from all walks of life, I have realized that we were taught how to be well-rounded people capable of solving whatever problems and obstacles encountered in life because we were equipped with the necessary tools to solve and overcome them. I am greatly honored to have been a part of PGMHS, my beloved alma mater.

An institution that propels you to have an understanding that extends far down from the surface in seeing education not only as a privilege, but also an obligation for self-fulfillment. Having formed this mindset really helps in keeping yourself motivated as you journey on with fuelling your individuality; may it be towards being a professional, or more importantly, as a person.

My alma mater. During my years, it also offered Applied Mathematics curriculum and English Journalism where students are able to be as competitive as those in the Science Class. This is where you will prove to yourself that high school life is the most memorable life in your education stage.

This school is the best for preparing their graduates to the next level, for the one who will go to colleges and universities and others who not and will have their profession early!

Pedro Guevara Memorial National High School is the best high school in Laguna. They have a good facilities and a large amount of students to accompanied. I can say that Guevara is one of the most College-Looking kind of school not because of the school itself but also the competencies they've given us. I'm a proud alumni of Don Pedro! Soar and Claim it up to the top. Guevarians battle cry "WE CAN DO BETTER THAN THE BEST"

Best high school ever. It hones and teaches the student to be who they really are. And I'm proud to say that I'm one of them

Laguna High School to Pedro Guevara Memorial High School to Pedro Guevara Memorial National High School to THE BEST HIGH SCHOOL IN THE COUNTRY

PGMNHS is the best high school in Laguna. This 'little UP' continues to grow and enhance potential future leaders with their academic program and leadership training to its students. One of a kind!

PGMNHS is the best school for learning. It helps you to improve your leadership and different talents.

A school that hones students not only to be academically proficient, but also holistic individuals who can be future leaders of every profession. Such a great school.

The thing about PGMNHS is aside from making its graduates in the sciences, it also has training grounds for the arts, dance, music, journalism, etc. Making their graduates diverse and ready to conquer the colleges.

One of the best schools in Laguna that keeps you well-rounded.

Educated and well-mannered students here! Some have very strong political views.