Top 10 Most Hilarious Things On the Internet

You can find it in the internet, and well, about anywhere. Let's count down the best things to make fun of.

The Top Ten

1 Social Justice Warriors

I just topple over laughing at these people from Tumblr. With asinine logic and ideals that'll make someone want to flip tables, these people make my day. - Stage13-10

2 Rabid Fans

Just say one thing about their favorite thing and grab a bucket of popcorn. - Stage13-10

3 Flame Wars

Let me sum this up. A debate over the most worthless thing. And it's not even worth winning, as someone might start it back up again. - Stage13-10

4 Using "X" to be "Edgy"

Whether it be something that you'd actually don't want in real life, my profile bio is a sarcastic way of these "edgy" people. - Stage13-10

5 YTP (YouTube Poop)

The wonders of Sony Vegas can do many things. Like YouTube Poops. - Stage13-10

6 Fail Trolls

Oh noes! A prank- oh wait, no it's not. Just a fail. - Stage13-10

7 Squeakers V 2 Comments
8 Memes V 1 Comment
9 Game Reviews

Search up "THE WORST GAME EVER MADE" (without quotes) and see why this is hilarious. - Stage13-10

10 NotSmirks Videos

The newest video was about Plotagon Caillou cloning himself and then made a concert, and then after all of that a red Caillou takes over the screen.

"Me names Wardrobe Cooking and I'm attempting the VHS opening! " - NotSmirks video

I hate Grounded videos, but these are funny. All the GoAnimate sucks except for the Caillou tlt Uolliac videos which are funny

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The Contenders

11 Trolling in General
12 V Of Doom

Why is this on here? The V of Doom is scary!

13 UolliaC V 1 Comment
14 Ship Fights
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