Top Ten Hip Hop Artist from Manitoba Canada

this is a top ten list for the new breed of 204 artist that are not being reckonize
top ten hip hop artist for manitoba canada up and commmers only

The Top Ten

1 Arrow C

Only the best battle

You got this bruh.

You got it bruh.

Woo go chrisss

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2 Ky Spence

His music really touched a lot of people and they want to hear more. So vote for KY. Much love

I think he is a very good rapper

Best rapper in my books

The best in my opinion

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3 Illiano


He's the best Winnipeg rapper out there

Very well known manitoban rapper love your music bud.

Love ❤️ straight from Prince City!

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4 Skyler Skyler

His music is inspirational it motivates me to do better "vote for Skyler" very talented

His music is really good and touching. Listen to him and vote him for #1

Very talented rapper. Keep it up! Vote for Skyler

Dope kid coming up in the 204 - lsdrecords

5 Mc Rush Mc Rush

Battle rap beast

#in my opinion

Keep at er

6 Jesterous Jesterous

His music is good and he is a talented artist.

Talented artist his music is dope!

Good luck - great sound here

Great artist like Ahmo love your guys lyrics

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7 Ahmo Ahmo

Started from the bottom now you here...seen this guy start off as kid tryna make it big...his flow developed as his grew into something diff n fresh n unique keep doing your what u love bro

8 Yung T Yung T

Great performance you did at CFR

9 Mackavelli

Lyrics bin fire


My brotha

Go brother u know u got me

10 A C E of NorthCoastNativez

He should be in top 5 listen to him

Most underrated in Winnipeg

Ace has striaght fire.

Is the best.

The Contenders

11 Tagoona Tagoona

Good job so far


12 King Dub

I think King dub should be on the top ten list in Manitoba cause he is a dope rapper

I think King dub should be in the top ten list in Manitoba

Best new producer/rapper - lsdrecords

13 Boidee Boidee

Yea boii

14 Krooked Barz

Much Love homie - Jeremy Lagimodiere

Has rhymes for days, and keeps it real with his content

"underrated, most defintely"..

15 King Shamen King Shamen
16 CJ the Grey

CJ is dope.

Dope kid

17 Jon-C
18 Blake Gerald
19 Stigmata
20 Quick Cash
21 Kdot204

#in my opinion

22 Amr
23 Mr. Snowman

His skills are underappreciated

24 Ky Spence
25 Matt Redd
26 Paradicemusic

Mad respect for LSR. Very Talented Team.

27 Two Young
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