The Top Ten Greatest Hip Hop Beefs


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21 Tyler the Creator vs Hopsin Tyler the Creator vs Hopsin

What's Tyler the Creator to Hopsin?

22 Lil Kim Vs Nicki Minaj

Lil Kim killed Nicki Minaj with Black Friday, even got her to apologise.

Kim released Black Friday, Which is the worst Hip-Hop album till date, Whereas her before songs are awesome. Nicki released Pink Friday which is 12 best Hip-Hop Album ever. So, Yu know who is better.

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23 Pitbull vs Lil Wayne

I honestly never heard of these two fighting. Their both awesome. Besides Wayne is a rapper and Pitbull is a hip hop artist. Completely different! - JDagger500

Pitbull is not a hip-hop artist, to be a hip-hop artist you actually need something called TALENT. - jmtoptens

Pitbull is not a hip-hop artist, hip hop artists have something called TALENT.

Pitbull just says random Mexican

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24 AKA vs Cassper

AKA SLICED Cassper into pieces in "Composure".Cassper on the other is hand ALWAYS complains about AKA in his songs.AKA haters should just admit that AKA is the superior rapper and the ONLY reason as to why they hate him is because of the media! I mean AKA has a better flow,more genius lyrics(search his lyrics on genius lyrics)and he seems more humble,because Cassper is always talking about how MTV Base ranked him at first place.

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25 Tupac vs. Illuminati

What wrong with you guys this should be at least number 3

ILLUMINATI ISN'T REAL - venomouskillingmachine

PAC wasn't the only one who hates illuminati. Eminem, Nas, Jay-Z, Proof, Biggie, Kanye, Wayne, Chamillionare, Busta, and Dr Dre.

26 Kendrick Lamar vs Drake V 3 Comments
27 DJ Quik vs. MC Eiht
28 50 Cent vs Jay Z
29 Eminem vs Ja Rule

Ems diss to ja was insane but Ja rules line about halie, kim and Eminems mother kills it, but Eminem has dissed ja in many way and in different songs, I think em just abut wins

30 Chamillionaire vs. Michael Jordan
31 BDP vs. The Juice Crew
32 Drake vs Meek Mills

Drake destroyed meek even though I think meek mill is better

While both disses were garbage, I think Meek had more to say. - SwagFlicks

33 Common vs Ice Cube

I honestly like common better.

34 Eminem vs Vanilla Ice

It wasnt beef, the two just took minor shots from each other and it never escalated. Vanilla Ice even shows appreciation to Eminem's work.

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35 Tim Dog vs Compton
36 Unik Poet vs Noh Lacks
37 Eminem vs Jay-Z

These two are best friends. They don't have a beef! - JDagger500

They're best friends - venomouskillingmachine


38 Chris Brown vs. Drake
39 Iggy Azalea vs Lil Wayne

Wayne obviously. They both suck. But Wayne is better in every way.

40 Ja Rule vs. Benzino
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