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1 Swan Songs

It's one of my favourite Album

Don't get me wrong, swan songs is a great album with Undead, Everywhere I Go, Young, No. 5, City, Sell your soul etc. great great songs but Deuce getting kicked out, Danny taking his place, Danny is a great singer and put that with American Tragedy and Notes from the Underground songs which most of them are amazing, even though Undead is my favorite song but still I really like the new albums with Danny better than Swan Songs an I'm sure their new album "Hell is Empty Six Devils are Here" will be amazing too.

Easily their best album, the only album from Hollywood undead where I can listen to every song without skipping. Deuce made this band so much better - musicfanguy

I like the songs Undead, No. 5, and Sell Your Soul

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2 American Tragedy

Absolutely their best. They were able to find the perfect blend of party songs (Comin in hot and Gangsta Sexy) and more serious songs (Been To Hell and Hear Me Now) - Fabio-Fabulous-of-swag-town

I love this album it has some of the best songs that the band have ever done on it, E. G Bullet, Hear Me Now, Been To Hell, Street Dreams (on the special edition but still amazing) and Comin' In Hot.

I don't think there should be any debate, this is clearly their best. Although it doesn't have my favourite song on it (We Are) it is still my favourite album of thiers.
10/10 - FamousVoiceActorDanGreen

Swan Songs is technically their best, but this record is my favorite. With stellar tracks like Been To Hell, Comin’ In Hot, Levitate, Tendencies and Mother Murder just to name a few. Every song from this album is incredible. This record also introduced Danny, who in my opinion is wayyy better than Deuce. Please listen to this record and fall in love with one of the best rap-rock bands of all time

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3 Notes From the Underground

My complete favourite. Lion, outside, we are, from the ground, believe, dead bite, medicne. They all are perfect! - Rathernotbenamed

Full of meaningful, catchy, great instrumental, great vocals and awesome lyrics. My one favourite is We Are, but there is more.

This album is incredible, We Are, Lion, New Day, From the Ground, Dead Bite, Medicine, Believe etc. these songs are incredible and Up in Smoke is so underrated, is a great song with Danny and Funny Man singing the chorus... Fantastic album.

Lion, Rain, Outside, From the Ground, Believe. Those 5 alone make this record their best to date.

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4 Day of the Dead

This should be first or second, came back to their roots and added more musical elements.

Considering its one of their 4 actual albums, it should at least be number 4...

Should be #2 and NFTU should be #1!

Loved every song. can't say that about all the other albums

5 Five

Such a wide variety of songs, should be higher!


Probably third best

I love this album!

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6 Desperate Measures

I loved the cover songs. And El Urgencia

7 Swan Songs Rarities EP
8 Psalms Ep

I love this album with a blend of all styles of music and personal feelings it is my favorite

9 Swan Songs B-Sides E.P.
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