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Japan is an island country in East Asia in the Pacific Ocean. It lies off the eastern coast of the Asia Mainland (east of China, Korea, Russia) and stretching from the Sea of Okhotsk in the north to the East China Sea and near Taiwan in the southwest. ...read more.


Japan is the Most Advanced Country Generally and Technologically, Their Community is very good too, If they see a Stranger In need of help, they'll rush to the rescue. Because they Focus on Advancing their Defenses so their Country wont have to suffer Tsunamis and such. They are like Computers, If 1 Falls they'll Repair that One, And if they have a error they'll figure it out, If they have to do something to upgrade their System they'll do it.

So what i, m Saying is, Japan is not only Advanced in Technology but also in their Community.

I'm Japanese and I know that my country is superior in technology, I've seen it a million times.
Almost all of the famous companies in terms of cars, appliances and gadgets are Japanese ones.
In military, we are currently developing gundam-like units.
But of course it takes years to finish it.
But even we are the masters in technology, yet we are the most traditional and cultural country.
We balance TECHNOLOGY AND CULTURE, its like Modern period and old too
Japan ROCKS!

Japan is easily the most Technologicaly advanced country in the wold They have a perfect balance of technology and nature and culture. Just look at all their tech and inventions, all the massive japanese companys like Nintendo, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Sony, etc. There are much more, to many to mame infact. Not to mention the super advanced gadgets. They are even making gundam-like units that hover in the air and shoot lazers. They are also advanced in space exploration though NASA leaves them in shadows, but if NASA did not exist japan would be the best in space. They are also the best at science. So clearly Japan is the best at tech.

Japan is really the best.. I strongly agree that japan is very high tech country... No one can beat japan unlike korea, they still lack the opportunity to lead its way they can't beat japan... I love japan... I hate korea... Someday japan will reign all over the world.. Haha

Leader in technology hands down.Japan has always attacked by storms, earthquakes even atomic bombs. They are always prepared to protect their own country with their technology. It is what saves so many people from natural disasters every year which is much more powerful then anything man has ever done. Mother nature crushes other countries but Japan will always be prepared for the worst.

The master of tech
If Japan isn't he master, then the vocaloid will not existed
Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Len and Rin, Megurine Luka, They all gone.

The Japanese are not only best in electronics and Cars... But just see their robots... There was a very famous T.V. show... For months the show went on and then suddenly they put out the truth - it was a ROBOT

Japan is a technology country next to USA, but the ironic things is that Japanese don't use that much technologies in there life time as we do ( for example, internet). People who were technology based were protected from going to war (only sometimes), since they need technicans for war and advancing science more. For the literary side were usually gone to war, which Japan is very weak at diplomacy. Back to story, what Japan is great is that Japan had amazing technology from long time ago. In Japan, there is
A Five or third -storied pagoda which only had fallen during earthquakes when the ground had become loosen. Although they made needles which would not rust over few hundred years! Japan is more of a hand-made technican country, which there aren't as many as in other countries, which makes Japan the number 1 on my list. Tech is not only about machines. Best product come from hands.

Japan's engineering is amazing! It dominates in numerous high end technologies namely precision equipment, robotics and electronic compartments. For example, 90% of the US fighter jet computer board compartments are manufactured by Japanese companies.

Though I am not from Japan, but I really think they have High Tech!

Cool toilets, manufactures a lot of cars, in some restaurants sushi comes around to you on this machine and you choose what you want

Japan is the most high tech country in the world. Japan is widely known for its technological advancements especially in electronics, robotics, and mechanical advancements. Yes, USA has lot of advantages, but as well as Japan, it has lot of advantages compared with USA. Japan is the leading innovator and modernized on the fields of autos, advance logical research, machines, electronics, robotics, microelectronics, and defense. The only thing that makes USA famous for their technology is that they are the most influentialized country in the world and use the neo colonialism strategy in order to attract attentions from lower countries. Another thing is that many equipments are being famous by USA, but originally adapted by Japan, or even Philippines. Another thing is that USA threatens other countries when there is a new innovation, especially Philippines, which is another country that has a potential to be among the most high tech country. Many companies in USA buy a new innovative ...more

Even after they suffered from the atomic tragic bombs last century it didn't stop Japan to become the world most technologically advanced in many fields electronics, autos, constructions etc.. they deserve the title "mightiest people in history".

Their technology is out of this world. That's why going to move to Japan

Japan tech is best in the world and their people work very hard and committed to their work and their country

Japan has great material. Japan makes fast trains and just is the best in the world.

I agree that Japan is the most hightech country, because they have allthe latest gadgets like Sony play staions, nintendo wii, and they also have the high tech cellular phones, and they have toyota, honda, nissan, mitsubishi etc... Which is popular all over the world, and ofcoure the most popular cameras like canon, Sony, Panasonic...

Still the best gadgets like PSP VITA, Cameras, cars Bullet Trains, compters etc.

You can't believe when you look at the picture of Tokyo skyline. Its just fully technology

Subaru makes the best cars on the planet...

Tokyo is the Largest City with the largest population and economy.
Japan is also the first non Western Nation which industriliezed.
98% of Japanese at the end of 1945 were able to read and write, which was a outstanding standard for a Nation.

Japan have the most advance robot in universe : doraemon, the military robot : gundam, the most stronger hero in universe : goku, the most bigger hero : utraman, and many more : )

Japan is truelly the founder of Japan! Japan invented more than thousands of devices. Thanks to Japan...!

Japan, as an Asian country (not to be racist) is superior to america (technologically) hands down. America may be the world power but they will never out wit or out last the wittiest of the mortal races. The Japanese are one of the most disregarded genius races on earth. These Asians precede their reputation as smarts and wits. I personally am a nationalist and will defend the claim that america is the best country to the depths of oblivion, but I cannot overlook that one day Japan will take its revenge against america and claim right to the title "Most powerful country in the world." For heaven's sake let us hope that the Japanese will stay peaceful and benevolent enough to prevent another war from ever again bringing Armageddon back to the world. God bless us all, God bless America, God bless the entire world and all those who dwell in its wake.

No doubt about it! I have been living here for more than 15 years now and I can vouched for it. Every time I go to visit another country it feels like Japan has way years ahead in terms of technology.