Top Ten Hilarious Ideas for a Website Name

So, if you feel like going and buying the domain just to make these websites, feel free!
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But isn't that the equivalent of our negative lists? Haha, I just take the fun out of everything.

A new version of TheTopTens, where you vote for items that do the opposite of fit the list!

In this site everything is the opposite of the top tens.


A website run by one of those teens who likes to take selfies all day. The website specializes in knowing when your inevitable death is.

The more selfies, the more punchable one is, and that increases the death risk dramatically! I could prove it, but first, let me take a selfie!

So is it like the horror film Countdown?

then no one is gonna go on this


This could possibly get "who should date who" lists off TTT. The whole purpose of this site would be where people randomly ship users on various websites (YouTube, TTT, deviantART, etc.).

Shipping. Ok then.


A website where you will get to view various front doors of malls across the world. Can entertain those desperate for something to do for hours!

What about the back door ;(


Question, what would be in the website, a big sign saying "this is not a website, we have now sended a virus and thank you for your curiosity."

If its not a website then what is it?

It was at this moment that he knew-


A screen will come up, which will brainwash you to visit the website for six hours a day. Not recommended to anyone.

Haha. A website that brainwashes you.

My brain doesn't need a dang bath

This is actually a cafe website


An official list of people who are confirmed members of the Illuminati. Also, access to secret meetings, where once they break the camera, Moar Krabs will show up on your screen.

*X-Files Theme Plays*


A website where a picture of your tongue is sent to a psychic who can predict your future. There are three possible fates: Wealth, Death, and Love.

Haha! Clever list Turkey! This NEEDS to be a thing, maybe I'll be a tongue psychic on the side in the future...

I wonder how people would react if this existed XD


It shows people in Florida who are best at different things


A website that shows pictures of real people who are tired

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A website where you can design your own weapons and army and such to destroy Nicki Minaj


This is 2021 and we are still hating on him...

You've got to be kidding.


That is hi-LAR-ious!


Lets you play alpha versions of any game


I hope this becomes a thing.


A website that goes against Mia khalifa.


Similar to RateMyPoo, but only pictures of poopy diapers are on the site.


This is a site that will lead you to a REAL AND LEGIT virus


Diaper Change point of view

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