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81 Mikko Koivu

All finnish ice hockey players are awesome! Honestly they are way better than Americans and canadians combined!

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82 Zdeno Chara Zdeno Chara Zdeno Chára is a Slovak professional ice hockey defenseman, currently serving as captain of the Boston Bruins of the National Hockey League.

Definitely has made his mark on hockey in the NHL. Deserves a much higher ranking

He is not even good he is just big and can hit other than that he is stupid like all the other Boston Bruins

He is giant with a great shot I'm glad we have him

So much snipes

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83 Dick Duff
84 Helmuts Balderis V 1 Comment
85 Bernie Parent

Best Goalie Ever! Only God saves more than Bernie!

Very surprised Bernie isn't ranked higher!

86 Žigmund Pálffy
87 Mats Zuccarello

He is very good I have him on fantasy hockey and he is amazing

He is good

88 Theoren Fleury V 1 Comment
89 Gilbert Perreault

The greatest stick handler to ever play the game. Tremendous play maker and skater. As only a junior he skated through visiting Soviet teams. Quiet man and very under rated.

Saw him make Orr look foolish - went right by him - the man was magic

Wind him up and watch him go! 500 goal scorer member of the French connection, enough said.

No one made the up ice rush look easier than him!

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90 Rick Nash

I love him and I don't like the rangers

Hey, You don't like him on the Rangers. The rangers are my favorite team. They might trade him.

If only he was still on the Columbus Blue Jackets

You are the king with the puck!

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91 Drew Doughty

Should have won multiple Norris trophy already!

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92 Nazem Kadri V 2 Comments
93 Ian Turnbull
94 Vladimir Konstantinov

One of the greatest D-men ever. Career cut short by an limo accident. Highest /- since Gretzky

He would've won all those Norris trophy's instead of Lindstrom if healthy.

95 Patrice Bergeron

I wish that the makers of this stupid ad would actually do research instead of their stupid opinion get a life

He should not even be on the list he is dumb

He's crazy good he's better then chara, chara should be 124 not patrice

Way better then chara

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96 Phil Kessel

Phil kessel has a great shot

Kessel doesn't work hard.. Definitely not a top 100 player

Phil Kessel is the best. He works very hard.

He's good

97 Carey Price Carey Price Carey Price is a Canadian professional ice hockey goaltender who plays for the Montreal Canadiens of the National Hockey League.

Carey Price is so awesome I love to watch him play and I also think he should be around top 50

Price is awesome and should be around 50

Holly top 30 by far really really far - Mike bossy

Carey should be at #9

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98 Vladimir Tarasenko
99 Ryan McDonagh

He is a great player so if u like him send a comment

-Brendan mcdonald

He is one of the best defense on the rangers

He is an awesome player so if you like him,come on post something if you don't well um I guess watch the Tampa bay lightning games

(RANGERS RULE! ) (no offense)
-Brendan Mcd

He's just the best player

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100 Jonathan Bernier

Why is he in the top 100 of best players instead of the top 5 goalies to fail (Fail attempt vs both Edmonton and Carolina)

At least he never let up one 5 seconds into a period... Oh wait

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