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The United States of America, or the U.S.A. for short, is a federal republic composed of 50 states, 48 of them are contiguous states. There are two other states, Alaska and Hawaii, which are north and south of the contiguous states, respectively. The United States declared its independence from the ...read more.


Well I'm an American and this is a pretty interesting list. The reason people don't see America as technologically advanced like South Korea and Japan is that it's weaker in communications tech. I mean, America is a huge nation so it is technologically advanced differently than South Korea and Japan.

As a side note, East Asia is wowing the world with its technological advancements, but they love to improve on what currently exists while the Western world loves to think of new ideas. Therefore, the west is still pretty technologically advanced compared to Asia. After all, if you look at East Asia, only some nations are developed while some are developing.

Every nation has its own tech strengths, even Africa. I mean, they have mining so they're good at that!

If anything, we should wow at the European countries because historically, they literally had to start with no resources up there in that northern continent. Asia and Africa had a lot of riches.

Due to stereotypes, we missed the first place to Japan. EVERYTHING Japan has made, we have already made first. Gundam-like units? What. We already have aircraft far more advanced. And much of that anime based technology is mainly due to obsession and fandom. We have invented FAR more than Japan has. Japan hasn't even set foot on the moon yet, you know something that was already done by us more than 50 years ago. The reason we're considered so primitive is because of stereotypes of the South. But in reality, were the most innovative country in the world. Don't let stereotypes fool you.

Well we really need as Americans to design more robotic design I'm not saying we're bad we just need to improve not just our phones our cars, plains, trains.. Japan already has a train that can go about 290 mph. Us just like 90 it's not just the navy it's more we don't see it cause others countries don't give this out we're number four but I think we can reach a bigger if we just set our mind straight just tell your kid to apply them selves more at school America can do it

USA is the most inventive and innovative when it comes to technology because many of the the most ground-breaking and the most advanced technologies are made in the USA.

Countries like Japan and Germany made great technologies, but they are not as inventive as the USA. South Korea is getting better with technologies, but its technological capability still cannot reach the USA.

UK I think is the most underrated when it comes to technology because UK also could create great technology and UK also used to be inventive with technology during the British empire period.

The USA and Japan both have humanoids (robots) which makes the USA and Japan the two most most advanced technical countries in the world and the USA have recently developed and type of element that keeps our main computer safe from shutting down and getting destroyed from a nuclear bomb. We are also developing a teleportation device and flying cars and hover signs

I am a reseacher in a division for the United Nations, and by far most of my advanced research topics I have covered, are both conceptualized and developed by the US. In my opinion, virtually every topic I cover, the US has more advanced insights, I just hate the monetary competitiveness capital incentives and political, ethical auspices that clouds some of the research and innovations that have the capacity to bring mass change to nations. The US is the most advanced nation on earth, their research and analysis is second to none.

We have the a fifth generation jet (f-22), when it comes to air superiority, space superiority, and cyber superiority the USAF motto is no one comes close. Japan would not even have technology if we did not bring american business men after WW2 to teach them. Japan only has spend 1% of its GDP on military cause we defend them so that's why they don't have to worry about China, Russia, and India. We also have area 51, we knows what's in there. The reason why Korea and Japan even have a great technology let alone technology because we gave them american business knowledge and protect them from enemies so they can focus on technology.

The USA is making surprising strides in weather and military technology. They also already have laser weapons on board some ships, this is known publicly. They are also the forerunner in medical technology. America is one of the only countries that have almost all of the human genome graphed. With all of this I also do not know what the military has accomplish; this is because they are generally 20 to 40 years ahead of the public. This can be proved by past events.

One area that I will focus on is medical advancement. The US might have a terrible healthcare delivery system, but it has the best care. The US is so far ahead of other nations that is just not a competition between other countries. You can say with relative certainty that the 9 countries below are there because they have benefited from the research and breakthroughs made by the USA. The US shares its discoveries with the world, so you are welcome world.

