Top 10 Most Unrealistic High School Stereotypes In Movies and TV

In movies or T.V. show that have teenage characters or are set in a school, there are always some "stereotypical" behaviours of the characters. This list is pretty much about the way teenagers are portrayed in teen movies and if that's 100% realistic in the real world. Enjoy!
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1 The bitchy mean cheerleader that is very popular but in reality feels alone

No kidding, RustyNail. I noticed that. But luckily, I'm no longer in high school, especially because of the problems that I experienced in it.

To be honest the cheerleaders are normal girls. We’re all pretty nice. I love being part of a team where we get to jump, dance, flip, and support each other. 💜

I can't even express how much the popular cheerleader stereotype bothers me. Most cheer teams don't even use pom poms. It's really physically grueling, and dangerous

Breakfast club has many stereotypes. The princess, jock, criminal, brain, basket case

2 The dumb jock

I've seen that one so many times too. The society in general tends to believe that people that are involved with sports are not clever or intelligent, but that's another stereotype that's just not true. I mean, look at me. I'm like the female version of Sheldon Cooper in school but sports are something that I still enjoy doing and I'm sure that there are a lot of jocks that love Star Trek or something.

For me, the typical jocks who base their lives on the status of their favourite team and think that athleticism is the most important thing to them are annoying, but people can enjoy playing sports and getting fit, including the most academic of students. I'm a hard-working physics geek myself, and I enjoy the martial art which is the main thing keeping me fit, and so, is pretty important.

This is an overused stereotype. I played softball and soccer while being in the top 10% of my class and I have a brother that wrestles and plays football all while maintaining a 4.0 GPA. Just because a person is good at one thing does not mean they are bad at another. I dislike when people try and fit me or others in a box because we may be "jocks" or "geeks."

How could all jocks be dumb if exercise is good for your brain?

3 The loner kid standing in the corner with no one to talk to

Fortunately, that's not a stereotype I see very often. It really annoys me though every time I see it because I'm extremely awkward and introverted as a person and I hate when they potray shy people as outcasts that have nobody to talk to. Everyone has at least one friend or a close family member to talk to. Nobody is alone.

I am a little bit of a loner but I have 5 friends, I'm mostly around my boyfriend and my sister and my friend Lazuli.

4 The dumb blonde

This is one of the stereotypes I hate not only in high school but in general in life. The colour of our hair says nothing about who we R. It's our personality and intelligence that do.

This stereotype makes no sense at all. I have blond hair and I'm pretty smart. I swear the guys who make Pokemon purposefully made Clemont with blond hair just to break down the stereotype.

Hair color has nothing to do with brain power. The smartest girl that went to my high school is blonde and she was valedictorian.

Last year, just before I left primary school (Year 6) I was the smartest in my school (IQ 120). I am blond (But I am still male).

5 The loud black girl with an attitude

If white girls can have different personalities then black girls can to. We are all our own person. This is why I HATE teen movies

Mostly black girls are potrayed SO WRONGLY in popular culture. Most of them are potrayed being loud, ghetto and talking in an accent. Some black girls are like that, but I have a lot of black friends and they are well spoken and polite. I haven't ever seen in a film or a T.V. show a black girl that doesn't have a "diva" attidute.

Eesh. As a black female, I can see where people ate coming from. But hey, I grew up in the ghetto anyway X3. But still. My mother raised me to be a polite young lady, who can mess you up if you disrespect me or my family.

Half the black girls in my school are normal.

6 The "ugly" girl that wears glasses

In every teen movie or T.V. show they need to have "the ugly" character. Have you ever noticed that most of the time this girl wears glasses? What? Girls with glasses are attractive and sophisticated.

Hey I was the one in High School with glasses and braces.

Not all girls with glasses are ugly...

Yeah kinker ben rapper sjors heb net pindakaas gegeten

7 The violent jock that actually has feelings deep down

This stereotype is kinda like the "dumb jock" one, with the only difference that in this particular situation girls make up this stereotype so they can make excuses for their crush when he treats others like crap.

Jake Dillinger- Be More Chill
Rich Goranski- Be More Chill

8 The bully that ends up being bullied

That's positive when it happens in a movie it's like "Treat others as you'd like to be treated", but it rarely happens.

No one is ugly at my school but lots of people there get bullied.

In real life, bullies can get bullied by their parents.

9 The goth

Where have the young goths run off to?

Goth is such an early 2000s thing 🙄

10 The ugly girl turning super popular overnight

HAHAH not really. I mean no one that I know or have seen at my school are particularly ugly. I don't know.

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11 The nerd that wears glasses, gets straight As and has zero social life

Being a glasses wearer myself I don't like how glasses seem to equal high intelligence and zero popularity. Not that I want to be seen as dumb or anything. It's just that I don't like the falseness represented. People can be goofy, sporty, artsy and wear glasses too. Glasses just mean you have bad eyesight. It does not automatically equal intelligence. Plus being smart doesn't mean you don't have friends or social standing.

The smart guy in my class interacts with his friends a lot. These stereotypes are not accurate whatsoever. Smartness and social life don't correlate.

I'm a nerd, and I have the first two qualities on this item, but certainly not the third.

Yeah... That's me right there. But straight As no longer apply to me.

12 The nerdy Asian

I am Asian and while I do look nerdy I am horrible at math.

Yes, because all of one race HAS to be nerdy.

Heavy sarcasm

13 The girl that does not even go to school there but shows up everywhere
14 The player that finally falls in love

I love this one

15 The flamboyant guy who everyone thinks is gay but isn't

High School Musical - Ryan?

16 The overachiever

A+ Student, wants to win everything and is very competitive. Their often a perfectionist and are very hard on themselves

This actually does exist

Courtney total drama

I’m either called this, or a nerd. Both can be interchangeable as they’re often associated with good grades, but they’re mainly different otherwise.

17 The person that knows all the secrets

Lol this makes me laugh. How do they get their perfectly timed information? But I have to admit at my old job I was the go to person that people liked to dump all their personal info on. Sometimes it was ok but other times I was just like "Why are you telling me this? " They're lucky I'm not some maniacal villain that would store that info for later use...mwahaha!

That's definitely me. Everyone thinks this person is an outsider but really he's the biggest insider there.

Is this even possible?!

Jenna Rolan from Be More Chill
Gretchen Weiners from Mean Girls

18 The emo

There are barely emos in my school, there are only 2 students that are emo in the whole 9th grade at my school.

There is one emo but shes just strange

19 The toff
20 The cute preppy popular girls and guys

I don't mean jocks but those rich very mean very snobby like Mckenzie holster jerks

That's me actually.

That's me

Like Mackenzie Hollister?

21 The bad boy

I have to admit I can be a sucker for this one but I prefer the goofball who will watch superhero movies with me and go to Harry Potter World anyday.

There are a few of them in my school

Do you need an explanation?

22 The all American girl

Often a cheerleader or student president. A prime example is Betty Cooper from riverdale

23 The player

That guy that plays girls faster than a game of Uno against a toddler.

24 The group of outcasts
25 The rivalry between the gym teacher and the music teacher
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