Top 10 Most Hilariously Stupid Conspiracy Theories

The Top Ten Most Hilariously Stupid Conspiracy Theories

1 Most of The World Leaders Are Space Lizards

So, obviously this is true. They feed off the souls of humans also because of this. They need the souls to keep their human form.

Look, to say that this is fake, is to say that all of the shamans David has spoken to across multiple countries are all in on a big prank together. Not to mention all the ancient buildings proves it as well. But hey, maybe texting and Google translate existed back then, huh?

This conspiracy was featured in Doctor Who

I believe that space lizards are not real

2 The Moon Isn't Real

The "Fake Moon Landings" wasn't crazy enough it seems, so conspiracy theorists came up with another ridiculous theory about the moon. The theory is that the moon is a hologram created to hide something behind it. Wow... - winner333

Not only is this patently false, it's just disrespectful to the amazing men and women who made the moon landings happen.

Those who truly believe this. Must also believe that their existence isn't real. Everyone else should treat these SPECIAL morons as holograms and disregard whatever crap come out of their mouths.

Really? People actually believe that? That's the most ridiculous thing I have EVER heard.. - mpgami

3 Trump Did 9/11 So He Can Hate On Muslims

Its true, look it up. it's so obvious, trump has money to buy bombs and destroy building 7 to hate Muslims in USA. trump hates muslums and wants to kill them. he calls it the holocaust 2 or the crusades part 4

Bush did, so he had an excuse to get oil.

It makes sense

No bush,Israel and the CIA did 911

4 Obama Can Control Weather

I found out where this conspiracy theory came from it's the illuminati!
It's H.A.A.R.P.

Conspiracy theorists (or paranoid dumbasses on weed, as I like to call them) believe that Obama's government owns a top secret weather machine which they use to change the weather for political advantages. - winner333

Why am I laughing at this one for some reason?

Kim Jong Un, a God who can control weather not Obama.

5 Dinosaurs Helped In Building The Pyramids

The theory was spread by the director of the Accelerated Christian Academy. He believes that dinosaurs existed with humans and helped humans in building the pyramids in Egypt. - winner333

I already know this is actually true my great grandmother was there when it actually happened there is photo proof of it

I like this one

100% true! 10/10 theory

6 The NSA Hides Cameras In Our Food

Really? Why do they want to check our stomach? Are they concerned about food hygiene?

CLEARLY we're eating cameras guys case closed

Poor cameras.

7 Monster Energy Drink Is Made By Satan

A popular YouTube video, which has gathered over 8 million views, spread the ridiculous idea of Monster being created by Satan. The video shows a lady comparing the monster logo to letters in the Hebrew dictionary and pointing out that the three claw marks resemble three 6's. - winner333

This one actually doesn't make sense at all. I read that the Hebrew numerals work differently than ours. Three six marks is actually 18, or 6+6+6. 666 is written as the numerals for 600, followed by 60, followed by 6. All those characters look nothing like the monster energy symbol or anything else other than what they are.

Seriously? Sure Monster energy drinks aren't the heathiest thing in the world, but come on! - RiverClanRocks

I've got a friend who's known as Satan by my friend group, and he's addicted to the Monster energy drink. I believe it

8 Obama and the Pope Have Plotted to Give the Falkland Islands Back to Argentina

Good, they deserve the islands.

Wait hold on... how is it a plot to return the islands... take, yeah sure, but return?

9 If You Don't Pray to Lord Gaben, You Will Never Get Half Life 3

I can't believe it,... you think Gaben can count to 3? Pray and we can get 4

Really? - lolololololol

Seems legit


10 Obama and Osama are the Same person

Their names have a little resemblance... VERIFIED! - gemcloben

And Hitler they are the same

There was someone in my year 8 class who beileived this it is the moment where you think yeah I don’t think I can be bothered arguing with such absurdity.

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11 If You Don't Tip Your Fedora, Your Swag Will Be Gone

Fedoras top your swag, not tipping it makes your sweg crash... TIP DEM FEDORAZ

This isn't a conspiracy theory it is very true - Ace_of_spades

You have no swag if you do not tip that fedora

People usually don't wanna hear the truth because the guverment has been feeding them lies ever since they were born its time to wake up and see the truth

12 The Illuminati Will Melt Your Brain If You Leave Your Head Unprotected

The Illuminati ended in 1778 get that into your brain if you have one.
If you think its still around you don't have a brain.

