Best Hogwarts Houses and Divergent Factions

Best Hogwarts house or Divergent faction. How will they do against each other?

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1 Ravenclaw

I made this list, and my top two were Ravenclaw and Erudite. I voted for Ravenclaw though, because Harry Potter is better than Divergent, even thought Divergent is good.

Harry Potter and Divergent are my two favorite book series, but I decided to vote for Ravenclaw since Harry Potter is my all time favorite, and I am Divergent every time I have taken a faction test.

Intelligence, creativity and I like Harry Potter more than Divergent. I am a proud Ravenclaw and I am also so happy to see the house above the rest for once.

Isn't it interesting how all the houses are above the topmost faction? Hm..

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2 Slytherin

Hogwarts houses are better than divergent divisions

Slytherins are great!


3 Gryffindor

I'm am an amazing Gryffindor!

So underrated,just because it's the main house?! -RainbowDash

I’m Gryffindor and Dauntless. I voted Gryffindor because I prefer Harry Potter to Divergent. I think Dauntless and Gryffindor are the most similar, and then Erudite and Ravenclaw/possibly Slytherin, and Amity/Abnegation as Hufflepuff. I’m not sure about Candor though.

4 Hufflepuff

I'm a Hufflepuff and a Dauntless. - HufflepuffGeekGirl

5 Erudite

I love Erudite! I got Erudite on every quiz! Erudite people are VERY smart, and I love that. Some people in Erudite were bad, but many were great people.

6 Dauntless

I'm Divergent for Dauntless and Candor, slightly more Candor, but Dauntless is the best faction by far. I mean, they throw knives. And Divergent is way better than Harry Potter.

I am in the Dauntless faction!

To the person who said that Divergent is better than Harry Potter: Dude, did you even read HP? - natalily

7 Candor
8 Amity
9 Abnegation

Why is Abnegation this low.. - natalily

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