Top Ten Holidays That Should Be Created

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1 Big Brother Day

Well, I am a big brother and me and my younger sister are both pretty kind to each other. Where is younger sister day?

Yeah my 2 older brothers are cool it would be nice to have a special day like this good idea.

I'm sure the entire population of Airstrip One celebrates this.

Who came up with this? This is actually a great idea!

2 Fun Day

The Weekends are fun. What would happen on Fun Day anyway.

Fun Day is June 29. The best day ever.

It's a day at my school

Lol no reason needed

3 TheTopTens Day

Maybe the birthday of this site. Thing is, I'm not sure as such when that is.

By far the best idea, this would be awesome!

We need our own holiday. Is August 17 fine?

Aw yes this is an awesome one

4 Total Drama Hate Day
5 Sleeping Day

I created a similar holiday when I was 8, called "National Nap Week". Yep, I've struggled with insomnia for a while!

There is actually a Sleep in Public day in February (I forget which day) or something like that. Look it up.

Sleeping Day! The government is exempt from this holiday. Instead, they restrain and provide sedatives to anyone who fails to comply :D

Sounds like the best holiday ever!

6 South Park Day

South Park is one of my favorite shows of all time

7 Candy Day
8 Rock and Roll Day

Rock and Roll music is awesome!

Rock And Roll Day Should Be A Holiday Rock Music Is The Type Of Music

9 Camping Day

I think this is the best way to get out with your famliy

10 Anime Day

Anime is the best.

Yes I love anime

Its 15th of april

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11 Rush Appreciation Day

Yeah because I want to rest

12 No School Day

The simplicity to this is hilarious because it's the only reason we ever actually cared for the holidays. We got to skip school.

Isn't that just the few Holidays off School throughout the Year.

Yes because school is unholy.

Weekends already exist

13 Minecraft Day

I love minecraft

Minecraft Is So Good

its really fun


14 Video Game Day

Basically the superbowl of gaming

Super Mario could be the Mascot.

one of my favorites

I Would Play Super Mario Bros. Games And Legend Of Zelda Games If There’s Ever A International Video Game Day

15 George W Bush Day

Not a bad idea

16 Regular Show Day

Yes best cartoon in history beats spongebob and of course South Park.

Nothing better than regular show

Sadly it's cancelled.

17 No School or Work Day

That's the Holidays if you have no Homework to do or have no work to do.

This should be created

Labor day in a nutshell

Yes this would be nice

18 Breadwinners Fan Day

The show isn't bad, but I don't consider myself a fan even though I made an OC.

19 National Kill Dora The Explorer Day

Pretty cool .

20 No Homework Day

Yes I would love that but some days I don't need to do Homework so those days count.

It would be really good for most students , HoLidAy >>>...

no need to review subject twice

Take that Mr Deans

21 SpongeBob Day

My favoite show

Go SpongeBob I'd celebrate this. #SpongeBobforLife.

22 Super Bowl Day
23 Sisters Day

So you can share time with your sister/s/enemy/ies who sometimes love you and sometimes hate your guts.

Life as a sister can be ruff they need some day to be celibrated! If the boys get a day why can't the girls?!

24 Kill Teen Titans Go Day

dumb show

chant: Teen Titans Go
Your a horrible show
Teen Titans Go
You really need to go

25 National Fangirl Day

Lol, this is what I need, a day where no one cares about my crazy fangirl moments

Please yes, I’d throw a party

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