I have a few opinion about the United States. Actually the United States is the best and have the most sophisticated technology on earth. I don't know why people saying that Japan is #1 in technology... is that because of their computer companies? And car companies? For me not, because their technology is revealed to public... And USA did't but if the technology of the United States will be revealed they have the highest-ranking technology... because America have a secret technology and only the government are allow to know that..

WE might have superior technology but that does not make us the only superpower, Russia and China are not far behind, the only reason we don't go to war against them is because Nuclear War would kill lots of innocent civilians. So its not because they're too scared its because we don't want NUCLEAR WAR!

Where does every country in the world get most of its tech and info? Where are these companies that are the most powerful and used originated? United States! Sure, Tokyo has a nice-looking skyline and Pokemon (come on, who doesn't like Pokemon), but does it really wield the technology to rule the world? No, but USA sure does! It is the center for innovation and power globally.

No matter what, many of the technological things that we use today are invented In America, S. Korea, Japan or Germany. But the difference is that US has got the biggest economy in the world. Technology plays a vital role in her economy. That proves that US has one of the best technology in the world.

America has achieved new records of technology people might say japan is the most advanced but actually america has made many new forms of technology all japan does is takes simple things and basically makes it look like it is from the future oh no it looks like japan is going through the 1980,s again with chrome cars and smooth textures but really in a serious way though the united states and India are the actual countries that are making true discoveries or more technical discoveries the united states had more recent upgrades in there Software,Military tech,Programming, and Calculation but also even Rocket Science

Hell yeah! Most rich and most advanced we have the best fighter jets and the most advanced and biggest NAVY

I agree with this list well only the first two, Japan is the first and USA as second, USA is very high tech, military, NASA, Apple, Microsoft, Weather, everything pretty much except cars, our car companies aren't as good as Europe though

The US has the most technologically advanced military. The US is simply the most technologically advanced country on earth, having more money than any other country on earth to spend on technology.

And why the HELL is India ON THIS LIST? Laugh out loud!

Yes I bet that united states are one of the most high tech in the country especially the equipment while the hollywood shooting fiction movies they shoot it perfectly without computerrise and they shoot it reality you thought the movies of usa was real that's it not real haha so funny probably the equipment of agent, during war, etc was so amazing and can't even explain to yourself how hi tech was usa is them I'm so proud of the country of usa you're the best

Well seeing how United States dropped atomic bombs on Japan and totally could have destroyed their whole country, I would have to say Japan will always be 2nd to the usa. And the USA is still secretly the dad of Japan; the army bases in their country give that fact away. The best and smartest scientists in the world reside in the usa.

America is very advanced in many things, they are the most advanced in aircraft, home appliances (computers), and mobile devices (phones), even space craft, they were the first to be able to put a living person on the moon, they also have uav's (unmanned aerial vehicles) which do not even need a pilot and also have user friendly devices which have many functions that samsung does not ex: iPhone, macbook air etc... America is way more advanced than almost the whole world, maybe the most advanced in the world

USA= strongest military, highest rated colleges, best health care, best sciences and researches, and is owner of the most important and advanced companies in the world in technology, science, engineering, mathematics, and arts.

I have nothing to say but the fact that the US is the most superior country of all time no one can beat us. All the countries are to scared to fight us so we have to join other peoples wars just to get some action. No one has ever beat us in a war, and no one ever will. People can say oh China would decimate us, Russia would send us crying to our mommy's. But guess what I don't see them doing anything now do I. Lastly one unit of our military could do more damage then China, or Russia's whole population. Long live America.

The us came out with the Internet and the smartphone. Without the us there would be no internet. Plus the us has all the advanced military wepons and stuff like that. Just because we have other countries make the stuff for us doesn't make them more technically advanced or sense people from other countries move here to work for a us company doesn't make that company made more technically advanced. It's still an American company.

As an American, I can tell you all of our American companies are high tech. But America can't take credit for that. All of these companies send their factories to China and Mexico.

Apple, Microsoft, Intel, Google, you name it! The US is by far the number 1 in tech and science companies. It invented the Internet, the airplane, etc. It used to be number 1 in Space technology but now Russia is.