Top 10 Best Hollow Knight Bosses

Hollow Knight marks what is easily one of my favourite games in recent times, taking the metroidvania style gameplay of old, then adding even more freedom, along with an in depth combat system, amazing art style, and simply perfect atmosphere, along with many other amazing components. The game also features a lot of high quality boss battles, further increasing the all around quality of it, with this list detailing my favourites of them.This list will contain any form of boss, including dream variants and the like.
The Top Ten
Nightmare King Grimm

Still by far the battle that took me the longest to beat, due to it requiring great deals of skill, with no easy way to get past, meaning that the only way to win is to simply learn the patterns and get better at the game, which is always a sign of a well designed fight. The fight itself is quite fun as well, with a wide moveset making him quite difficult to predict, keeping you on your toes.

Sisters of Battle

I like this fight a lot because of its speed, you need to pay attention at every milisecond to try not to get hit, without counting the soundtrack that is beautiful too. All that makes the fight very very enjoyable.

It was so fun and fast paced I didn't even know what was going on for a bit until I was instinctively dodging like a maniac, and just like that the fight was done. I love this boss, but pure vessel might be better. (I don't know yet)

Take the already awesome Mantis Lords fight, and up the ante by a few thousand notches, making for the fastest fight in the game by far, while also being very fair and undoubtedly fun. The first time they were encountered was also such a surprise, making the battle that much more spectacular.

Pure Vessel

One of the hardest bosses in the game if not the hardest without counting the Absolute Radiance, its difficulty is VERY high. He has very hard moves to dodge, sometimes he starts doing an attack that you can't even see it because its off-screen and he deals two masks of damage making this fight EVEN more difficult. But if you use your shade dash it will help you with the fight.

Pure vessel was so fun and challenging that I didn't really mind doing the whole pantheon again, even though I died about 15 times fighting him, tied for best boss in the game, because sisters of battle are amazing too.

This is the Hollow Knight if he didn't keep attacking himself, and was scaled for endgame, making it one of the most difficult bosses due to its difficult to predict moveset and likely lack of experience against it, due to how aggressive it is, especially compared to its main game variant.


Very hard moves to dodge and she very unpredictable making her difficulty high, but not as high as the other version (you know of what I'm talking about). But not easy as well, making her difficulty perfect. The music is undoubtedly the best soundtrack in the game and when you see those Siblings (dark enemies in The Abyss) rising up to kill The Radiance together... definitely the best fight in the game.

The massive scale of the boss is what makes it so impressive, with each attack covering the whole stage more or less, along with the fact that due to it being the final boss, being able to accommodate and be built around all of the abilities the player obtains throughout the game, leading to the fight being one of the most complex in the game.

Great Nailsage Sly

The fights involving someone approximately of your size tend to be the more difficult ones, often having less windows in which you can punish them, along with them acting more human than most bosses. Nailsage Sly takes this one step further by not only doing all of this, but actually punishing you for being overaggressive, through folowup attacks that will only be used when the player is close, and otherwise will completely skip these attacks in order for the window of attack to be much smaller. This makes for an extremely cool, unique fight.

Grey Prince Zote

A pretty entertaining fight packed with humour, especially due to the fact that you're facing off against someone who is usually so unbelievably pathetic. His attacks are all extremely sloppy and amateurish in their execution, with one of his main attacks being running around while flailing his sword, which despite how stupid it looks, works quite well. The battle is amusing and cheesable, yet still decently challenging and fun.

Mantis Lords

Definitely a highlight of the main game, being very fast paced and punishing in general, yet also easy to beat once you understand how to react to particular telegraphs. When the second mantis comes in, the battle becomes more fun, now forcing the player to keep track of both enemies, while still providing enough time to react and dodge, making for an extremely fun, fair fight.

Makes you feel like a God when you get the patterns down and is incredibly fun.

Brothers Oro and Mato

The multiperson fights in this game are really great in general, with them all being highly balanced, providing ample widows both to dodge and to punish. While these guys aren't as fun as most other ones, I still find it to be extremely fun to fight them, with their delayed method of attacking being fun to figure out and play around.

Soul Master

Despite this boss being fairly easy, I find it to be a very fun fight, with each attack being well telegraphed and not too difficult, but the fight being all around difficult enough to catch new players off guard. I also find the fake out death to be really amusing, and the short second phase to be a fun way to cap off the good fight,

The Contenders
Dung Defender
Failed Champion

I didn't realise they could make the first boss of the game so challenging. The attacks here are lightning quick, leaving very little room to dodge or react. Despite this, once you figure out its ai, it becomes extremely satisfying to then take him down with very little issue, since it's the kind of boss fight that you'll either do near flawlessly, or die horribly, with very little room in between

White Defender
King Grimm
Vengefly King

I died three times when fighting this boss and only twice on sly MUch Harder

Traitor Lord

He is so fun 2 fight on ascended I love him

Soul Tyrant
Brooding Mawlek
Gruz Mother
Hornet Nosk
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