Top Ten Hip Hop Artist from Manitoba Canada

this is a top ten list for the new breed of 204 artist that are not being reckonize
top ten hip hop artist for manitoba canada up and commmers only

The Top Ten

1 Arrow C

Only the best battle

You got this bruh.

You got it bruh.

Voted :)-chelseaprettie love you best

V 6 Comments
2 Ky Spence

His music really touched a lot of people and they want to hear more. So vote for KY. Much love

Ky raps, produces, makes beats, makes videos, also Dj's..what more can you ask for in a dope artist

V 9 Comments
3 Illiano

He's the best Winnipeg rapper out there

V 4 Comments
4 Skyler Skyler

His music is inspirational it motivates me to do better "vote for Skyler" very talented

His music is really good and touching. Listen to him and vote him for #1

Very talented rapper. Keep it up! Vote for Skyler

V 1 Comment
5 Mc Rush Mc Rush V 4 Comments
6 Jesterous Jesterous

His music is good and he is a talented artist.

Talented artist his music is dope!

V 4 Comments
7 Ahmo Ahmo V 1 Comment
8 Yung T Yung T V 1 Comment
9 Mackavelli V 4 Comments
10 A C E of NorthCoastNativez

He should be in top 5 listen to him

V 3 Comments

The Contenders

11 Tagoona Tagoona V 2 Comments
12 King Dub

I think King dub should be on the top ten list in Manitoba cause he is a dope rapper

I think King dub should be in the top ten list in Manitoba

V 1 Comment
13 Boidee Boidee V 1 Comment
14 King Shamen King Shamen
15 CJ the Grey V 2 Comments
16 Jon-C
17 Blake Gerald
18 Stigmata
19 Quick Cash
20 Kdot204 V 1 Comment
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