There actually was a stanford research study that showed tinfoil hats actually leave your head more exposed to rays (i.e. CIA mind-reading rays)...go figure

Stupid savages

13 Iphone 6 Spreads Ebola

According to a website - DailyBuzzLive, most cases of ebola track back to iPhone 6 units shipped from Sierra Leone. The website reached a height of stupidity when it also provided safety tips and instructions in their article for users to disinfect their iPhone 6's. - winner333

Jees, the more you know, kids! - gemcloben

One of my friends had an iPhone 6 for a couple years and they don't have Ebola.

I don't have Ebola and I've had my iPhone 6 for almost a year...

14 Yoga is a Form of Satanic Worship

The internet is filled with "horror stories" of people talking about how they "escaped the evil clutches of a yoga class" and "denounced yoga and embraced Jesus". - winner333

I really find yoga to be the opposite of "Satantic worship." I honestly don't even know how anyone can think up of something like that.

Yoga is hard, you need to practice, its not satanic. Its exercise.

That is NOT true. People do yoga to firm their body muscles.

15 Doritos Are In the Shape of a Triangle Because It's MLG and Illuminati is Featured In MLG Montages So Doritos=Illuminati Confirmed

First ever Superman comic book had triangles on it.

XXx_Illuminati Confetti_xXx

Stop with the MLG memes - Unnamed Google User Remade

yes tru

16 US Government Created AIDS/HIV

A theory supported by Kanye West and the former South African president. - winner333

If Kanye West supports it, you know that this theory is full of BS.

17 Hitler and Morgan Freeman are the same person

Some say he's god with a heavenly voice. but I say different. Adolf Freeman has been hiding for years under this facade, and he uses a programmed voice box to disguise himself. How else could someone have such a heavenly voice? This man killed a lot of Jews

I have legitmaley heard this theory several timez - Ace_of_spades

This is so true my life I s now changed

I knew it!

18 Flat Earth Society

Flat Earthers called Australia a hoax, it was originally criminals in Britain thrown of ships to drown in the ocean and the country is imaginary and that for 80 years 162,000 people have died trying to get there. The plane pilots go to islands close nearby or cleaned spaces of South America, and that Australians are all actors and computer generated personas; part of the plot to trick the world. - Flat Earth Society Flat Airheads.

The Australia hoax damn it, what is Freddo the Frog then? Where did he come from?

So the earth is flat that is so cute. Noah his wife was Barbie right? and how many Teletubbies went on his bus? Noah's bus in the world flood. With God who was angry at his wife.

They say the moon landing was a hoax, they say there is no such thing as gravity, they say the sun goes around the earth, many are Christian nutters who give it a bad name. Phone a country that is night time while it is day time where you are. Ok

19 Ted Cruz is the Zodiac Killer

He wasn't even born when the Zodiac killings started!

20 Our Brains Are Made of Water

Some of it is but not all of it

21 Some People Are 10% More Banana Than Others

I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

Lol I am 20% more banana, not 10%

My brain just died

22 Hitler was a dolphin that was genetically engineered by the SS

This is an actual theory.

His Porpoise in life was the holocaust

Seems legit

23 Hitler Is Still Alive

Whoever said Hitler is my dad must be joking. Hitler didn't have any kids, we would've known by now and Hitler would be too old to be alive, he was not young in World War Two.

He would be 110 or something so he's dead for sure - kosdff

A theory which originated in the 70s but is still supported by many today. - winner333

Yeah even though he shot himself after he lost WWII

24 Obama Health Care Bill Is Satanic

No it's just too costly in the premiums.

25 Illuminati Exists

I can't help laughing my butt off when I see a YouTube video or a blog post trying to explain how the "Illuminati" is trying to establish "The New World Order". - winner333

Lol I was gonna put this in the item but you already put it LOl - kosdff

There's a reason why most people do this as jokes.

Just watch Angels and Demons.

26 Michelle Obama has a penis

People are so stupid sometimes

thomas had never seen such bulls%t before - youknowimright


27 9-11 Was Orchestrated by the US Government
28 TheTopTens Kills Their Members

Well I never signed up for it anyways


WOW. Really, WOW.

WOW SO TOPTEN! - lolololololol

29 Paul McCartney Is Dead

He is dead because they hired a dopple ganger to replace him in the beatles for all the interviews and stuff like that

SO MUCH STUPID THEORIES! I can't decide which one's worst but I chose this one because I am a Beatles fan.

Paul McCartney has made a confession he is not Paul McCartney he is John Lennon. Paul was murdered or he died of cancer not George Harrison...oh wait that was in the early 21st Century.

