Top 10 Most Hilariously Stupid Conspiracy Theories


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21 Flat Earth Society

Watch reaction time or my third life and you will see how crazy these people are

Why is this not higher up?

The is not flat ok let's throw centeis worth of physics out

22 Illuminati Exists

I can't help laughing my butt off when I see a YouTube video or a blog post trying to explain how the "Illuminati" is trying to establish "The New World Order". - winner333

Lol I was gonna put this in the item but you already put it LOl - kosdff

There's a reason why most people do this as jokes.

Just watch Angels and Demons.

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23 Obama Health Care Bill Is Satanic

No it's just too costly in the premiums.

24 TheTopTens Kills Their Members

Well I never signed up for it anyways

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25 Hitler Is Still Alive

He would be 110 or something so he's dead for sure - kosdff

A theory which originated in the 70s but is still supported by many today. - winner333

So if he was like 50 then he is like 120 now?

Hitler is my dad so back off

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26 WWE Isn't Fake V 2 Comments
27 People Don't Need to Eat, It's Actually a Material Object People Use to Satisfy Their Needs

I wonder if the person who came up with this theory starved to death.

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28 Michelle Obama has a penis

People are so stupid sometimes

29 9-11 Was Orchestrated by the US Government
30 JFK shot first

Yes watch the unedited version that you can only in the deep web

How come no one witness this was the gun invisible

Yep, JFK the best quick drawer ever

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31 Alex Jones Works for the Federal Government to Make People Stupid

Obviously true because I just voted for it!

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32 Paul McCartney Is Dead V 1 Comment
33 You Best Friend is Your Future Great Grandson/Granddaughter and Has Time Traveled from the Future

You're assuming a lot of things, like that I have a friend or I will ever "score".

This is my thoriey if you know who my freinds are you are a stalker

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34 Hitler was a dolphin that was genetically engineered by the SS

This is an actual theory.

His Porpoise in life was the holocaust

Seems legit

35 The Russian Mafia creates hurricanes to advance their agenda
36 Denver Airport is a Portal to Hell

Yeah, we do have some pretty weird stuff in our airport, but hey, if I've made it out alive after going on countless trips!

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37 The Aztecs Took Acid and Cut Off Their Penises

Yep they did I would know I was there

I like trees. And severed Aztec wieners

"Lysergic acid diethylamine (LSD), also known as acid, was first made by Albert Hofmann in Switzerland in 1938." -Wikipedia

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38 We All Live In a Dream V 2 Comments
39 Walmart stores are being converted into FEMA prison camps
40 ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Is Satanic

What's the evidence? I don't see anything that could make people think that...

Wow that's sad that they believe this stuff

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