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81 Bryan Trottier

Before Gretzky and Lemieux many called this center one of the best ever! Now people don't even mention him! Different time and a different game, still one of the best I remember and he did win six times, and his defense was outstanding! As for myself, in his best years he would be my center over the great one and only behind Mario.
Marc Jansen

Unbelieveable 2 way forward. Have no idea why he isn't top 25 in every single "best all-time" list. He was remarkable.

Voted as the #1 best overall hockey player of all time by hockey news. How is it he is not even in the top 10?

It just shows how little people know about hockey today, trottier was top 10 easy, great offense, defense, penalty kill, faceoffs...If you ever watched him play you would be amazed...he also played the body and through ferocious checks...not to mention won 4 cups in a row and 2 more with Pitt.

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82 Zdeno Chara Zdeno Chara Zdeno Chára is a Slovak professional ice hockey defenseman, currently serving as captain of the Boston Bruins of the National Hockey League.

Definitely has made his mark on hockey in the NHL. Deserves a much higher ranking

He is not even good he is just big and can hit other than that he is stupid like all the other Boston Bruins

Chara deserves to be higher. Bruins are one of the best teams in the league the past few years; and he's the capton so he deserves to be higher. And I'm not even a Bruins fan.

He is giant with a great shot I'm glad we have him

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83 Miikka Kiprusoff
84 Dick Duff
85 Helmuts Balderis V 1 Comment
86 Bernie Parent

Best Goalie Ever! Only God saves more than Bernie!

87 Žigmund Pálffy
88 Rick Nash

Hey, You don't like him on the Rangers. The rangers are my favorite team. They might trade him.

If only he was still on the Columbus Blue Jackets

I love him and I don't like the rangers

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89 Drew Doughty

Should have won multiple Norris trophy already!

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90 Nazem Kadri V 2 Comments
91 Ian Turnbull
92 Gilbert Perreault

The greatest stick handler to ever play the game. Tremendous play maker and skater. As only a junior he skated through visiting Soviet teams. Quiet man and very under rated.

Wind him up and watch him go! 500 goal scorer member of the French connection, enough said.

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93 Patrice Bergeron

I wish that the makers of this stupid ad would actually do research instead of their stupid opinion get a life

He should not even be on the list he is dumb

He's crazy good he's better then chara, chara should be 124 not patrice

Way better then chara

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94 Phil Kessel

Kessel doesn't work hard.. Definitely not a top 100 player

Phil Kessel is the best. He works very hard.

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95 Mats Zuccarello

He is very good I have him on fantasy hockey and he is amazing

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96 Jonathan Bernier

Why is he in the top 100 of best players instead of the top 5 goalies to fail (Fail attempt vs both Edmonton and Carolina)

At least he never let up one 5 seconds into a period... Oh wait

97 Theoren Fleury V 1 Comment
98 George Armstrong
99 Jay Bouwmeester
100 Juuso Riksman

3rd best Finnish goalie ever! (After Kiprusoff and Nurminen -

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