Turn me on, madman

30 WWE Isn't Fake


It is not

31 JFK shot first

Yes watch the unedited version that you can only in the deep web

How come no one witness this was the gun invisible

Yep, JFK the best quick drawer ever

Haha that's funny

32 People Don't Need to Eat, It's Actually a Material Object People Use to Satisfy Their Needs

I wonder if the person who came up with this theory starved to death.

Food isn't real

Welp I've given up on humainty

33 You Best Friend is Your Future Great Grandson/Granddaughter and Has Time Traveled from the Future

You're assuming a lot of things, like that I have a friend or I will ever "score".

Totally true.

This is my thoriey if you know who my freinds are you are a stalker

34 Walmart stores are being converted into FEMA prison camps
35 Alex Jones Works for the Federal Government to Make People Stupid

Obviously true because I just voted for it!

I can see how this is true.

36 Rock and Heavy Metal Are Both Satanic

Death Metal can give you small headaches so I'll give that to Satan (Oh and I don't believe in Satan)

Heavy metal maybe

I wouldn't be surprised.

37 We All Live In a Dream

Thumbs up if you think we could be living in a dream but it feels like a nightmare.

simulation - Crizz

Not ridiculous, you neverknow it could all be a lie

true that

38 The CIA blew up an island in the Gulf of Mexico to shift boundaries and get more oil.

This is so stupid if they did we would have known about it by now

39 The Russian Mafia creates hurricanes to advance their agenda
40 Osama Bin Laden Is Still Alive
41 Bill Clinton Did 9/11

The grammar on this theory...

It all makes sense now...

No JFK did it.

42 George W Bush Orchestrated 9/11

Think about it. Why would George W. Bush orchestrate 9/11? There would be nothing for him to gain. These are the facts that explain the stupidity of this theory:
1. Osama Bin Laden admitted to orchestrating 9/11 in 2004.
2. "Planes can't bring down buildings! " Please. Consider the fact that these planes, even after hitting the Twin Towers at high speed, had fuel in them. Fuel is extremely flammable. The planes went up in flames after hitting the towers, which weakened the support beams, until they couldn't hold the towers up anymore. When the top of the towers fell, their weight and momentum made the rest of each building fall.
3. "They wouldn't let people with weapons onto planes! " The reason airport security is so strict and such nowadays is BECAUSE of 9/11. The terrorists could have easily snuck in weapons to hijack the planes.

This belief that Bush did 9/11 is baloney. End of story, your dumb "evidence" is bullcrap.

No your all wrong its obvious that George Washington Orchestrated 9/11

Bush was in office for only a couple of months and if he planned that, it would have years and years at the very least.

I agree with the person below. Hooray for logical folks like us!

43 Walt Disney was Frozen After he Died

A conspiracy theory (this one) made only for the purpose of supporting another conspiracy theory (the "Frozen is Disney's Life" one)? That has pretty much made my day.

Yeah can I get my Disney on the rocks?
Hold the ice, extra Walt.
Seriously, this is absurd, and if he was still alive freezing his body would just make him a Mickey Mouse popsicle, and reanimating a corpse is next to impossible.

They also said the body is under the castle at Disneyland

Let it go

44 Denver Airport is a Portal to Hell

Yeah, we do have some pretty weird stuff in our airport, but hey, if I've made it out alive after going on countless trips!


45 The Aztecs Took Acid and Cut Off Their Penises

Yep they did I would know I was there

I like trees. And severed Aztec wieners

It was a beautiful sight


46 Holocaust Did Not Happen

So the Holocaust is a hoax?
Lemme think of what could be evidence for the conspiracy theory
Anne Frank got bored of writing in her diary, asked her parents why are they hiding she is too old to believe in the bogeyman, she left her family from the young age of 15.
Trenches and blowing up countries.
Nazis decided not to murder because some or most probs had Jewish people in their family like great (or great great) relatives, Hitler killed most of them but the others did not want to disrespect those who died so they didn't Holocaust and then Hitler killed himself.

I say the holocaust is a conspiracy theory pushed down our throats.

47 ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Is Satanic

What's the evidence? I don't see anything that could make people think that...

Wow that's sad that they believe this stuff

48 Harry Potter Is All About Being Gay

Possibly the stupidest thing I've ever heard! He marries Ginny, GINNY IS A GIRL! RON MARRIES HERMIONE!

How is that even remotely possible when he gets married to GINNY GRANGER and has kids with her? Give me three examples of when Harry Potter shows that stuff! - mpgami


49 Climate Change Doesn't Exist

I'm the Trump and its fake news climate change doesn't exist! I want a Wall of America to make it Great Again.

This is true.

50 American Pie Predicts the Communist Uprising In the USA In the Pie Sex Scene
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