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41 Scott Stevens

Scott Stevens sets great examples of leadership and scoring abilities... the best of the best.

42 Ken Daneyko
43 Brett Hull

This is a disgrace! Whomever made this doesn't know anything about stats. Hull is in the top ten. Second all time in goals.

brett hull wasn't a lemieux but hall of famer 110%

Brett is an amazing player and a awesome person. I met him on 2 occasions, very friendly. Top in his field - Johnnyt800

Slap hot failer

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44 Marcel Dionne

More dangerous than most centers on this list. Barry sanders on ice.

45 Patrick Marleau

Are you kidding? Better than Bure, Toews, Price, Lundqvist, and his own teammate, JOE THORNTON?

Should be in top 20 with his skill

He is skilled

Mr. San Jose

46 Marian Hossa

In my opinion it is one really great player and he should be in at least 50s top hockey player!

Fantastic player. When he goes for a shorthanded goal, you know its going in.

Best Swedish player of all time

He is a slovakian player, not swedish!

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47 Mark Johnson V 2 Comments
48 Boris Mikhailov

2 Golds 1 silver,long time Soviet captain and payer from Red Army and CSKA 9-time world Champ

49 Pavel Bure

Bure was as good an offensive player as anyone when he played for the Canucks. He got stood up allot and was not a factor defensively as a result. I never saw any player as skilled with the puck at full speed in the crease and it was great fun to watch him pick up the puck behind the net and take it through everyone and score. Career too short.

Best player to ever play on the canucks, led them to 94 cup finals and has won scoring title 3 times. Comparable to ovechkin

Pavel Bure is pure joy of Ice hockey!

2 wor the...Russian Rocjet

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50 Scott Niedermayer

Only player to win a memorial cup, world junior, world championship, Olympic gold, World Cup and a Stanley cup. One of the best hockey careers top to bottom ever seen.

51 Ronnie Francis

HOW IS RON FRANCIS NOT TOP 10? He is 2nd all time in assists and 4th all time in points and 27th all time for goals scored. You must also remember he spent a good portion of his career in Hartford. I don't think the Whalers made the playoffs once since leauge reassignments in the 80s... Now that is talent!

HOW IS RON FRANCIS NOT TOP 10? He is 2nd all time in assists and 4th all time in points and 27th all time for goals scored. You must also remember he spent a good portion of his career in Hartford. I don't think the Whalers made the playoffs once since leauge reassignments in the 80s... Now that is talent!

Only one player in the history of the NHL Has more assists than Ron Francis... And he is called "The Great One"

The Whale can play!

52 Joe Thornton

joe thornton is the best to ever play for the sharks - 70072

He is a superstar in the NHL and San Jose.

Should be higher then most of these players shol be in top 15

Where is Pav at?

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53 Sergey Makarov
54 Jarome Iginla

Just amazing, best power forward of this generation, hall of fame lock

In my opinion worlds best hockey player. I've met him a few times and he's just great on and off the ice!

Iginla is the best offensive Bruins Player

Shcokihgly stupid

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55 Marian Gaborik

Most offensively skilled player of all time. Best shot in the game.

He is best, totally fast, unstoppable, killer attacker. Could skate so fast you would hardly catch him, perfect skate technique. Very similar to Palfy.

He should die

56 Ryan Callahan

What are you thinking? Do you even watch hockey?

Of all time that has to be NO CHANCE do u people even watch NHL?

What are you thinking he's good but not better the joe pavelski

...he's great but come on, not better than Bobby Clarke or Anze Kopitar all time.

57 Bobby Clarke

Great grind it out tough guy player that could also score as good as the best of snipers

Bobby Clarke at 57? One of the best leaders the NHL has ever seen, unsung hero of the USDR/ Canada summit series in 72, league MVP, 2 time Stanley cup champion and only 57? Behind players like Callahan and gaborik who will not even make hall of fame! Your list is a joke.

How could a player this great be at 65? And I'm a Redoing fan!

He should be top 20 for everyone who follows hockey... at 57 is a crime.

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58 Börje Salming

He was the one player to show North America that the ''soft Europeans'' fit in the NHL, with that said, he was an amazing hockeyplayer that at his best, dominated every match he played with the superb longshots and fantastic passes, not to talk about his hard defensive work. He was that kind of player every team wanted.

59 Ken Dryden

Think about this position and this placement. Then think about the Stanley Cups won. You can't be serious'!?

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60 Sergei Fedorov

I don't know how any person who says they know hockey can put Toews, Neal, and Burrows ahead of Fedorov. He had over 1,000 points. Most of this list is a joke.

Bit confused with Federov's low number. Both Gretzky and Lemieux said that when he was on his game he could dominate the game like no other. He could skate like the wind, score incredible goals and more importantly he could take care of himself. Scotty Bowman who has worked with a few good players over the years described him as the best player he has ever coached. Oh if that wasn't enough if he had wanted to play defense for a full season many believe he could have won the Norris.

Fedorov 1,000 points that's more then lanny McDonald he scored most of Steve yzerman's assite - Mike bossy

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