Top Ten Hindi Sufi Rock Bands

These are bands that have an element of raw rock to there Hindi sufi Band...

The Top Ten

1 Sifar (Delhi)

This band from New-Delhi, Sifar is an alt-rock band that was shaped in 2008. Listen to "Dastan" from their collection titled 2, which is a grunge-substantial, cutting edge rock single that makes them raring to go. - finnyjacob

Probably the best rock band in the country

2 Faridkot

Finally a list that actually seems to be actual Hindi bands and not ones that mention Urdu Pakistani bands

Faridkot, however a band that has been on the non mainstream circuit for quite a while now, can't be overlooked on this rundown. Hailing from Delhi, the band amalgamates Sufi impacts with their stone ethos. Faridkot make music that differs from pop shake to dynamic rock. For whatever length of time that they're making superlative music, we're overjoyed. - finnyjacob

3 Local Train

The Local Train is an Indian rock band from Delhi, India. Shaped in Chandigarh Tricity in 2008, the band has been perceived for its dynamic part in social celebrations in Indian universities. Their presentation collection "Aalas Ka Pedh" was discharged in September 2015. - finnyjacob

4 Lagori

Lagori is a recreational game played by thumping down stones with a ball (much like rocking the bowling alley), trailed by a pursuit arrangement, guided by limit. Much like the adrenaline controlled by the amusement, the combination rock act Lagori as well, conveys sweet melodic riffs and prompts the table. Listen to their crushing blend of "Garaj Baras" (Junoon) and "Pardesi" (Dev D) beneath. - finnyjacob

5 Raghu Dixit Project

A heady mix of Indian folk and rock n’ roll makes them one of the peppiest Indian bands around. Steadily gaining in popularity with a string on live performances that always have the audience on its toes, their re-interpretation of folk has all the folks astir. - finnyjacob

6 Kailasa

Established by Kailash Kher, Kailasa mixes sufi, rock and western music alongside components of Indian traditional to serve a delightful blend no music significant other can avoid. Having performed in more than 100 urban areas, the gatherings of people absolutely appear to love what they are singing. - finnyjacob

7 Swaraag

Awesome band..Fusion


Asif khan voice amazing for sufi tracks

They are just amazing

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8 Rohit Vasudevan Diaries

Pune rockers Rohit Vasudevan Diaries ought to be on everybody's radar. Frontman Rohit Vasudevan's entrancing vocals gives it an edge numerous groups discover hard to coordinate up to. Listen to the single "Zindagi Ek Khoj". It will unbelievably lift your soul up. - finnyjacob

9 Parvaaz

Had you been to Bangalore's gigging venue CounterCulture early this year, you would've seen an uncommon beverage called Ziyankar. You'd be excited to realize that this beverage was made to group reserve Parvaaz's most recent immersive offering - the collection, Baran. Smart devotion is everything we can say. Listen to "Khufiya Dastan" underneath. - finnyjacob

10 Kartavya

Kartavya has bagged various awards. Founder member of the band Rijo Cherian who is the lead guitarist-cum-mentor, has been a part of MTV ROCK ON, and has been honored with the Best Guitarist Award at MTV Band of the Year (2014) has stepped out to start a new project "Indus Fleet" - finnyjacob

The Contenders

11 Indus Fleet Band

Rijo, alongside extremely talented, shaped Indus Fleet a Hindi Sufi Fusion Rock Band, with the point of getting the differing qualities the field of music together on a solitary stage. To put it plainly, their music is a mix of different music styles and classes that have in this way constantly made an enduring impression. - finnyjacob

Its an amazing band..

Rijo is the most talented and versatile guitarist I have ever seen... - finnyjacob

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