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61 Joe Malone

Joe Malone is so amazing he domintates come one over 2 goals a game in the first nhl season ever he is remarkable

62 Marc-Andre Fleury

Best goalie ever! In my opinion! I love the Blackhawks but fleury is one of a kind #29!

He's horrible

Best goalie ever love him! But he didn't do well in the 2014-2015 playoffs


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63 Martin St. Louis

He was the reason Tampa was so great when he was with the team. St. Louis and Lecavalier were a powerhouse. St. Louis especially being one of the shortest players in the league, he had the ability to dance around players, and he also had tremendous speed. He is definitely one of the best players of all time. - Graham

Y'all are idiots! Marty is oldest to ever be leading scorer in nhl history, won another scoring title, 2 sportsman accolades, and a Stanley Cup.. Oh.. And after being undrafted because he was "too small" and let go by the Flames. Thanks Calgary! We treasure him in Tampa Bay and he should be an inspiration for any young hockey player. I like Steven Stamkos but he's rated higher? What has he done? Grow up people. ! Don't vote for someone if you just read their name in today's paper.. Jesh..

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64 Shea Weber

I love his snipers that he used to shoot the puck in the net and ripped through it

65 Anze Kopitar

One of the best centers right now

I think Anze is the best roll model

He is the best hockey in the world


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66 Dhyan Chand

He was the magician of field hockey. No one can beat his ability with handling ball with his stick.

Who the heck are in the top ten when he himself led his team not twice but thrice to win an Olympic gold. Who was even asked by Hitler to join Germany and he regretted it..what the fudge he is number1 without any doubt

Truly a fantastic player popularly known as wizard of hockey.

Legend of india

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67 P. K. Subban

Dirty player. Likes to use his skates as weapons. Hopefully, he won't keep getting away with his antics.

Favourite player. He is so dedicated and can create offensive out of nothing

He's the best at rocking

Shea Weber is better

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68 Jeremy Roenick
69 Denis Potvin
70 Eric Staal

A good player but not one of the top 50 to ever play the game. I haven't seen a Zdeno Chara or a Doug Gilmore

Eric staal is way lower he doesn't backcheck he always gets off the ice instead of helping his team when the other team is about to score and most of his goals are lucky except his shootout

71 Ryan Miller

He is awesome and he would be even better if it wornt for the really stupid brunins

The most consistant goalie, I believe in the NHL. If it wasnt for him, and maybe Chris, the sabres would be horrible.

THIS GOALIE IS HORRIBLE! This year his save percentage is under 900. How is he even in the top 100! This goilie may make many great saves but he lets in way to many goals that are clear cutt shots! His blocker is horible and there are so many more better golies like... Thomas, Flury, even my sister would be better! HORIBLE GOALIE!

72 Johnny Gaudreau

He's a good hockey player

There's a reason he's called GOOD-row


A beast

73 Ed Belfour

Man was he the best in the early 90's - chris62185

Ed belfour is the only goalie what can save any thinking other then brodeur asn plus he's one of the oldish goalie and he's awesome and back in the day goalies suck and at also means at grezky is only the best player because goalies back then sucks and they can't anything but belfour is one of the only goalies what can do some thing.

74 Jack Eichel

He's gonna be one of the great one's.

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75 Trevor Linden

Not Only A Great Player But A Great Person And A Shoe-In For The Hall Of Fame!

The canucks would not of made it to game 7 against the flames if it wasn't for him

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76 Jacques Lemaire
77 Eric Lindros

This man changed the sport of hockey single handed. Known as one of the best power forwards in the game he brought the physical aspect as well as the finesse aspect to the ice. His never back down mentality got him a ton of penalty minutes, suspensions and injuries which led to his demise but it also allowed him to score a ton of goals each season and really transform a team. This is the kind of player every team wants and needs.

Was THE best in the league for a short period of time, not many players can say the same thing.

Definitely an over-rated player from the moment he refused to play with the Quebec Nordics who drafted him. He was a solid player, but his off ice antics (pouring beer on a woman's head in an Oshawa bar), the Nordics stunt, and his inability to mix it up with the big boys, reduces my respect for him as a player and a man.

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78 Bryan Trottier

Before Gretzky and Lemieux many called this center one of the best ever! Now people don't even mention him! Different time and a different game, still one of the best I remember and he did win six times, and his defense was outstanding! As for myself, in his best years he would be my center over the great one and only behind Mario.
Marc Jansen

Unbelieveable 2 way forward. Have no idea why he isn't top 25 in every single "best all-time" list. He was remarkable.

Voted as the #1 best overall hockey player of all time by hockey news. How is it he is not even in the top 10?

He came to my school

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79 Brendan Shanahan V 1 Comment
80 Miikka Kiprusoff
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