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21 Fred 2: Night of the Living Fred
22 The Swarm

A Movie So Awfully Made, It's Funny - JPK

23 Howard the Duck

''I was worried about you. I missed you.
Well, sex appeal. Some guys got it - and some guys don't.'' - htoutlaws2012

24 Fred 3: Camp Fred
25 The Drawn Together Movie: The Movie
26 Miami Connection
27 Fred: The Movie

I actually liked these movies when I was younger...I was a terrible kid. - Catacorn

28 Moses: Egypt's Great Prince

"Pharaoh has spoken! " - PerfectImpulseX

29 The Last Airbender
30 Home on the Range

Not that bad...

31 The Last Airbender

This got on the list twice. - Fullwalking2

The Earth Bending Scene
Enough Said - JPK

32 Batman & Robin

Hi Freeze. I'm Batman.

Already Here - JPK

33 Little Princess School

It looks like cheap Flash animation and the style is like those cheap "Pregnant elsa Spiderman" videos on Youtube "kid's channels". - Lunala

34 Open Season 3
35 Pixels
36 300
37 Evil Dead II

Uh, this movie is actually pretty brilliant as a horror satire. Also, it's intentionally dumb, that's not a drawback. - Elric-san

This movie is intentionally cheap-looking. It's basically a parody of the original Evil Dead and horror movies in general. - phillysports

Those cheap special effects... - MaxPap

38 The Emoji Movie

Good animation and voice acting but there are so many plot holes and they don't go into depth about Jailbreak's princess origins, Gene's dad being a glitch, etc. It's like Wreck-It Ralph (Inside a phone and Gene's a glitch like how WIR is in a video game arcade and Penelope is a glitch), Inside Out (The different emojis always acting a single way and representing emotions) and Lego Movie (Jailbreak rips off wild style) - Lunala


WE'RE NUMBER 2! - AlphaQ

Seriously, who thought this was a good idea?! Terrible story, terrible characters, terrible jokes and to top it all off, a reference to Candy Crush. I guess it's good for a laugh, though 😂

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39 Star Wars: Attack of the Clones

I'm a huge Star Wars fan, but I must admit, this one is pretty bad. I've always wondered how the technology could be more advanced in I, II & III. For instance, take the Destroyers, the rolling robots that pop open with a shield and have 2 high powered guns to fire at the Jedi. There is nothing in IV, V & VI that approaches this advanced weapon. So if you watch the films in sequence, the technology suddenly reverts when you start "A New Hope", or IV. In my family, where we all love the Star Wars franchise, it's been a big disappointment. I realize the advancements in film making had a lot to do with it, but ultimately it appears very little time was dedicated to staying true to the storyline. They spent so much money on it, it's a shame the little things got backpaged. - Ned964

40 Star Wars: the Phantom Menace
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