Worst Events of the 21st Century

The Top Ten
1 September 11 Attacks (2001)

We pay honor to the thousand victims of the 9/11 attacks. RIP

2 Indian Ocean Tsunami (2004)
3 Coronavirus Pandemic (2020)

Should be second behind 9/11

Should be in the top 10.

Killed 1 million

4 July 7 Bombings (2005)
5 The Summer Of Celebrity Deaths (2009)
6 Russian Invasion of Ukraine (2022)
7 Haiti Earthquake (2010)
8 Election Of George W. Bush (2001)
9 Sandy Hook Massacre (2012)
10 Boston Marathon Attacks (2013)
The Contenders
11 Paris Bombings (2015)
12 The Emoji Movie (2017)

Seriously?!?! Why is the emoji movie on this list?! This list is about serious events!

13 Orlando Shooting (2016)
14 Michael Jackson’s Death (2009)

Not much of a terrible event

15 The Release of Friday by Rebecca Black (2011)
16 Miley Cyrus’ VMA Performance (2013)
17 The Release of Twilight (2008)
18 Hurricane Irma (2017)

Harvey (and Katrina) was bad but its impact was mostly limited to the USA. Irma wiped out entire Caribbean islands.

19 Kobe Bryant’s Death (2020)
20 Murder of George Floyd (2020)
21 Invasion of Iraq (2003)

Besides the massive amounts of money and lives consumed it was also based on false premises claiming that Iraq was building weapons of mass destruction when no such weapons were found besides those left behind from the Gulf War, or that invading would prevent terrorism when the majority of people thought it would make terrorism worse.

22 Election of Barack Obama [2008]

Who would consider this worse than terrorism or natural disasters?

23 Stoneman Douglas High School Shooting (2018)
24 Hurricane Jeanne (2004)

Underrated around here. Arguably the worst hurricane of the 21st century in terms of destruction and death.

25 Hurricane Katrina (2005)
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