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161 Antti Pihlström
162 Derek Sanderson

Hey who ever is looking at this look him up he is like lower version of Maurice Rhichard enforcer and playmaker - Mike bossy

He should be way higher he got the assite of bobby orr best goal - Mike bossy

163 Brandon Bollig

He is a big body a big stick he brings the pain train to his opponents

He is literally the worst player in the NHL behind John Scott and maybe Scuderi

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164 Brian Gionta
165 Jason Spezza
166 Joffrey Lupul
167 Curtis Joseph

Can't believe I have to add him

168 Henrik Sedin

Better than his brother should be in top 50

He is the reason his brother scores.

169 Ben Hanowski

He's my friend me and him would fight my brother he holds and I punch

170 Andrei Kostitsyn
171 Pierre Pilote

Legendary Original Six defenseman

172 Justin Hill

I'm an 80 year old man used to watch hill play back in the 50s great player now his Granson Justin hill the second is a Bantam player at high level

173 Vaclav Nedomanski
174 Michael Frolik

This hockey player is just the most selfless honest down to earth person in th NHL he alwayd has a smile on his face. He should be at least 1 on this list. Plus he's attractive

175 Claude Giroux

He should be in the top 50

He's not good one bit

I think he's great!

he's good

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176 Terry Sawchuk
177 Brad Park
178 Frank Mahovlich

His own man with leadership qualities.

He's weird

179 Ted Lindsay
180 Max Pacioretty V 1 Comment
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