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1 Big Brother Day

Good Idea, People Abuse Me Because I Don't "Influence" My Little Brother, I Do, I Clean My Room AND Act Nice, What Do I Get IN Return? Being Hurt By My Brother, I Deserve This Day.

Yeah my 2 older brothers are cool it would be nice to have a special day like this good idea. - PatrickStar3

I'm sure the entire population of Airstrip One celebrates this. - PetSounds

Referring to the type of family member or the CBS show? - PhoenixAura81

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2 Fun Day

The Weekends are fun. What would happen on Fun Day anyway. - PatrickStar3

Fun Day is June 29. The best day ever.

It's a day at my school

Should be every day

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3 Total Drama Hate Day

I love Total Drama no thanks I won't be celebrating this one. Sorry. - PatrickStar3


ok dead

4 TheTopTens Day

Maybe the birthday of this site. Thing is, I'm not sure as such when that is. - PositronWildhawk

By far the best idea, this would be awesome! - keycha1n

Aw yes this is an awesome one - EpicJake

This sounds AWESOME! - PhoenixAura81

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5 Sleeping Day

I created a similar holiday when I was 8, called "National Nap Week". Yep, I've struggled with insomnia for a while! - keycha1n

There is actually a Sleep in Public day in February (I forget which day) or something like that. Look it up. - Drum_Solo

Whoa! Who's the idiot who created that day idea?

Sleeping Day! The government is exempt from this holiday. Instead, they restrain and provide sedatives to anyone who fails to comply :D

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6 South Park Day

South Park is one of my favorite shows of all time - EpicJake



7 Camping Day
8 Rock and Roll Day
9 Candy Day


10 Breadwinners Fan Day

Yeah I think only nicki minaj and Miley Cyrus would celebrate this. - samanime

Don't make this please - TheKirbyCreeper999

Who ever made this list is rediclious

The show isn't bad, but I don't consider myself a fan even though I made an OC. - PhoenixAura81

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? Poop Day
? The Backyardigans Day

Oh Austin. Your dreamy. - Ilovestephanie

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11 Video Game Day

Super Mario could be the Mascot. - PatrickStar3

Basically the superbowl of gaming - ikerevievs

12 Rush Appreciation Day
13 No School Day

The simplicity to this is hilarious because it's the only reason we ever actually cared for the holidays. We got to skip school.

Isn't that just the few Holidays off School throughout the Year. - PatrickStar3

The celebration should start from September 1 - June 25. - KKwing

Selebrated from Jan, 1 to Dec, 31 - Unknownguy

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14 George W Bush Day

They have this already - though it's called April Fool's Day.

Not a bad idea

15 Minecraft Day

I love minecraft

Worst idea ever lmao.

16 Regular Show Day

Yes best cartoon in history beats spongebob and of course South Park.

Nothing better than regular show - Unknownguy

Sadly it's cancelled. - PatrickStar3

I love Regular Show. - PatrickStar3

17 Anime Day
18 No School or Work Day

That's the Holidays if you have no Homework to do or have no work to do. - PatrickStar3

This should be created

Labor day in a nutshell - Tyoshi

That's Labor Day dude! - PhoenixAura81

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19 SpongeBob Day

Haha! Ahh... Please believe this was an accidental vote. I'm really not a secret lover of SpongeBob. I'm not! Honestly! I was trying to vote for International Oldest Child Day. Haha. - Britgirl

Go SpongeBob I'd celebrate this. #SpongeBobforLife. - PatrickStar3

Good idea!

good idea

20 Sisters Day

Life as a sister can be ruff they need some day to be celibrated! If the boys get a day why can't the girls?!

21 Cancel Crappy Shows Day
22 Super Bowl Day

This already exists

23 4/13 - Homestuck Day
24 National Fangirl Day

Lol, this is what I need, a day where no one cares about my crazy fangirl moments - gabgriffinfcs

25 International Oldest Child Day

YES! I'm the oldest child in the family and I don't get much special recognition from my relatives so there should be a day that's dedicated to ME! On this day all my relatives have to buy me stuff, give me money, obey me, do things MY WAY and host a big party where they cook all my favorite foods and I get to take home ALL the leftovers!

Sadly I'm 4th oldest out of 6. But my oldest brother could celebrate him for himself. - PatrickStar3

I'm the oldest in my family. - PhoenixAura81

26 National Kill Dora The Explorer Day
27 Cancel Crappy TV Shows Day
28 Leap Year Day

That's the 29th of February every 4 Years. - PatrickStar3

29 International Youngest Child Day

I'm technically the youngest because I've got 2 older brothers and an older Sister and 2 younger brother and Sister. So I could have this day for me. - PatrickStar3

30 No Homework Day

Yes I would love that but some days I don't need to do Homework so those days count. - PatrickStar3

31 International No Diet Day

Everyday for me. - PatrickStar3

32 Adventure Time Day

Oh my gosh I love Adventure Time I'd celebrate this definitely. - PatrickStar3

33 Athletic Day

When you do everything involving sports

34 BFDI Day
35 International Only Child Day

Sadly I can't do this I have 3 brothers and 2 Sisters. But I love them. That was heart warming laugh out loud. - PatrickStar3

36 Brothers Day

My 3 bros can celebrate that lucky them. - PatrickStar3

37 National No SpongeBob Day

SpongeBob reference in the episode Gone. - PatrickStar3

38 Las Vegas Day

AWESOMENESS! - PhoenixAura81

39 Unlimited Sugar Day

Because living with high blood sugar means to severely limit your dessert intake, this day is especially created for them

40 Nation Fangirl/Fanboy Day
41 National Try Something New Day

In modern society, this generation is all about technology. However, with national try something new day, people will get to experience new things without being glued to their phone screens. Also, by celebrating this day, people will be able to live life to the fullest and receive exciting memories.

42 American Children's Day

They have this in other parts of the world but not in the USA. Because parents and grandparents have them, why can't us kids be appreciated, either?

43 Eric Cartman Day
44 Cool Friends Day
45 Free Gift Day

People should show people how much they love them and give them a gift

46 Kill Teen Titans Go Day
47 Opposite Day
48 Nyc Day
49 Run Around Town Screaming Day
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