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41 The Happening

"Plan on stealing something? "
"No! Ma'am we're not! "
"Plan on murdering me in my sleep? "
"WHAT! No-o! " - phillysports

42 Rock, It's Your Decision

This is a very obscure Christian evangelist propaganda movie from the 1970s that demonizes rock music and shows the protagonist turn into a jerk because of his choice to not listen to it again. Chances are, you'll be more interested in the rather obscure music they play in it. - Swellow

43 Jack and Jill
44 Death Note (2017) Death Note (2017)

This movie sucks, but it was so dumb that I couldn’t help but laugh at certain moments. He reads the Death Note notebook in a gymnasium while other people are in there and his crush sees him reading it and he just decides to tell her what it is. I lost it at that part. - MegaSoulhero

45 Hollow Man
46 Psycho (1998)

"Buy the original." - Swellow

47 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luther Jr. was awful. Of course, it was written so poorly I have a hard time blaming him, there just wasn't much to work with. Ben Affleck's Batman was also a drag. This movie was just thrown together at some point. It's clunky. I haven't watched it since. - Ned964

48 Fifty Shades of Black
49 Creature from the Black Lagoon
50 Open Season

Whoa! My daughter loves this, and I think it's pretty funny. - Ned964

51 Open Season 2
52 Mars Needs Moms
53 Caillou's Holiday Movie
54 Planes
55 Ice Age: Collision Course
56 Suicide Squad
57 Baywatch
58 Transformers: The Last Knight
59 Dragon Ball: Evolution
60 James and the Giant Peach
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