Top Ten Birthday Party Ideas

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1 Themed party

I don't care that my birthday is during the middle of summer (August 3rd), I'm having a winter wonderland themed party this year (indoors, of course) and nobody is going to stop me.

I don't know what theme to choose for my sleepover. The problem is I might stray from it quite easily.

So many themes to choose from!

When I was younger, I had a Winnie the Pooh theme and a Blues Clues theme

2 Sleepover

I did that. They are fun... Not the people I sleep over with.

Doing this for my birthday this year.

I'm doing this this year.

3 Dance party/Karaoke

I'm not a good dancer and my friends would get distracted too easily.

I would love to do this!

4 Gaming party

For my next birthday all I want to do is get my friends and family and play Minecraft on the Xbox.

Hmm... I might throw this into my sleepover.

5 Fake kidnapping

This only works if your party is at your house. Plan a disguise, and take it with you to the party.

Say to you're friends "I'm going to go outside for a minute." and go outside, taking your disguise with you. Out of sight of any guests, put on the disguise, go up to your front door, and knock.

When someone (preferably a party guest) opens the door, scream "I GOT (your name), AND NOW I'M GOING TO GET YOU! " Drag them somewhere out of sight, take the disguise off and say, "It's only me! "

You don't have to try it, it's only an idea!

EPIC until he either calls the cop or realises you are small.

Laugh out loud, that would be funny.

6 Make a video and post it on YouTube

It might even go viral! Who knows?

7 Go camping

I know some people hate camping, but I love it! It's like having to survive in a forest (or wherever you're camping at)!

I did camping in my backyard once it was so fun. Also we brought a T.V. in.

I could turn my bedroom into a forest.

8 Try to stay up all night

Well I don't want to fall asleep first.

My parents will NOT allow this.

I try this a lot.

9 Roller skating
10 Go to the mall
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11 Make a video
12 Paintball
13 Go swimming
14 Laser tag

It's so fun. I went to one of my best friend's party a few days ago but our worst enemies came. We lost against them because they cheated, but at least we all had fun shooting them many times!

15 Trampolining
16 Video game party
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