Best Hit Songs of 2017

Any song that has or had chart success in 2017 qualifies. The song doesn't have to be released in 2017.

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1 Love on the Brain - Rihanna

People who didn't liked Work need to listen to this and see the difference: Rihanna's vocals are insane in both studio and live, the old school base is great, one of her best songs. - DaisyandRosalina

What a great song! Those vocals are great this time around (Unlike "Work"). This song is one of her best, along with "Umbrella" and "Disturbia". - DCfnaf

I love this song! - VideoGamefan5

This is definitely an awesome song, and while it deserves to be on this list, I don't believe it should be at the top for one reason...

This is a list of the best songs of 2017. This song came out in 2016. - tonyb500

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2 Praying - Kesha

Except for maybe DNA by Kendrick, there is no song with really good lyrics that was a hit this year besides this one. The difference between DNA and this? While DNA was all about making a statement and convincing the person to believe, Praying is about doing the same things, but driving the point home with hands down, the best vocal performance on a hit song this year. Good Job Kesha. I can't wait to hear more.

Yeah, this deserves Number 1. Nothing on the Top 100 currently is as jaw dropping as this. - DCfnaf

This is probably my FAVOURITE song of the year. I don't care what the last few months have to offer, but if it's something better than this I will be incredibly shocked. This is a big step up from stuff like Tik Tok, Blah Blah Blah, We R Who We R, Die Young, come on, etc.


3 Starboy - The Weeknd

Hit #1 on the 1st week of 2017. Yay! Unfortunately, that wasn't a sign of things to come... - PhenomentalOne

Don't know what's so special about this song that everybody like. It is a good songs but it's been overrated in my opinion.

The robot things in the chorus add so much.

4 Feel It Still - Portugal. the Man

Feel It Still should be higher than it is. - lovefrombadlands

Good to see some kind of rock coming back

Extremely catchy!

I like this song because it has a really nice beat and its made simple.But sometimes the simple stuff are the best stuff! Portugal.The Man deserve this win! - H1DRO

5 All Time Low - Jon Bellion

Really great song! I love it! The beat is fantastic! Its unusuall,but that makes it unique! - H1DRO

I LOVE THIS SONG. I only like the clean version though because the swearing in the explict version destroys the song’s gentle vibe for me. 6/5.

This song deserves to be higher up and dumb songs like “Strip That Down” deserve to be low low low low low, low low low low, low low low low low, low, low low low down. - Lunala

6 Dna - Kendrick Lamar

Dna is one of the best hip hop songs of all time

7 Malibu - Miley Cyrus

Beautiful Miley

My favorite song by miley

Very decent, not amazing, but listenable - VideoGamefan5

Within 3 months,Malibu has sold already 3 million copies.WOW!

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8 Castle on the Hill - Ed Sheeran
9 Water Under the Bridge - Adele

Listened to it today on the radio, Adele never fails to be awesome. Love her. Not her best, but I love it anyway. - DCfnaf

Decent but nowhere near her best song - JamesBourne

Really enjoy the lyrics and meaning

10 I Don't Wanna Live Forever - Zayn & Taylor Swift

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11 Redbone - Childish Gambino

Super nostalgic. It's got a great '70s vibe with a bit of a modern spin on it. A serious example of what a talented and diverse artist Childish Gambino is.

Finally, a Childish Gambino song that made the top 50, let alone the top 15! Also an amazing and relaxing song to listen to, 9/10. - Maxo

What Redbone would sound like if... - DCfnaf

The relaxed vibe just puts you in this trance.

Also, it was a great source for music remixes until it fell off the Hot 100

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12 Unforgettable - French Montana

It's good but not worthy of top 10 material, 6.5/10 - Maxo

13 Paris - The Chainsmokers

I think this is a really good song because the singer sounds really good and I like the lyrics. I would rate this 11/10. - lovefrombadlands

14 Havana - Camila Cabello

Should definitely be higher! It hit #2 on Billboard Hot 100!

It actually hit #1, BUT it should definitely be higher!

Am I the only one who does not like this song? - AnimeDrawer

It is the best song ever!

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15 Million Reasons - Lady Gaga

I love this. I love that Lady Gaga is experimenting with every genre, and she's now hit country music. Best song on the album to be honest. - DCfnaf

A beautiful song in which her vocals sound so pure and touching. It gives you a certain, unexplainable feeling, between sadness and hope.

No offense but I think this song is the worst

Honestly, this song is pretty weak, it's not that bad, just disappointing. - DaisyandRosalina

I kinda enjoy it, mainly cause she's not using much autotune, not her best song though. - DCfnaf

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16 Rockabye - Clean Bandit

Love this song

Yes please vote for this one I love it I am a single mom.I was about to put my baby up for adoption then I heard this song.I was a sign from heaven and I decided to keep my kid.This song got me threw the restless nights.

17 It Ain't Me - Kygo & Selena Gomez
18 Mercy - Shawn Mendes

Nah the first guy was right, this is very bad

Who voted for this? This sucks! - Maxo

U suck awesome song

19 Human - Rag'n'bone Man

Absolutely a top ten. Great voice, along with just a smooth sound to the whole song, simply great.

20 Issues - Julia Michaels
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