The Top Ten Greatest Hip Hop Beefs

The most recognized, and followed Hip Hop rivalries.

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1 Nas vs Jay-Z

Anyone saying that Nas sucks is clearly stupid. Nas is indefinitely one of the greatest rappers of all time. Jay-Z of course is also and I have much respect for him. Takeover was a great song but honestly Ether just obliterated Jay-Z. He legit put Jay-Z in his place. Jay-Z tried to come back with Supa Ugly but no one really listened or remembered that track because Ether was so hardcore. When the poll was issued asking who won the feud Nas got 52% of the votes while Jay-Z got 48%. Great feud though and boosted both their careers.

classic beef but the winner is obviously nas his lyrics crushed jay-z on ether
takeover just had better production

Nas and Jay-Z was more of a battle and it lasted longer than Pac and Biggie. Ether and Takeover

Jay-z and Nas had one hell of a battle, it was the top story in hip hop, Nas gave jay-z no chance.

2 Tupac vs The Notorious B.I.G

tupac won with aggressive verses Biggie wanst that agressive and tupac destroyed him with hit em up

Who shot ya was so much better than hit em up

"Hit 'Em Up" is the most "notorious" rap diss in the history of rap music.

I think if society wasn't so messed up back then and Biggie and Pac weren't killed, I think Pac would've won the feud, because he was the agressor in the feud, but Biggie didn't do anything. Biggie would have to come out with a diss song eventually, but the damage would be done when Pac dissed back. They are both one of the best rappers of all time, but I think Pac's influence was too much.

3 Lil Wayne vs Jay Z

Jay z is twice the rapper lil wayne is & 10 time richer than lil wayne

Jay Z obviously won

Lil Wayne is best

Jay z

4 Kanye West vs 50 Cent

50 is a classic g-unit solder who came up by hisself. Kanye had help by Jay-Z and possibly the devil. I like the old Kanye better.

Yup Kanye was obviously a better rapper and he sound way better than 50 also

Sales don't lie, Kanye West sold more thand 50 and made a much better album.


5 Eminem vs Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon

Obviously em won and not only did he won but he won with one hell of a song! After Mariah Carey released "obsessed"(about eminem) em released the warning which is just a kick ass song which won him the beeg

Obsessed was such a mediocre diss track compared to The Warning.

6 Eminem vs Insane Clown Posse

Eminem is way better than both those pussies

Just because they white doesn't mean they rivals and Eminem

They kinda tied, both being popular.

7 Rick Ross vs 50 Cent

In this beef 50 cent destroyed rick ross, 50 cent is a monster. 50 had beef with ja, game, buck, jay z and many more. And he had destroyed many of artists careers. Fifty ate rick ross..

50 would have destroyed him... Ross won just because of one mistake by 50. 50 made a fool out of himself and paid for it. If 50 wasn't dumb enough to release that sex tape, he'd be in a completely different situation, and he wouldn't be bankrupt.

New dre 50 em and kendrick

8 T.I. vs Lil Flip

T I obviously. Flip sucks. I hate him.

12 years later and I fucc with both rappers but let's be 100 here Flip murdered T.I.P

9 The Game vs 50 Cent

300 bars and runnin

50 cent sold 10 mill in 2003, game sold 5 mill in 2005, 2006.
Numbers don't really count in my opinion but these 2 were selling millions and has the industry shook

I'll give this one my vote because id say it deserves to be higher. Both were good rappers, but I was cheering for the Game!

His names the game for 1 reason he gots game and keepin it 100 is wats he does

10 Eazy-E vs Dr.Dre

Dr. Dre just got mad because Eazy-E got him exposed. So Eazy came out with a diss track against him. Dr. Dre clapped back with a single. After that, Eazy makes a whole diss ALBUM against Dre. Eazy sure did know how to formulate a comeback, great job R.I.P. E.

I would not pick a winner for this since Eazy-E died and Dr. Dre forgave him and misses having his friend Eazy-E around so I would out of respect for both not take a side and just say these are both 2 of my favorite rappers and the diss tracks they made too each other were great when considering the feelings they had towards each other at the time and I'm glad they made up shortly before Eazy's death.

These two were in nwa. I have no idea why this beef happened.

Two were once friends but then became enemy's because dre wanted more cash

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11 50 Cent vs Ja Rule

50 crushed Ja and Ja even admitted he lost to MTV

If these two would have a battle 50 cent hands down Ja rule is an a hole and he can't rap.

