Top 10 Hilariously Cringy Moments from YouTubers

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1 Starting his own transgender prostitution business revolving around his fat, hideous self - Chris Chan
2 His early videos, most notably Rant Against The Sonic Fanbase, Stop Hating On Sonic and Weirdest Video Ever - SammyClassicSonicFan
3 His rants about being attacked by Deviantart critics like TheFandomMenace and Solar Sands for making god-awful vore edits of clearly stolen cartoon and video game screencaps, ESPECIALLY the part where he sang a song about it - BiliahTheSegaGamer
4 Writing pornographic fanfiction involving Asriel crawling into Toriel's (then later Parappa into Lammy's) poor head and having sex with her brain, then making live Youtube self-reading playlists of both stories - XanderMartin98

What the actual F%&! - Stakamakataka

5 Crossdressing himself as Princess Elsa from Frozen and singing Let It Go - PewDiePie

Honestly this isn't that out of the ordinary for Pewds - Stakamakataka

6 Putting the likes of Ocarina of Time, Metroid Prime and Super Mario World into his BAD GAMES series and somehow expecting people to take him seriously (especially when some of them actually did) - Gligar13vids
7 His theme song (He's Phineas and Ferb's Best Friend, You Know; All Of The Others Will Tell You So) - Trainboy54
8 His reaction to a certain other Youtuber known as I Hate Everything - Rashad the Reactor
9 His ridiculously overblown cyber temper tantrum over I Hate Everything's largely satirical criticism of his god-awful children's anti-drug movie Cool Cat Saves The Kids, to the point of threatening multiple lawsuits against the poor guy - Randy Savage

DEREK Savage - xandermartin98

10 Saying that he wanted to buy the Shulk Amiibo so that he could rub his hands all over it and thus really FEEL it - AntDude
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11 Undertale Twerking - 3LameStudios

Cringe my children! and this is just one of the things- the cancer really began back on his twerk of 87' - Purplederps

12 Creating an entire movie and music video based off of I Hate Everything's DURR PLANT meme - JerBear
13 His Gays 4 Donald song about wanting to get down and dirty with Donald Trump - Filthy Frank (as Pink Guy)
14 World of Warcraft Temper Tantrum - Stephen Quire
15 His earlier videos, before he made his official channel - I Hate Everything
16 Shoving Batman game cartridges up Joker's butt in Batman Part 2 - Angry Video Game Nerd
17 Dressing up in a full-body Spongebob onesie and acting like an offensively stereotypical spoiled brat in a public store - iDubbbzTV
18 His Human Cake, Hair Cake and Vomit Cake videos - Filthy Frank
19 Hitler (in a Bikini) vs Mickey Mouse Finger Family - Toys In Japan
20 Sans is Ness - Game Theory
21 Literally singing an entire song about the fact that he is a living, breathing meme machine - Filthy Frank (as Pink Guy)
22 Singing an entire song about making his dog lick peanut butter off of his balls - Filthy Frank (as Santa's Brother)
23 Attempting to copyright reaction videos for themselves - The Fine Bros
24 Taking down Another Metroid 2 Remake in exchange for Federation Force, then blatantly stealing the creators' ideas to make Samus Returns - Nintendo
25 Trying and failing miserably to copy Gligar13vids - IkeRevievsAEBG
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