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21 This Love, This Hate

The chorus is absolutely wonderful. - kutzs96

One of the most inpiring song of all time.. Fills me with hope energy.. These lights are leading me stray!

Awesome song.. Needs to be in top 10 at least. The beats are nice and the lyrics also feel quite mature and to the point. And taking in account the music at the beginning, this song's fadu!

This should be number 2 in my opinion. Great lyircs aand over all catchy

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22 Street Dreams

Since listening to this band when they were starting up on Myspace I can say this is arguably the best song they've produced. The way they create a song around a person who is obviously dealing with mental problems such as seeing the world in flames when they sleep among other psychological issues is just beautifully portrayed in this music. If the ideas in this one song could be lengthened and expanded upon into a book about this individuals life it would certainly be one I would read again and again. Would love to see them make a music video for this song that perfectly mirrors the lyrics.

Wow! How does this song not high up there? JUST LISTEN TO IT!
The lyrics have a deeper meaning then the rest of HU's partying songs which is nice for a change and the chorus is electrifying!

In NO way is city better than this song, absolutely my favorite HU song, the chorus is the BEST, and the song is just addicting, and it definitely represents all the songs HU have written, the great chorus (exceptionally great in this song), and the lyrics are clear and Danny's part can be re-winded and listened to 500 times, and still be amazing.

An Amazing song! Love this song so much! It's my number2 favourite song of HU

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23 California

Should have been in top ten!

The chorus is awesome, and HU rocked!

One of there best songs

So underrated

Best party song HU have

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24 The Diary

Number 19?.. This song belongs in the top 10 if not 5, some of their best lyrics with a great beat, one of their deeper songs. Its just a perfect song for when your in one of those moods. This song needs more votes.

This should be in Top 10 not Top 20. I'm eargasm with this song. Well people should try hear this song. Meaningful.

Oh are you kidding me. Close your eyes and listen to this song and you will feel it flow through your veins. It is perfect beat music and lyrics everything

Best song of them I know. Such a shame it is so low.

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25 Rain

This song is amazing. It's a great example of Hollywood undead's softer side. It's definitely one of my favorites off notes from the underground. This one should at least be in the top 25.

I can't believe this song is so far down the list, it's such an amazing and emotional song, whilst every song by Hollywood Undead are amazing, this needs to be higher than 26

Needs to be higher, so I'm voting for it.

Why is this song 26TH? it's a song that shows the nicer aspects of rapping, not just sex, drugs, and money.

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26 Day of the Dead

This should be #1. It's definitely their best song and what I was hoping the entire album would be like, sound wise. I'm all for the very serious tone that they had on Swan Songs and American Tragedy that returns for this song and "Does Everyone in the World Have to Die? " but isn't present in the other songs from Day of the Dead (the album).

When this song was released. My mind was blown. OF course I love every other song that Hollywood Undead has made, but the combination of rap/rock in this song is amazing. Along with the rest of the Day of the Dead album, it's one of my favorite songs/albums by them so far.

Feels like a mixture that isn't not blended enough. Everyone's part seems too on its own and there doesn't seem to be a unifying mood to it. Also, most of their good songs have at least 3 verses. This one has 2. Kind of a letdown considering that there are 4 rappers in the band.

This song stands out from the rest as the greatest song ever produced by this band. It was unlike any other song they've produced and the melody was just incredible - a very uplifting track and there are no other songs like it.

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27 Dead In Ditches

This is the best song they have!

Why is this so low on the list? By far one of the best Hollywood Undead song!

This is one of the most underrated HU songs ever, have no idea why it isn't on the list. The lyrics are just so chilling and somewhat inspiring at times.

I can't even listen to it on here

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28 Mother Murder

This song is in my top 5

I adore this song and think it definitely deserves a spot in the top ten.

This is my favorite song in my opinion.

Not going to lie, none of their songs will EVER beat the lyrical creativity put in this song. It’s very detailed, dark, and just a great jam as well. HU will always have its good moments but nothing will top this masterpiece.

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29 Coming Back Down

BEST ONE. I don't want people to always think of sex and drugs and weed when they think of Hollywood Undead! They're much more than that. Their lyrics really speak to me in this song, I think it's really beautiful, honestly. It can be interpreted in many different ways, too. It makes you think, it makes me almost want to cry. Been my favorite song for almost a year now.

What?! This is one of my favorite songs by them! Really easy to relate to..

