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141 Wes Walz

I am a huge Minnesota Wild FAN, BUT how you can have hom in the top 250? I never seen him be the best player even on the ice once, obviously that's debatable but nobody's mentioned Yari Curry yet, Paul Coffey, Mike Modano, I think that's some defense many he's jobs were enforcers or goons, belong on the list higher than Wes Walzs, nobody's mentioned people that should be way ahead of anybody who played forward and wasn't a 100-point a year type player, I don't see how logically some of the comparisons even really be used, somebody's heads way up their ass if they think that Lemieux although he wasn't healthy to accomplish it, would have blown all of the great ones records away! I think when you coming back from cancer to Win It Stanley Cup the most amazing thing that ever happened before it does not make him the greatest hockey player of all time. He'll never be mad people think that that he was just the best playmaker he could have scored more but he did the right thing when he got ...more

142 Yannick Weber
143 Alexei Kovalev
144 Kevin Bieksa V 2 Comments
145 Jordan Eberle
146 Doug Harvey

He is ranked 6 by the Hockey News Top 100 players of all time. He was traded from Montreal because he was involved in forming the first Players Association. NHL Hall of Fame. Captain, Montreal Canadians 6 Stanley Cup trophies. Norris Trophy Winner 7 times. NHL All-Star 11 consecutive times. Founded first NHL Player's Association and consequently was traded to N.Y. rangers (Player/Coach). Came out of retirement at age 44 and played for St. Louis Blues. They went to the Cup finals.

He "controlled" the entire game every time he was on the ice. Consistently voted best defenseman year after year.

It is a travesty that he is outside the top 10. I have never seen anyone control a game the way he did, night in, night out.

147 Darryl Sittler

One of the greatest hockey players to ever live. Febuary 7th 1976 he scored 6 goals and 4 assists in one game. THATS UNBELIEVABLE!!

Best player in Leaf History. 10 points in one game is amazing.

There is no way in hell that Lanny McDonald is way ahead of Darryl Sittler, not to mention Jim McKenny of the Leafs are you kidding me?

148 Grant Fuhr

In mind he should be in the top 10 best goalie ever People like Crosby and roloson he sucks he had one good season big deal he shouldn't even be on here

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149 Dwayne Roloson

Would have helped Edmonton in 2006 if it weren't for Bergeron hitting him

Great goalie. Now a goalie coach. Very successful goalie.

150 Daniel Alfredsson

The best European captain that the NHL has seen in decades. As well one of the best scorers for his older age. Lock for the Hall if Ottawa wins a cup which they will.

Played a great careeri

151 Pavel Bure

Bure was as good an offensive player as anyone when he played for the Canucks. He got stood up allot and was not a factor defensively as a result. I never saw any player as skilled with the puck at full speed in the crease and it was great fun to watch him pick up the puck behind the net and take it through everyone and score. Career too short.

Best player to ever play on the canucks, led them to 94 cup finals and has won scoring title 3 times. Comparable to ovechkin

Pavel Bure is pure joy of Ice hockey!

2 wor the...Russian Rocjet

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152 Ron Ellis
153 Jonathan Toews

Best Blackhawks Center in a while. He works really great with his whole team, expecially Kane. Don't Tell me that this man shouldn't be in the top ten. - ChicagoBlackhawksown

Hossa and Kane are higher than him, in my opinion he's better than crosby

For me Jonathan is a best player in the world he is mature not same of Kane Kane and toews is a best duo in the NHL.

Way too far down on this rank. Makes me question it all.

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154 Alexandre Burrows

He is the greatest and very respected in Vancouver!

155 Brooks Orpik
156 Bobby Clarke

Great grind it out tough guy player that could also score as good as the best of snipers

Bobby Clarke at 57? One of the best leaders the NHL has ever seen, unsung hero of the USDR/ Canada summit series in 72, league MVP, 2 time Stanley cup champion and only 57? Behind players like Callahan and gaborik who will not even make hall of fame! Your list is a joke.

A throwback to the days of hard work, grit, and pure determination. A very underrated passer and penalty killer who was widely respected by every general manager. Centerman for Paul Henderson and Ron Ellis in 1972 Canada-USSR Summit series.

He should be top 20 for everyone who follows hockey... at 57 is a crime.

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157 Jordan Staal

Jordan is my cousin

158 Cody Hodgson
159 John LeClair

I guess nobody remembers how good he was. I don't think he is number one but a lot better than a lot of the players in front of him on their list

160 Jamey Dwier
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