Top Ten Best Hogwarts School Subjects

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Defense Against The Dark Arts

This should be fist and is the most important!

AWESOME! I've always wanted to take defensive against the dark arts!

Fighting evil and wondering who's gonna be your teacher is cool

Haha! Defense against the dark arts is the best!


Charms is another word for "spells". What is wizardry without charms? I'd rather throw colorful beams of energy from the tip of my wand than mix ingredients to make a potion or transfigure someone.

Bro, as a physicist, I'll just say that mixing ingredients or turning people into ferrets will, under laws of energy, require a transfer of energy from the wizard to the target, just like it would with charms. Whether or not you excel in charms, you will be expelling energy. - PositronWildhawk

I would love to excel in this subject. I think my brother could do with joining this class to...

Charms is the most useful branch of magic!

Most useful subject for wizards/witches are going to use if you're going to ask me. You're most likely not really going to use Defenseand the Dark Arts unless you intend to be a Auror.


Would very much enjoy this. I'd use it on my brother all too much.

Could take Moody's approach and turn him into a ferret!

I would turn my brother into a toad

I want to turn into a wolf.


I read the Half Blood Prince, I think I could do pretty well in this class...

I actually would really like to take potions. It reminds me of cooking, and I love cooking.

It reminds me more of Chemistry, which is good, but Physics is the best, by a long shot. - PositronWildhawk

You get to see bumbling colored water

That should be awesome


This is 2, and Hermione Dropped out of this class. How is that possible?

Who hasn't thought about seeing into the future?

It would be so cool to see in the future!

Stupid. You cam't see the future you make it


I don't know how will the wizards use this knowledge knowing how easily their magic break physical laws.

My favourite subject in real life! Not the best in the wizarding world though.

Why put this down? You can already do this in the muggle world.

An interesting thing in both muggle and wizarding worlds. Sorry, I had to put this in first. I'm a nerd.


The closest thing to maths that they have.


went from really ugly to supa model. wanna know how? he used powalotion-- this comment has been marked as spam


See ya! *flashes into thin air*

Muggle Studies

I am a Muggle, LOL I don't want to study about myself.

I know enough dear thanks!

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Care of Magical Creatures

Who wouldn't want to ride on a hippogriff? Or pet a unicorn?

why isn't this higher?

With Hagrid as the professor, and lots of cute little animals that will bite your head off if you look at them wrong, I see no reason not to love it.

It's so good

Flying Lessons
Ancient Runes

I would love to take it at 3rd year

The Hogwarts equivalent of Latin/Greek.

History of Magic

I'd probably not get that far with it, but it would be a good class at first.

Well I love history

Dark Arts

Dark Arts is not only my favorite, but I believe it is the most important! It is too likely that you will be attacked by some evil creature to not take this class! Especially for Harry and all associated with him! GRYFFINDOR!

Well it existed...

Duelling Club
House Elf Magic
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