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South Korea, officially the Republic of Korea, is a sovereign state in East Asia, constituting the southern part of the Korean Peninsula.


1. Samsung now is the world's best manufacturer of Smartphones and Smart TVs.
2. LG is the Second largest T.V. maker after Samsung.(wiki)
3. Hyundai-Kia group is the world's fourth largest automaker after General Motors, Volkswagen Group, and Toyota.(wiki)
4. Korea has one of the best air defenses.(Red Alert 2)
5. Korea ranks 1st or 2nd in Top 10 countries that have fastest internet speed.
Korea should be ranked 3rd place here.

South Korea is developing in an extreme speed, and the famous South Korean companies such as Samsung, LG, Hyundai ETC. Those companies are help to develop South Korea. South Korea will catch up Japan in an extreme speed. It's about how long it will take to catch up Japan

Korea dominates the world in technology. Look around and you will notice numerous Korean technologies even in the US. Ex: Samsung, LG, Hyundai, and etc. Companies like Apple can't compete with Samsung in any industry. Apple's got the basic (convenience) while on the other hand, Samsung has brains (technical aspects) which is more appealing to both younger and older generations. In addition, Korea has the fastest, free internet in this world. South Korea's internet speed is 20x (times) faster than that of America.

Japan used to be the world's tech leader in the 1970s to the 1990s. Back then, the world did not even know that Korea was a country that made technology. However, as Samsung, LG, and other companies in South Korea began to be advanced and started to compete with Japan, Germany, and other top countries as 2000 came in. But the real climax for Korea came in and will stay since the 2010s as Sony, Panasonic, Sanyo, and other Japanese technology companies begin to go under the Korean companies.

Korea should be the top 2, at least.

South Korea came in second place after Japan on the list of highest technology countries in the world. South Korea is rated one of the top best highest technology countries on the planet due to making advanced robots, cars, trains, computers, boats, air conditioners, televisions, helicopters and planes. South Korea is one of the world's best and the highest technology ranking countries. South Korea is also voted on the list of countries with the fastest internet speed in the world and South Korea is near Japan in highest technologies!

South Korea is now a country that is easily recognizable as a country which possesses the most powerful technology.

Samsung alone already bests all the Japanese tech companies combined. Hyundai, Kia, etc are flourishing, despite their recently late history of a start. South Korea's military technology is far superior to Japan, mainly because South Korea is still technically at war with North Korea. Samsung is fighting Apple, one of the biggest tech giants out there. In fact, 92% of all phones sold goes to Samsung and Apple. The 6% includes LG, HTC, etc, and NO Japanese companies. Checkmate.

Most advanced in technology, Samsung proved to be the world's most advanced in technology, they are now renowned with their good appliances.

South Korea is the best. Look at how Korea Influenced us People. Look at all these facts that Korea has helped. They made multiple technology.

South Korea has the most high speed internet and most mobile phones in the world

Used to be Japan... But now it is Korea, with forward thinking plans. USA still dominates in the overall scheme of technology in terms of lifestyle implementation, software, weapon technology, and space technology, but lags behind in everday life related items. Germany will always be a solid number 2 or 3.

South Koreans are the most diligent and hard working people in the world! That is why they have risen through all of the hardships that came their way to become one of the greatest and high tech country in the world.

South Korea has created so many amazing things - Samsung is the world's largest technology electrical company in the world and defeats United States's APPLE and defeats Japan's NOKIA and other competitors - South Korea is right beside and almost over Japan.

These guys are crazy needy and serious about working since they're given birth.

South Korea's catching up speed is faster than Japanese speed.

Just because america made Google, Microsoft, apple, and intel, it doesn't mean they have best tech, if Korea actually made those tech, they would be better, although Korea doesn't try to make those because they are already companies like it so people don't have to choose between two famous searching websites

It has the most powerful mobile companies in the world!

My son was born in South Korea so he loves it more than me. He said that Korea is the best country in almost everything in the world!

South Korea is the most high tech country.
#Fastest Internet.

#In 2050, South Korea will beat USA in economy and technology.

#County with the most high tech driving lessons.

#No dressing rooms, just a digital mirror to see yourself in different clothings.

#Has the most robots in hospitals.

#Shipped the most karaokes in the world.

#Shipped the most coffee vending machines in Asia (especially the Philippines)

#Has the most robots in cafes.

#Has the most robots in apartments

#Most robots in schools

#Incheon International Airport the best airport for more than 5 years

#Kpop- high tech sounds and instruments Japan can't afford to sell

#Seoul- The World's most high tech City

#New Songdo- 10th Most high tech city

It's really nice but if you are given in a good manner then it is very useful. But I appreciate your confidence. Good try. Better luck next time

It's my one of the favourite country and I also heard that the government of south korea is building a digital city

Most of the devices came in india from south korea

Um, okay, not to be rude but USA shouldn't even be here and especially not before China and Korea. US is not that high tech. China and Korea most definitely are.

Korea is catching up to Japan. Espicially after the tsunami which was a tragic accident. There are more samsung and
LG products sold than toshiba or Yoshida products. Both countries are superior in technology but eventually Korea will rise to the top!

Korea has greatest WIFI condition and also fastest Internet access speed.
Not to mention, also, there are many good technicians who can fix any electronic gadgets in just 1 or 2 days. However, I think Korea should invest more and more to innovation of It related industry to become better.