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41 Osama Bin Laden Is Still Alive
42 Harry Potter Is All About Being Gay

Possibly the stupidest thing I've ever heard! He marries Ginny, GINNY IS A GIRL! RON MARRIES HERMIONE!

How is that even remotely possible when he gets married to GINNY GRANGER and has kids with her? Give me three examples of when Harry Potter shows that stuff! - mpgami

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43 Bill Clinton Did 9/11

The grammar on this theory...

It all makes sense now...

44 Climate Change Doesn't Exist

This is true.

45 The CIA blew up an island in the Gulf of Mexico to shift boundaries and get more oil.
46 Stonehenge summons UFOs to Earth
47 The Earth is Flat
48 Rock and Heavy Metal Are Both Satanic

Heavy metal maybe

I wouldn't be surprised.

49 George W Bush Orchestrated 9/11

Think about it. Why would George W. Bush orchestrate 9/11? There would be nothing for him to gain. These are the facts that explain the stupidity of this theory:
1. Osama Bin Laden admitted to orchestrating 9/11 in 2004.
2. "Planes can't bring down buildings! " Please. Consider the fact that these planes, even after hitting the Twin Towers at high speed, had fuel in them. Fuel is extremely flammable. The planes went up in flames after hitting the towers, which weakened the support beams, until they couldn't hold the towers up anymore. When the top of the towers fell, their weight and momentum made the rest of each building fall.
3. "They wouldn't let people with weapons onto planes! " The reason airport security is so strict and such nowadays is BECAUSE of 9/11. The terrorists could have easily snuck in weapons to hijack the planes.

This belief that Bush did 9/11 is baloney. End of story, your dumb "evidence" is bullcrap.

Bush was in office for only a couple of months and if he planned that, it would have years and years at the very least.

I agree with the person below. Hooray for logical folks like us!

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50 Obama is the Anti-Christ

Here is a stupider one. Alex Jones's has brain cells

Yes, Yes...Coming from those who will NEVER be president. Thank God.

51 The Government "Makes People Disappear" if They Disagree with Them

If that's true, then how in the world am I still here?

52 Walt Disney was Frozen After he Died

A conspiracy theory (this one) made only for the purpose of supporting another conspiracy theory (the "Frozen is Disney's Life" one)? That has pretty much made my day.

Yeah can I get my Disney on the rocks?
Hold the ice, extra Walt.
Seriously, this is absurd, and if he was still alive freezing his body would just make him a Mickey Mouse popsicle, and reanimating a corpse is next to impossible.

53 American Pie Predicts the Communist Uprising In the USA In the Pie Sex Scene
54 Alien Sighting On 11/7/15 Was Aliens Coming for Black Ops 3

Wow, the people of Earth have been raving so hard about a video game that word of it has spread to other planets and we managed to indirectly convince them to come get it? That's impressive... and kinda sad, really.

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55 Disney's Frozen Was Actually the Life of Walt Disney, Himself Being Anna However They Had to Make It Seem Like a Fairy Tale So Anna Gets Out of Being Frozen at the End


56 Dinosaurs Were Created by Aliens

I knew it

57 Weed Gives You Sexual Transmitted Flu

I like how it's the 42nd post, just place a zero and your MLG m8. Illuminati confirmed."

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58 Saddam Hussein had a stargate
59 George W Bush killed Harambe

Yah harambe lives in our hearts rip

60 People do not need water; they suffer from water addiction
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