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1 Big Brother Day

Good Idea, People Abuse Me Because I Don't "Influence" My Little Brother, I Do, I Clean My Room AND Act Nice, What Do I Get IN Return? Being Hurt By My Brother, I Deserve This Day.

For the thing in 1984? Sure. Although, is this for that, show, or family member? - Lucretia

I'm sure the entire population of Airstrip One celebrates this. - PetSounds

Total bullcrap. So I need to celebrate that my older brother (who beaten me during our childhood) got into by mother's body first? Lmao no, make Big Brother day, then make Little Brother, Big Sister, and Little Sister too. - AnimeSportsFan619

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2 Fun Day

This is going to be the day the world ends. Um... November 22? - Lucretia

It's a day at my school

Lol no reason needed - Drum_Solo

3 Total Drama Hate Day V 1 Comment
4 TheTopTens Day

Maybe the birthday of this site. Thing is, I'm not sure as such when that is. - PositronWildhawk

By far the best idea, this would be awesome! - keycha1n

Aw yes this is an awesome one - EpicJake

What, will their be a chance to thumb down comments and submit as much lists as we want? - Lucretia

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5 Sleeping Day

I created a similar holiday when I was 8, called "National Nap Week". Yep, I've struggled with insomnia for a while! - keycha1n

There is actually a Sleep in Public day in February (I forget which day) or something like that. Look it up. - Drum_Solo

That's all non school weeks. - Lucretia

Sleeping Day! The government is exempt from this holiday. Instead, they restrain and provide sedatives to anyone who fails to comply :D

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6 South Park Day

South Park is one of my favorite shows of all time - EpicJake

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7 Camping Day
8 Candy Day

Isn't that Halloween? - Lucretia


9 Rock and Roll Day

Must be August 22. Any other day is wrong. - Lucretia

10 Breadwinners Fan Day

Yeah I think only nicki minaj and Miley Cyrus would celebrate this. - samanime

Don't make this please - TheKirbyCreeper999

Who ever made this list is rediclious

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11 Video Game Day

Basically the superbowl of gaming - ikerevievs

Should be great holiday. People who love video games can visit to any stores (or anything) to play some games like from PC, PS4, Xbox1, Wii U etc. Even arcades should be on. They would release old consoles and old games... I'll take it as a great idea! - LolMitch5

12 Rush Appreciation Day
13 George W Bush Day

They have this already - though it's called April Fool's Day.

Not a bad idea

14 Minecraft Day V 2 Comments
15 No School Day

The simplicity to this is hilarious because it's the only reason we ever actually cared for the holidays. We got to skip school.

Should Be Number 1

Selebrated from Jan, 1 to Dec, 31 - Unknownguy

It is a thing

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16 Anime Day
17 Regular Show Day

Nothing better than regular show - Unknownguy

18 No School or Work Day

This should be created

Labor day in a nutshell - Tyoshi

19 Super Bowl Day
20 4/13 - Homestuck Day
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