I honestly think this is the best song they ever released it is very personal they had to allow themselves a degree of vulnerability and I think that is why this song has such an amazing deliverance this is the song that they won my loyalty with I love this band

This song reminds me of two dear friends I lost one to cancer and his wife to alcoholism and then my friend who hung himself last year...i don't know why but every time I hear this it is like I never lost them love this song...even if my heart breaks every time it ends

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30 From the Ground

Huh? How the hell is this so far down here? The lyrics, the chorus, the screaming... ESPECIALLY the screaming. This song's awesome! Come on, people! Give this a try!

How is this so far down on this list? This song is so underrated. My favorite Hollywood Undead song for sure. "As I look up from the ground, I see darkness all around, but I'm lost and can't be found, inside my mind... Goodbye" these lyrics just speak to me.

One of the best songs I've ever heard


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31 Let Go

This is my favorite song by hu I didn't think it was great till it got to the part

Whats love? Its true dark hearts don't break they bruise (got my attention)

... I'm dying just to hurt you to

Are you guys joking this song should be number one!

The day of the dead album was sort of a let down to me. this song is by far the best on the album. Once I got to the end of the album, I wasn't expecting something as great as this. It came out of nowhere. The chorus is amazing. And the song overall is just so powerful.


32 Kill Everyone

I've come undone. I think I'll kill everyone!

This is the hardest song on the new album and it's awesome to rock out to! Vote for it!

Can't believe it's this low. It's about killing everyone!

SUPER SONG. No but seriously. Some people are thinking this band is about so much bad stuff, but there are great hits. Auch a shame I never hear them on the radio...

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33 I Don't Wanna Die

I know its not Hollywood's best song but still better then some of the top 10 good lyrics and good sound come on guys

This should at least be top 15

An absolute perfect masterpiece, it has a sad tone, a message, an amazing beat and tone, I mean just the instrumental of this hooks me for hours. Its absolutely amazing and deserves to be higher up.

Danny's vocals and johnnys raps are spot on. First song I knew by them then bullet.

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34 Lights Out

It is one of the best song I have ever heard from Hollywood Undead. No way it is 25th in position it should be definitely in the top three. The entry music is just totally badass and awesome. VOTE FOR THIS SONG!

Top 10 at least. Best diss song of all time. Better than Bullet..

This song is under rated

One of the most underrated songs, seriously. - Mixer

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35 Gangsta Sexy

How is this 27th? Definitely one of their best songs. I love Hollywood Undead. Very under-rated band! Can't wait for new album to come out

This is by far my FAVORITE SONG BY THEM! It shouldn't be #32!

In my top 3. The video kinda sucks. Sorry guys but regardless it's one of my most fave songs ever.

36 Pour Me

Oh come on! The chorus is awesome. The song is beautiful and show self doubt and is defiantly a work of art. This is one side out of many of Hollywood undeads amazing sound.

This a great song

Plain and simple... JUST LISTEN TOO IT!
Look it up, listen to it, download it, love it

I been listening to this song forever. It veey deep and Itd a masterpiece in my opinion. I love this song. it hits your right there.

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37 How We Roll

This needs to be so much higher. It not only uses all four rappers and has a great chorus, it's got the perfect mixture of their party songs, and their serious songs

An anthemic track showing off who Hollywood Undead are and how they roll.

Should be higher!

I love how all the members that regulary sings all take part in this song. It's quite powerful and a great song. Also, J-Dog quite delivers in this one.

The best one from the new album together with Day of the Dead!

38 Believe

Best song of all time. Brilliant music and expertly written lyrics. Also the vocals work perfectly.

I love Hollywood Undead, because the band has songs like these. The songs are better and more inspiring than the music we listen to on the radio. Can't wait for the new album!

Hollywood Undead does it again! In the midst of all the partying and drinking this song is truly emotional, deep and inspiring! Listen to it once you you'll be hooked! HU4L!

I don't understand why there are some very. Very. Very. Very lower songs than these comming first at the list. It would be in my 1 place, but lets be honest for all, It should at least reach the top 10

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39 The Loss

! LOVE THIS SONG! Why not up higher! I like the tone that they use, and the beat of this song is INSANELY catchy. Please get this song up higher!

Like so many underestimate songs this one too is on the list.


40 My Town

Needs to be a lot higher. This is an absolutely amazing song

Its awesome and catchy

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