Best Hit Songs of 2020

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Blinding Lights - The Weeknd Blinding Lights - The Weeknd Cover Art

Arguably the most well known song of the year for being present the most since last year (yes it was released last year)
After Hours is considered by many to be The Weeknd's best album and this song really helps with that statement, is really catchy and a really great homage to a lot of musical styles from different genres and eras
edit: Blinding Lights has being confirmed as the number one song of 2020. pleasantly surprised about it, I thought The Box was gonna be number one

I also thought The Box was going to be the biggest hit of the year at first although honestly I wouldn’t have minded the top 5 biggest hits of this year beat those of any other year of the 21st century in my opinion.

Rain on Me - Lady Gaga & Ariana Grande Rain on Me - Lady Gaga & Ariana Grande Cover Art

Lady Gaga's comeback single of the year, it almost tops my list by how good and catchy it was
And yes you can tell most of my favorite songs from the year sounded more like the 80s/90s and less than 2020

Break My Heart - Dua Lipa Break My Heart - Dua Lipa Cover Art

I was thunking about putting Don't Start Now but since I featured it on the last year list I decided this one instead, also Future Nostalgia is the best pop album of the year

Don't Start Now - Dua Lipa Don't Start Now - Dua Lipa Cover Art
Everything I Wanted - Billie Eilish Everything I Wanted - Billie Eilish Cover Art
Dreams - Fleetwood Mac Dreams - Fleetwood Mac Cover Art

Yes, the best hit song of the year wasn't even made in this year, just what we deserve

Heartless - The Weeknd Heartless - The Weeknd Cover Art
Aries - Gorillaz Aries - Gorillaz Cover Art

Kinda cheating here since it wasn't really a hit but it truly deserved too, this is the best Gorillaz song in 10 years, remained me a lot to New Order, one of the greatest bands from the 80s (fun fact, the bassist from New Order, Peter Hook is feautured on the song)

My Future - Billie Eilish My Future - Billie Eilish Cover Art

I know I have said a few times that I think Billie Eilish is overrated... but I really hope she keeps doing this style of songs, it really fits her whole image and the entire sound is really good

Adore You - Harry Styles Adore You - Harry Styles Cover Art

I’ve already said that I dislike wrong generation kids but considering how many songs on the charts this year sound like the 1980s anyway I guess I can’t blame you.

Another 80s song that I really enjoyed, despite not being as good as Sign of the Times was, it's still really good

The Newcomers

? P***y Fairy (OTW) - Jhené Aiko P***y Fairy (OTW) - Jhené Aiko Cover Art
? Dior - Pop Smoke Dior - Pop Smoke Cover Art
The Contenders
In Your Eyes - The Weeknd In Your Eyes - The Weeknd Cover Art
Physical - Dua Lipa Physical - Dua Lipa Cover Art
Midnight Sky - Miley Cyrus Midnight Sky - Miley Cyrus Cover Art

Miley Cyrus decent attempt at going full 80s and succeeding at it, really decent song

Ballin' - Mustard Ballin' - Mustard Cover Art
Cardigan - Taylor Swift Cardigan - Taylor Swift Cover Art

Probably the most surprising song from the entire list (and year), Taylor Swift leaves her popstar status to turn into a full songwriter and write folk songs that are really good

Be Kind - Halsey and Marshmello Be Kind - Halsey and Marshmello Cover Art

Surprisingly good considering Marshmello is on it.

The Bigger Picture - Lil Baby The Bigger Picture - Lil Baby Cover Art
Wap - Cardi B Wap - Cardi B Cover Art
Watermelon Sugar - Harry Styles Watermelon Sugar - Harry Styles Cover Art
Even Though I'm Leaving - Luke Combs
I Hope - Gabby Barrett I Hope - Gabby Barrett Cover Art
Starting Over - Chris Stapleton Starting Over - Chris Stapleton Cover Art
Level of Concern - Twenty One Pilots Level of Concern - Twenty One Pilots Cover Art
Kings & Queens - Ava Max Kings & Queens - Ava Max Cover Art
Diamonds - Sam Smith
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