Top Ten Most Hilarious Singing Competition Auditions

Auditions are the funniest part of a singing reality show. This list covers some of the funniest, ranging not just from American Idol and X Factor but other ones around the world. For shame, whoever did these.

The Top Ten

1 Numa Numa Audition - Swedish Idol

I cannot stop laughing at this one. Don't remember the guy's name though, but it was hilarious to watch. - NuMetalManiak

2 Stepan Fadrny - Česko Slovenská SuperStar

This guy did an amazing rendition of Rammstein's Sonne on the Czech version of Idol. He beat-boxed most of the song and it was a laugh riot. - NuMetalManiak

3 Steven Thoen - American Idol

Amazingly poor performance of Bohemian Rhapsody. Enough to make people cringe and laugh. - NuMetalManiak

4 James Lewis - American Idol

A guy on YouTube did a parody of this. It's with James LaBrie of Dream Theater. - IronSabbathPriest

James sings in a very low tone, enough to make Randy put the paper on his head. - NuMetalManiak

5 Antreas Koletsis - X Factor (Greece)

Sang Iron Maiden's Fear of the Dark. Actually, he didn't sing it if you ask me, but it was funny how he kept going "Fear of the dark, fear of the dark! " Sounded like Dracula talking. - NuMetalManiak

6 Dylan Lawson - X Factor

I don't know what the heck this guy did when he started sing, err, rapping, but he burst out on stage and even fell face first on it. - NuMetalManiak

7 Charles - New Zealand Idol

This guy literally yelled out Slipknot's Wait and Bleed and he even had a funny costume. - NuMetalManiak

8 Derek Stillings - American Idol
9 Ian Benardo - American Idol

One of the rudest contestants ever, and he even did it on So You Think You Can Dance. - NuMetalManiak

10 Geo Godley - X Factor
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