Most Random Things to Say on Thanksgiving

The Top Ten
1 "Turkeys descended from dinosaurs"
2 "You know, I think we should go to Walmart on Black Friday, It sure won't be crowded at all!"

It seems like Black Friday is gaining ground in the rest of the world which I can't say I'm terribly happy about to be honest.

3 "Can I get a time machine for Christmas?"
4 "Are turkeys an invasive species from the country Turkey?"
5 "Do real Sponges live in pineapples under the sea?"
6 "Are pilgrims real?"
7 "Do you have to pay extra to eat the turkey?"
8 "Can we go outside and swim in the pool?"
9 "I think today would be a great day to go to the bank!"
10 "Is there a month called Yesvember?"
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