Top Ten Historical Mistakes

This is all human nature. We aren't perfect. This list was inspired by the YouTube user "Vsauce"

The Top Ten

1 Chernobyl Nuclear Meltdown

The surrounding area in Ukraine cannot be inhabited for at least 20,000 years because of the radiation. - ethanmeinster

2 Excite ( refuses to buy Google for under 1 Million $

Now, look how much Google is worth today (382.47 Billion dollars) - ethanmeinster

3 Paul Mcartney saying "F***ing Hell" at 2:57 of "Hey Jude"

There's actually some debate about whether it was McCartney or Lennon. John said it was Paul, but the engineer said it was John. - PetSounds

He missed the key. - ethanmeinster

4 Napoleon and Hitler trying to take over Russia in the winter

Nope. That doesn't work out. - ethanmeinster

5 China closing up its trade for hundreds of years

Look what good that did you in the Opium Wars... - ethanmeinster

6 Lost Hunter in San Diego setting off a fire to seek help, causing the largest fire in California's history
7 Titanic not having enough precautions for emergencies

Your ship is sinkable... - ethanmeinster

8 Atahualpa accepting Pizzaro's invitation

Spoiler alert: Atahualpa (leader of the Incas) was killed and the Inca Empire fell. - ethanmeinster

9 Hindenburg being filled with hydrogen
10 German's decision of supporting Austro-Hungary against Russia in 1914

The Contenders

11 Gulf of Tonkin incident
12 Lithuania making a union with Poland
13 Saddam Hussein's decisions of attack on Iran (1980) and Kuwait (1990)
14 Columbus Discovered America
15 Harambe dying
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1. Chernobyl Nuclear Meltdown
2. Excite ( refuses to buy Google for under 1 Million $
3. Paul Mcartney saying "F***ing Hell" at 2:57 of "Hey Jude"


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