I bet if this battle was to happen in present day, 50 Cent wont win. At that time he got a lot of support in bringing down Ja Rule from Dre, Eminem, Busta Rhymes.

Ja rule was toast and his career is done despite releases involving Biggie. He just couldn't make a comeback. Although in his defense, 50 had tons of juggernauts backing him up such as DMX, Eminem and Busta Rhymes, Dr. Dre and this includes associates like G-Unit, D12, Obie Trice, Tony Yayo and more.

12 Frank Ocean vs Chris Brown
13 Tyga vs Drake

Didn't Miley Cyrus diss both Drake AND Tyga, effectively ending their sorry, worthless careers?

Who are these two clowns?

Tyga is the best rapper ever!

Didn't Miley Cyrus diss both these clowns?

14 Canibus vs Eminem

Canibus was better lyrically, Eminem didn't even try with this one

Eminem beat Canibus. He verbally shut down his career. He ended any chance Canibus had on blowing up.

That is BS you idiot, Eminem would destroy any rapper today, only tupac would stand a chance against him, but he's dead.

Canibus destroyed Eminem to pieces lyrically

15 Young Jeezy vs Gucci Mane

Jeezy, say no more.

16 N.W.A. vs Ice Cube

Ice Cube KILLED N.W.A. in "no vaseline". and THIS rap was the best dis I have every heard. was better the tupac's "Hit um up"

Ice Cube is absoluetely the winner no doubt No Vaseline was infinity times better than any of N.W.A.'s disses towards him and in my view No Vaseline is the best Hip Hop diss song in the history of Hip Hop!

Wasn't ICe cube a part of nwa?

17 Gillie Da Kidd vs Lil Wayne
18 Eminem vs Benzino

The Sauce crushed Benzino.

Big credit goes to Eminem. He put a big scar on The Source and brought the whole thing down because of Benzino's "below the belt" moves to attack Em.

Slim crushed and KILLED Ben and Ben lost his job
Don't mess with Eminem EVER

19 Kanye West vs Ray J
20 Tyler the Creator vs Hopsin Tyler Gregory Okonma (born March 6, 1991), better known by his stage name Tyler, The Creator, is an American rapper, record producer, and music video director. more.

What's Tyler the Creator to Hopsin?

21 Eminem vs Tupac

Such a beef did not even happen and if it did it would have been legendary

This never happened you idiots, this is the dumbest website ever invented. Tupac was shot in '96, for anyone out there who is actually smart.

You idiots 2Pac and Eminem would actually make good friends and Eminem likes 2Pac as 2Pac influenced em to rap

Can't compare Eminem to 2pac. 2Pac is the greatest of all time. Look Eminem now doing songs like " I'm the rap god" that's just bull!

22 Lil Kim Vs Nicki Minaj

Lil Kim killed Nicki Minaj with Black Friday, even got her to apologise.

Love nicki hate kim

Kim released Black Friday, Which is the worst Hip-Hop album till date, Whereas her before songs are awesome. Nicki released Pink Friday which is 12 best Hip-Hop Album ever. So, Yu know who is better.

23 AKA vs Cassper

Truly Speaking Cassper is whack and boring...AKA in other Hand he's just phenomenal

Casper SUCKS!

AKA SLICED Cassper into pieces in "Composure".Cassper on the other is hand ALWAYS complains about AKA in his songs.AKA haters should just admit that AKA is the superior rapper and the ONLY reason as to why they hate him is because of the media! I mean AKA has a better flow,more genius lyrics(search his lyrics on genius lyrics)and he seems more humble,because Cassper is always talking about how MTV Base ranked him at first place.

24 Pitbull vs Lil Wayne

Ha! They both suck!

I honestly never heard of these two fighting. Their both awesome. Besides Wayne is a rapper and Pitbull is a hip hop artist. Completely different!

Pitbull is not a hip-hop artist, to be a hip-hop artist you actually need something called TALENT. - jmtoptens

Pitbull is not a hip-hop artist, hip hop artists have something called TALENT.

Pitbull just says random Mexican

25 Tupac vs. Illuminati

What wrong with you guys this should be at least number 3


PAC wasn't the only one who hates illuminati. Eminem, Nas, Jay-Z, Proof, Biggie, Kanye, Wayne, Chamillionare, Busta, and Dr Dre.

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