Top Ten Highest Grossing Animated Movies


Created on 9/15/2016, source:

The Top Ten

1 Frozen - $1,287,000,000

I think frozen 2 will be best movie of all time.

This movie sucks, but HOLY COW, the amount of money it made is just unbelievable.

This Is Why It Made Merchandise And Success - VideoGamefan5

Holy crap, that's a lot of money! - Powerfulgirl10

2 Minions - $1,159,398,397

Surprised It Made Number 2 Spot On Here I Liked The Movie But I didn't Expect It To Make This Much Money - VideoGamefan5

3 Toy Story 3 - $1,066,969,703

Huh Toy Story 3 Made a lot Of Money Beacause 1 And 2 Were Amazing - VideoGamefan5

4 Zootopia - $1,023,480,952

I'm Glad This Movie Made So much Money Beacause it Was Awesome - VideoGamefan5

5 Despicable Me 2 - $970,761,885

This Made So Much Money which Is Good - VideoGamefan5

6 The Lion King - $968,483,777

This movie deserves to die and should not get the praise it got. It really sucks to see it better than everything else when it shouldn't be.

I am going to KILL The Lion King... I swear to God.

This Made More Money When It Was ReReleased In 3d In Theathers In 2011 Which Is Cool - VideoGamefan5

7 Finding Dory - $951,119,080

I Hate This Movie But It Made money Ugh It's So Overrated - VideoGamefan5

8 Finding Nemo - $940,335,536

This Made a lot Of Money Which Is Good And It's Better than its Bad Sequel - VideoGamefan5

9 Shrek 2 - $919,838,758

This Made a lot Of Money Which Surprised Me Which Is Cool - VideoGamefan5

10 Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs - $886,686,817

The Highest Grossing Ice Age Movie Is Dawn Of The Dinosaurs This Movie Was Decent In my Opinion - VideoGamefan5