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21 Grateful - DJ Khaled
22 Volume 1: Flick Your Tongue Against Your Teeth and Describe the Present. - Bedwetter Volume 1: Flick Your Tongue Against Your Teeth and Describe the Present. - Bedwetter
23 Cy-Beast Lvl1 - Tj_beastboy & Mary Man
24 König Von Deutschland - Eko Fresh
25 Laila's Wisdom - Rapsody
26 4eva is a Mighty Long Time - Big K.R.I.T.
27 Exit - ApeCrime

Comedy-YouTubers-turned-rappers ApeCrime definitely improved with their second album. Their debut album was more a novelty record than anything, aimed at the fans of their comedy videos. With “Exit”, they departed from their YouTube hype and fanbase and released a solid conscious hip hop album, attacking modern youth’s superficiality. They were obviously inspired by DatAdam, who successfully turned from YouTubers to a respected and acclaimed hip hop group with the exact same kind of music and image. ApeCrime will probably always remain known as YouTubers (both of their albums were successful but did receive negative reviews) but I have to say this record on its own is absolutely okay. The beats and flows are actually pretty cool, and the topics of their lyrics actually mean something, even though they obviously lack the sensitivity to properly deliver them and instead directly point out what they don't like, which is often a bit too much. But hey, if they decided to record a ...more - Martin_Canine

28 Epic - Fler & Jalil
29 Leben Am Limit - SXTN
30 Beautiful Thugger Girls - Young Thug Beautiful Thugger Girls - Young Thug
31 Migos - Culture
32 Ekaveli II / Ek II the Roots - Eko Fresh
33 T-Wayne - T-Pain & Lil Wayne
34 Last Call - Rittz
35 BooPac - Boosie BadAzz
36 In the Beginning: Before the Heavens - Blu & Exile
37 The God Box - David Banner
38 No Shame - Hopsin
39 Radio Silence - Talib Kweli
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