Skullkid2017 - End of Year Special

Skullkid755 Another year, another 12 months/52 weeks/365 days (366 in a leap year). Another year, another timeline of bad stuff. Another year, another end of year special. An end of year special that's about my opinion on the year overall. I'll talk about multiple things from this year, which I will mention as they are talked about instead of giving examples in the intro. Now that the intro's last sentence is being read by you and typed by me, let's go into the past, but not before January 1st 2017.

Deaths : There were plenty of celebrity deaths this year. Famous people like Chuck Berry and Malcolm Young said goodbye to their fans. If I had to pick a saddest death, I'd personally go with Chester Bennington. In my opinion, suicide is the worst way to die. Like many people have said, it doesn't end the pain. Instead, it passes it on. And Linkin Park's music got many people through hard times, and when a hero can't save themselves, it's truly a tragedy. Rest In Peace Chester Bennington, Chris Cornell, Malcolm Young, Adam West, and many more.

TheTopTens : My opinion on this website isn't black, and it isn't white either. It's in between, it's grey. We found band, and set up several for TTT, maybe to many. There, we can (on most bands), swear as much as we want. Our freedom of speech is almost limitless. And talk to users who can't access their TTT accounts. It's great. But not entirely great. Most of the drama between Therandom and Puga happened on band, and thus a once strong friendship collapsed and hasn't been repaired. Also, band has seemed to have drawn away users from here, and now active users are active there but no longer here. And drama is non-stop and without a strict admin, it gets way out of hand. Therandom's HvV series reached it's peak but is now on hiatus. There have been great users and post series's though on this site, and while most lists are mediocre, there are still some great list makers out there. So yeah, grey.

Entertainment : I like the new entertaining stuff that has come out this year. A7X has added on to the Stage, something no A7X expected and when it happened we loved it. Nickelback's album Feed the Machine rocks too. Plus Aetherian's debut album with Lifeforce records. I gotta review that by the end of the year. Persona 5 is the only 2017 game I've played so far, but I'm getting AC Origins and it looks great, so does Horizon Zero Dawn (can't remember if I picked it out at GameStop last weak though). Ever Oasis is also a game I'm highly anticipating. And this year, I found out that while Regular Show ended, the creator J.G Quintel is making a new series called Close Enough. And Total Drama is getting a new season with the original cast members. For movies, I'm not much of a film watcher. For books... aren't they extinct? So yeah, I like the new stuff of this year.

Politics : A war with North Korea is possible but I don't think it would happen now. Why would a country fight a war it couldn't win? So yeah, NK won't be participating in WW3. ISIS lost power not to long ago so that's great. Trump's presidency was disappointing though. Net neutrality is a great thing, why end it? And why can't trans-genders fight in the army? Also, he used money to help kids with cancer for his gold course. What...the f**k... is wrong with this dude? No wonder hating him was basically a meme.

Nature : Nature was a d**k this year. It really was. Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Maria. I see why "hell" and "hurricane" start with the same letter. In the last 100 years Mexico experienced it's most powerful Earthquake, which killed almost 100 people. So in conclusion nature is a killer.

Personal Life : This year has been great for me. I've discovered new hobbies like musicianship and cooking. Also I'm coming out of my shell to and am less introverted than in the past. I did have to get braces though and in a few days I'm getting glasses, so when I make an updated face reveal feel free to call me SkullGeek755 or NerdKid755. Or SkullNerd/GeekKid. Doesn't matter just go with one.The glasses will be fine and the braces usually are except for when I get them changed at the orthodontist every few months.

You may be asking, what's my opinion on 2017 based off of all that s**t I talked about? In my opinion, it isn't so great. Terrorist attacks and many other tragedies. Donald F**k's presidency. Natural disasters. A lot of drama on this site. But it isn't so terrible. Personally the year is great. And I like what has been released this year and there's been some good news for TV as well. While band is this site's p**nhu-I MEAN DRAMA HUB!!!, it gives us plenty of freedom we don't get here currently. The lists are lackluster but the blog posts are great and there are still some great list makers here. What's my rating? I'll answer that with a question. What is 4/10? My end of year special is over, I hope you liked it and bye. See you again in another post, and have a good 2018!


Let's not forget all of 2017's sexual misconduct allegations too. It's been a trending issue that's affected Hollywood a lot this year. Harvey Weinstein, Chris Savino, and even John Lasseter are just a few of the celebrities who have come under them. Let's hope Hollywood can make workplaces a better place for women and minorities to work in without fear of sexual harassment. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

CHRIS SAVINO?! - TwilightKitsune

John Lasseter?
That man is getting taken down. - iliekpiez

But I hope not - iliekpiez

And people still try to defend Trump. I'm just chilling over here laughing my ass off at all of them. - Mcgillacuddy

Let's see how those people react when their kids get cancer and Trump refuses to help them. And in his campaign, didn't he promise better healthcare? - TwilightKitsune


Rich politicians are like psychopaths. You can't trust them even if they seem to be good. - Skullkid755

That should be the statement of the year - TwilightKitsune

2017 was a mixed year. Movies got the worst of it (exceptions being It and Coco) Trump is literally ripping apart America. Nature was a bitch and we lost a lot of great people like Chester Bennington, not to mention the terror victims. Gen 17 and 18 flunked it (though few users are good)

Anyway, glad to hear your personal life is going better. And besides, those glasses would look super cute on you (lol). I hope 2018 is a great year! - TwilightKitsune

Movies were great
Like the Emoji Movie - iliekpiez

I hated 2017... none of mt favorite bands released new albums. Kidding. The year was okay. By the way North Korea can reach the central united states with misiles and wats to destroy the US. - visitor

Great post mate - EvilAngel