Top Ten Worst Things That Happened to America

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1 9/11

My brother was born on September 11th 2001.

This event change the world

I have hated HATED the people from Iraq that were happy about this

2 The Great Depression

Poverty, hunger etc.

3 World War II
4 The Civil War
5 The Cold War
6 Assassination of John F. Kennedy
7 Assassination of Abraham Lincoln
8 World War I
9 The KKK

Thanks, Andrew Johnson. Because of you, these bastards rose to power in the former confederate states and destroyed DAMN NEAR EVERYTHING Lincoln worked to end. You deserved that impeachment for this!
If Lincoln was never assassinated, we could have had a black president as soon as the 50s-80s. Promise!

10 Iraq War
The Contenders
11 2021 Storming of the United States Capitol
12 Black Lives Matter movement

Literally one of the worst things to happen in a while, just a bunch of idiots thinking they can control whoever they want through violence.

These people are just as bad as the KKK

13 The 2009 Swine Flu Outbreak
14 The Spanish Flu Epidemic

This one actually killed more people than any of the wars.

15 Stock Market Crash - 1929

We basically went bankrupt during this time. And when people get no money they not happy.

16 Assassination of Martin Luther King
17 Seven Years' War
18 Killing of George Floyd
19 1900 Galveston Hurricane
20 Black Panther Party
21 Mass Shootings

I'm 11 years old and I don't feel safe if I leave my house at any time. I have a 1.2% chance that there's going to be a mass shooting in California, my home. I feel unsafe and unhappy all of the time, Please help me.

22 The Rises of the Alt-Right and Far Left

Both the republican and Democrat parties have been caricatured beyond recognition by their worst players. For the republicans, they’re caricatured as a morbidly obese baby boomer from Alabama who harbors racist views, a white t-shirt with pit stains and beer stains, a confederate flag trucker hat, beats his wife, and forces Jesus on everybody. Meanwhile, the democrat party is caricatured as a skinny male in his late teens/early 20s from California with long, greasy hair, pro-communist views, obsessed with soy products, claims to be an “omnisexual demigod otherkin feminist furry with homoerotic tendencies” (or some other outrageous video game character), atheist, and hates all white People.

This enabled the rise of the extremes of both sides in the alt-right and far left, despite the fact there’s far more moderates in the world than radicals. But, still, what’s the “fun” in looking at all of the good actors, when you can constantly talk about the bad things of the ...more

23 The Coronavirus Pandemic
24 The Vietnam War
25 Election of Donald J. Trump
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