Top 10 Hockey Players That Never Won the Stanley Cup

List of the best Players in NHL History to not have their name engraved on Lord Stanley's Cup.

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1 Mike Gartner

He played for the Washington Capitals during the prime of his career, ENOUGH SAID. In spite of the fact the he played with the Caps during his campaigns, he still managed to compile over 700 goals! - jackgusto

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2 Adam Oates

Arguably the greatest passer of his era, with Wayne Gretzky and Mario Lemieux being the only other players in the discussion. Oates was the reason for Brett Hull's remarkable 1990-91 campaign when he registered 86 goals. Maybe, if Detroit wouldn't have dealt him in the infamous Bernie Federko trade he could have won a few with the Red Wings in the 1990's. - jackgusto

Oates. What else to be said. Plus he plays on the caps so no Stanley Cup #TheSadLifeOfACapsFan - capscaptain

3 Marcel Dionne

Wayne Gretzky has the most 100 point seasons with 15, Lemieux is second with 10, third place? Dionne! He's one of the absolute greatest players ever, period, yet he doesn't get the recognition he deserves because he didn't win a cup. However, on a list of the greatest players who never won the cup, he should be number 1 hands down.

Played between Dave Taylor and Charlie Simmer for a good portion of his career, at a time when the fans at the Los Angeles Forum were sort of indifferent to the Kings and ice hockey in general. Because of Dionne's passing Charlie Simmer recorded 56 goals in 1979-80 and the same total in 1980-81. - jackgusto

4 Peter Stastny

One of the most prolific scorer's of the early 1980's, Stastny was unfortunate to have landed in Quebec at a time when his brothers Marian and Anton were his line mates and the only other scoring help came from Real Cloutier and Michael Goulet. - jackgusto

5 Jarome Iginla V 1 Comment
6 Mats Sundin

Mats is the best player here - Mike bossy

7 Gilbert Perreault

The catalyst and center piece of Buffalo's "French Connection", Perreault never really received the adulation that a player of his caliber truly deserved! - jackgusto

8 Phil Housley

Great skating defenseman in the era that belonged to Paul Coffey and Ray Bourque. It's probably hard not to feel like you're overshadowed when you played defense in the 1980's with the aforementioned Coffey and Bourque as well as the likes of Al MacInnis and Larry Murphy. - jackgusto

He's a great offensive d-man and should've gotten into the hall years ago

9 Henrik Lundqvist Henrik Lundqvist Henrik Lundqvist is a Swedish professional ice hockey goaltender for the New York Rangers of the National Hockey League.
10 Pavel Bure

The Contenders

11 Jeremy Roenick
12 Alexander Ovechkin Alexander Ovechkin Alexander Mikhailovich "Alex" Ovechkin is a Russian professional ice hockey winger and captain of the Washington Capitals of the National Hockey League.

Easily the best player to never win a cup. Sure, he's still got time - but 11 years is a career for many on this list.
Can he still win one? I guess, but if it doesn't happen he would be like Gretzky in LA.

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13 Mikko Koivu
14 Dino Ciccarelli

Traded by the Red Wings to the Tampa Bay Lightning in 1996, and they go on to win the 1996-97 Stanley Cup in a sweep of the Flyers. - jackgusto

15 Norm Ullman

Anyone who can say that they played on a line with Gordie Howe can say that they were fortunate to have done so, the downside for Ullman was that he played in Detroit in the 1960's when championships were a memory. - jackgusto

16 John Scott

Glad he won MVP at the NHL all-star game though.

17 Darryl Sittler

Still Holds the record for most points in a single game with ten, if that's any consolation? - jackgusto

18 Steven Stamkos
19 Michel Goulet

You can only score 50 goals so many times from the left side of center and come up empty in the championship depatrment year after years. Goulet had his chance though, when he played with Roenick, Chelios, and Larmer in the1992 Stanley Cup Finals. - jackgusto

20 Ben Bishop
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1. Marcel Dionne
2. Adam Oates
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1. Mats Sundin
2. Pavel Bure
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