Top Ten Victories in the LGBT Movement

A celebratory list concerning some awesome recent events! (I'm a little late, I'm aware)
The Top Ten
1 The U.S. Supreme Court legalizing gay marriage nationwide

Yes, this is their biggest victory, the entire nation will eventually learn to accept gays. The world has gotten better for gays with this decision.

It was about time the Supreme Court did this!

Personally, I have a hard time believing it.

And that is my birthdAy

2 Every, single person who had the bravery to Come Out

Clearly a victory worth celebrating!

3 Helping millions of LGBT individuals feel accepted and proud of who they are

Very important, a am a strong believer in equal rights for all people, like we should have. I would never judge anyone by their beliefs and when I'm older I'm gonna fight for freedom for LGBT, all religions, all races, all places, all genders, all living things, all cultures, people of all height and weights, and for people with different disabilities and medical limitations. I want a perfect world.

There should be no shame in being gay. Helping people, gay or not, to realise this, has changed the world for the better.

It is so difficult to number this list! This is by far one of the most important parts of the LGBT community!

4 Defeat of the Federal Marriage Amendment and the Defense of Marriage Act

Both of which would've made same-sex marriage impossible. I am taking an American stance on this list, yes, but it is a list in celebration of a U.S. accomplishment

5 Massachusetts (the first state to legalize gay marriage), and every state who followed in the legalization of gay marriage

But those who didn't wont be an issue anymore.

6 The Metropolitan Community Church

How can a church support gay people? It literally goes against the church's teachings.

The most widespread and well-known church to accept LGBT members. I do believe Jesus is proud of us finally starting to accept everyone in our churches =)

7 Raising awareness for the LGBT community

I could've been totally blind to this issue, but because of my exposure to the community and it's movements, I'm well-informed and supportive! And I'm glad!

8 Instilling Coming Out Day on October 11th

They made a holiday about this? Looks like somebody found her least favorite day of the year! While I don't hate gay people I do disagree with homosexuality. And if you think I'm a homophobic bigot at least I don't hate you.

Truly an important holiday when it arrives.

9 Making a gender change easier and more accessible

Must not forget about the "T", hopefully this makes all trangenders happier and glad to be in the biological body they want.

If you have a penis, you're male. If you have a vagina, guess what... YOUR FEMALE!

10 Getting countless members of the LGBT community elected into the House and Senate

And it paid off!

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