Full-fledged List Analysis: Top 10 Worst Holidays

NuMetalManiak Just a day before Thanksgiving, I do another analysis. What makes these holidays so bad. And is every single known holiday gonna be on here?

1. Valentine's Day: It's bad enough if your always single, but even if you have someone, is there much point. You would always love your significant other any other day. I wonder how this holiday originated.
2. Black Friday: Two days before that date, and it's all about many things going on sale, people waiting in the middle of the night for all those sales, and running to get what they need as savagely as possible. There's a good reason I stay indoors on this holiday.
3. Republic Day: There are several Republic Days, the most notable one is India's Republic Day. This needs to be more specific.
4. April Fools' Day: It's a day when pranks can go wrong, and I'm usually cautious every time and predict their stupid pranks.
5. St. Patrick's Day: March is a terrible month in general, unless you're in college in which you get an early Spring Break. Patrick's day is really both a boring holiday and an annoying one. Shoving green down people's throats, yeah.
6. Boxing Day: Day after Christmas, and apparently a banking one. BORING. This actually is supposed to be the Black Friday for the rest of the world. I BET IT'S EVEN WORSE THERE!
7. Columbus Day: Columbus wasn't even the first person to discover America and this holiday is generally hated because kids think they can get out of school sometimes.
8. Kwanzaa: A supremacist put this one on here.
9. Hanukkah: And an anti-Semite put this one on here. Don't you get presents for these two holidays?
10. Lent: Technically doesn't count as a holiday because it stems from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday.
11. Halloween: I spent this year's Halloween in a CLASS, ARGH. Also even if I did celebrate it, I don't go trick-or-treating and no one ever comes to my house anyways.
12. Thanksgiving: Great holiday, get to eat nice festive foods. You anti-Americans are the worst people ever. And turkey is delicious.
13. Flag Day: Okay this is actually a lame holiday.
14. Christmas: Someone clearly wants to add every single holiday on this list. Or maybe they're just Scroogey.
15. International Talk Like a Pirate Day: Not a real holiday and shouldn't even have the word "international" in it.
16. New Years Eve: This holiday is when people start chanting that stupid idiotic song that will signal a new year, oh yes, those resolutions NEVER HAPPEN ANYWAY.
17. Labor Day: It's a great day for workers, but to many schoolkids it's the last hurrah before being back to school.
18. Wiggle Your Toes Day: The person who created this holiday must be either A: on drugs or B: bored and jobless. I can come up with this holiday, the reason I didn't is because I'M NOT STUPID.
19. Easter: Should NOT be on here. But it is because kids want the Easter Bunny and super religious Christian parents want them to sit in a boring church sermon. On the other hand, I never really cared about Easter.
20. Pancake Day: This day sucks because it's not the same day IHOP was founded. It also sucks by being related to Ash Wednesday for whatever reason other than pancakes.
21. New Year's Day: Hey at least the stupid song stops chanting this time around. But it also will signal a new year. Oh no! Bad politicians! Terror attacks! Celebrity deaths! Things that offend people! Each year is gonna be criticized every time.
22. Father's Day: An okay holiday.
23. Presidents' Day: This one suffers in the same vein that Columbus Day does. Sometimes you don't get school off.
24. National School Nurse Day: This is oddly specific.
25. Global Love Day: But we already have Valentine's day.
26. Martin Luther King Junior Day: I don't mind this one. At least UNLIKE Columbus Day and President's Day they at least get you out of school for this one.
27. Veteran's Day: This holiday stemmed from WWI, and honors the soldiers. Gotta give them credit for fighting for their country, right or wrong.
28. National Cat Day: Why is this two days before Halloween?
29. Mardi Gras: Wait a minute, this is Shrove Tuesday, or Fat Tuesday, or more precisely Pancake Day. Funny how a day before a Christian holiday celebrates gays more than fat people or pancakes.
30. Mother's day: A little bit less okay if you have a mother that outright demands gifts for this day like it's her second birthday.
31. Day of the Dead: Well, Coco is out, but I don't plan to see it. This is pretty much Mexico's Memorial Day or something.
32. International Men's Day: HOLY CRAP THAT'S MY BIRTHDAY. Also whoever put this up must be a sexist female.
33. International Whale Shark Day: Is there any particular reason we should celebrate a random day for the largest known fish species?
34. Earth Day: Well if you don't like Earth instead of complaining move to another planet.
35. Fat Tuesday: Mardi Gras is already on this list.
36. Eid al-Fitr: I don't know much about Muslim holidays.
37. Independence Day (United States): We are a popular nation, but we once were held by Britain.
38. International Women's Day: Like #32 except this time a sexist male put this on. Or perhaps even worse, someone who just wants to put every known holiday on here.
39. 4th of July: It's not even two items down and already there's a duplicate. We get it you won't stop complaining about America.
40. Yom Kippur: Spending most of the day for something religious is honestly quite boring, even for a Jewish holiday.
41. Pi Day: Who celebrates a math term?

Almost every known holiday is on here, except Memorial Day, Election Day (surprising), and maybe the First Day of School. Either way, there's some decent holidays, but in general I loathe ever getting outside on the majority of these days.


Good job, favorite one in the series. Will read again if I want a good laugh. - Skullkid755

With kwanzaa and hanukkah, just because it's a jewish ting doesn't mean it shouldn't be there, but I don't see why it would, its perfectly fine with me, but still... I looked at the comments for it and... that's everyone assumption, that some supremacist added it, even though some people probably just Don't Like It :|

"Wait a minute, this is Shrove Tuesday, or Fat Tuesday, or more precisely Pancake Day. Funny how a day before a Christian holiday celebrates gays more than fat people or pancakes.": o...kay?

"HOLY C[*potty mouth*] THAT'S MY BIRTHDAY. Also whoever put this up must be a sexist female." you hit the nail on the head. (whoops, I might be some head supremacist after that one)

"And Pi Day is a great holiday"... that's what I say to my math teacher when I want to get out of trouble, but it never works.

pretty good post though, have some rice 🍚 - visitor

When some people on the site find something they don't like, what I notice is that they will put it on a "worst" list. I've noticed this multiple times. A recent list involving the 50 states had all 50 on them in a short amount of time. also there's always that one guy who hates on David Bowie adding him to every list, as well as that one guy who put all sorts of Nickolodeon shows (which I noticed when I analyzed the Most Annoying Fan Bases list). One thing I always look out for in these lists is whether or not some people clearly hate something so much, that everything associated with the thing they hate is on a worst list. - NuMetalManiak

They have the right to add it if they believe it's bad. But I see what you mean. - visitor

Leif Erikson was the first to discover America. - visitor

The first people to discover America were the Native Americans themselves! - NuMetalManiak

Oh. My bad... - visitor

Columbus Day should have been #1 - PandaDude98

You forgot Star Wars Day. - visitor

Why is March bad? - TwilightKitsune

There's no real break time from school in that holiday, unless you are in college in which Spring Break comes early (this in turn actually makes April a terrible month though, since it doesn't have the Spring Break there). - NuMetalManiak