Top Ten Hilarious and Stupid Things to Message to Popular TopTenners

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1 To Britgirl: What country are you from, and what's your gender? I'd like to know that.

I couldn't help but laugh when I read this. I know this is the joke but it is right there on her username!

She's also got the secret hidden in the secretest place possible, which I cannot tell!


I'm keeping my country origin and gender a firm secret!

Finn-Mordecai-Gumball might not be able to detect sarcasm. Either that or he posted that asking you if he thought it was already revealed. It could also also have been an unfunny joke, so like any joke I have ever made on the Internet.

She's also got it hidden in the secretes place possible, which I cannot tell!


2 To IKilledKenny: You Bastard!

Perfect, just perfect.

Lol! This is hallarious! I wanna try this!

3 To PositronWildhawk: When are you going to make a list about the reasons to love Anaconda?

I'll get round to it straightaway! And then I'll make a list of reasons why PositronWildhawk is a ' genius!

4 To Simpsondude: Would you rather watch The Simpsons or Family Guy?

That question is the equal to:Albert Einstein or Nicki Minaj?

5 To Happyhappyjoyjoy: Have you ever seen Ren and Stimpy?
6 To BigBrotherSucks: Did you see that Big Brother 17 episode? I'm so glad Sara's alliance took control!

Watch that actually be what happened

7 To PatrickStar: Hey, I'm ready to hate on SpongeBob Season 10!

I don't think he'll be very happy?

8 To mlpyes_pawpatrolno: I always watch Paw Patrol with my little sister, and I even find it funny sometimes!

She would go crazy if you say "Paw patrol is a good show,"

9 To Donttouchmypogostick: Well, I didn't want to touch your pogo stick, but... can I touch your pogo stick?

I wouldn't joke about that if I were you, you could end up doing him a naughty favor...

His name is a clear innuendo when used like that.

10 To Pony: You like MLP?

Metallica's LP? Love it!

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11 To GarytheSnail: Have you ever heard of Gary the Snail from SpongeBob?

Wow... No, I don't think he has. I think his username is ANOTHER snail called Gary!

12 To Disney1994: What's your favorite movie studio and birth year?

I chose this name to show people that I am a massive Disney fan and that I was born in 1994.

13 To Cosmo - I hate the FairlyOdd Parents don't you
14 To yellow shadow: wow don't you hate SpongeBob? I mean it sucks so hard!

Her/his name doesn't give you a clue that they love SpongeBob

I'll rape you!
UK your entitled to your opinions
Unless your opinions suck

15 To DethronedInFlorida: Hey, where do you live? Kansas?
16 To RiverClanRocks: Clemont is the worst Gym Leader ever, Fennekin sucks, Generation 1 is the best, and Kanto is best region!

Oh, so you say Sonic is better than Nintendo? When was the last time Sonic got good reviews on his games?

I think the last two are actually true.

Because I love Clemont, Fennekin, Kalos, and Gen 6!

But there all true

17 To RockFashionista: Do you like Disney and have you ever seen Flight of the Navigator?

The answers are in my profile.

18 To Nintendofan126: Don't you think Nintendo sucks? I think sonic is better.

I don't mind opinions, but you don't have to be rude about it.

19 To Ananya: Do you like metal or Bieber?

This is TheTopTens we're talking about, everyone has the same answer as Ananya.

Is this even a question?

Haha...Metal I think?

This a joke, not a question. Of course, metal.

20 To SuperHyperDude: Testicles are like male boobies

I'm sorry. I had to add this.

21 To Danteem: Do you know who Luigi is? Let me tell you! He is Mario's brother who wears green clothing!
22 To AdamShane1999: F*** you!
23 To VanillaKid: You Like Vanilla Yes Or No?
24 To RiverClanRocks: Do you think Ash is better than Cilan?

This would get me really angry.

25 To WonkeyDude98: Can I send you a package of Sam Hunt albums?

That could also be Alpha Q.

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